Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 18-Feb-2012  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends,

‘ Rome was not build in a day. Nothing can be done overnight. Nobody has magic wand’, etc. These are all too familiar . Change can be made through evolution, through revolution. Some people use the words, ‘radical change’. What does that radical change means? Whatever, they called it, they should never forget that, ‘ actions will meet equal, and opposition reaction’. That’s why some people use, ‘consequences of our action’. That’s more like it. That’s more polite, or even civilised.

Learned people said, ‘repetition of the same actions produces a habit; a collection of habits is a personality. And the personality will produce its own destiny. We do indeed reap as we sowed.’

Rep of Union of Myanmar to have necessary progress, developments, and to be a modern industrialised nation is the responsibility of all people of Myanmar, with the understanding of willing partners from outside. Because outsiders in the west, or East, or North, if they want to become willing partners nobody is stopping them.
President Thein Sein said in Singapore that his government was committed to political reform s and would put the stability of the country ahead of economic developments’. it seems that his government is doing its best to achieve, ceasefire leading to everlasting Peace with the armed groups.

BUT, to achieve these progresses, developments, and to become a modern industrialise nation. Myanmar needs a few things first including Peace and stability. Myanmar needs To Do A Few Things First.That is the very first priority, and second to be cleaned, get rid of ‘ corruption’ of any kind. ‘Government servants’ need to become public servants.

A Nation, and its people will have nothing, not even rice, or meat or fish in their pots, if there is no Peace and stability. There are many countries in Africa, they have nothing to offer, they get nothing from anybody, but arms and ammunitions. While they are fighting, killing each other, their people are starving to death, dying of all kind of diseases .Myanmar has not come to that yet. So the first thing is the people of Myanmarneed to work hard, not only to have Peace and stability, but also to build their country into developed industrialised nation for all.

“ Pyi Thu Arh Go Amyar Jee Lo Thi – Pyi Thu Asoeya, Acho ja Kuu Nyi’. The government and the people must do it together, make it happen.

Myanmars are lucky, or say blessed by Gautama. They are not starve yet, they still have clean water to drink. Because the Myanmar have natural resources. Myanmars are sitting on them, as the nature provides them They don’t have to lift one finger. They don’t have to work hard. Everything is there before them. That may even be the Myammars’ way of life, I don’t know. The Myanmar have their spiritual leaders. What are they teaching them I really could not say.

It could be said in one way, that Myanmars are Peaceful people. The fact is these Peaceful people have no Peace to make their country in to a nation. It seem like the Myanmars are living in time, 2600 years ago.

Outsiders can be willing partners in many ways. They can help you, or assist you, please you in anyway, and every way. They can transform themselves into anything, and ready to be willing partners to anybody, for one side, or for both sides. In some cases they can be, ‘ Meeza Ta Phet- Yay Mhote Taphet’. Fire in one hand, and water in the other.

Again if there is no Peace, outsider will not become willing partners to the progress, developments, and to build Myanmar into modern industrialised nation. but they will never allow you to be their boss, let alone to take them over.

To make it more clear, I would say, if Myanmars want to be divided, to make war on each other, these outsider, won’t hesitate, they are willing and will help to anybody, funds and arms , and even military training, in many cases, etc.

We have seen, there was an arm embargo on the government together with economic sanctions. But opposition or armed insurgent , terrorists against the Government of Myanmars were getting funds , and armed, sometime openly, but quietly.

If Myanmars are united as one, they will still be willing partners, to lend a hand to Myanmar to help building their nation. But Myanmars can never expect they will show them ‘ fishing ground’. They know how to catch both fishes, they are the experts in catching both fishes. And they always take the best part of the fish as well.

There will never be no progress, no developments, and no modernisation, as long as there are insurgents and terrorists around. Government and the people must keep them under control. Or get rid of them.

When there is genuine democracy, armed insurrection is not necessary. But the problem is democratic countries are encouraging , helping, assisting to make the armed insurrection and terrorists happy , as long as these terrorists don’t turn against them.

There can be no progress, no developments, no modernisation, as long as ‘ corruption’ in any form exists in Myanmar. Government servants need to be public servant. They must never forget that, they are the people from the people to serve the people. If they are ‘corrupt’, they are hurting the people, which is themselves. Nobody can blame anybody, but themselves.

BTW, I was talking to a friend of mine a few days ago. I pointed out to him to compare two hundred years history of United States of America, and Myanmar Naing Gan Daw. The civilisation, the progress,the developments,modernisation, and industrialisation. Why are Myanmars so far left behind? I have my own answer, everyone will have their own answer too.