Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 17-Feb-2012  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends,

There are many kind of fever, some of them are even contiguous. Election fever is one of them. Weather wise Myanmar’s temperature is already too high and too humid. When you have fever, you should know, you could tell. Do be careful, you may suffer stress, stroke and even heart attack, before you drop dead. .

After he was enlightened, and known as Buddha, Gautama Buddha gave his very first sermon which is known as, ‘ the wheel of truth’, or ‘ Dhamma Set-kyar, which consists of, ‘ Four Noble Truth, and Noble Eightfold Path.’

As long as you astray from those Four Noble Truth, and Noble Eightfold Path, you are not a ‘Noble One’, whatever you say or you do may not be Noble at all.

When you become a politician. You are not a puritan any more. You can't even guerentee that Buddhists Monks are Puratins. You will break any amount of precepts. You may even turm 'Tipidaka' upside down. You will be committing at least Wazzi Gan, and Manaw Gan. Some of your followers may be committing 'Kayagan' on your behalf. in the name of you.

For those who are not familiar with this ‘Dhamma Set-Kyar’, I am mentioning them here again. If you want to know more about them you should approach any learned person.

The key to free ourselves is to recognise the reality, that is suffering, the cause of suffering, to end the suffering, and the path leading to end the suffering. “Suffering”, you can translate, or interpret any way you want, you won’t be wrong. As long as you are going round the circle of life, decay, death, rebirth, you will suffer.

To end the circle of life, and to gain Nirvana will be too big a word, and too a big a job, too great for us may be. Let us concentrate of the sufferings that we know in our daily life, recognise them accept them. We have to be neither pessimists, nor optimist, but realist.

When elections come, the temperature rise, the fever comes in, sometimes, some people may be delight, but some people will be delirious. These are the ‘ extremes’ that we don’t need. What we need is, to calm ourselves down, and cool pour heads. Let the ‘good thought’ lead us to the truth.

These elections will not bring immediate effects on anything, that is a part of the process to democracy and human rights. As I have said before, democracy is a slow process, continuity and change going together, to gradual change.
Myanmar has a long way to go yet. All Myanmars hve to be grown up, they have to be matured.

What I would like to point out is that in short. The people of Myanmars must understand, and accept their suffering. They can neither be optimists, nor pessimists, but realists. They can belong to any religion, drop any way of life.
But when they elect somebody to be in the government to serve them, they should be looking for his talent, quality , qualification, and creativity as well. Not only to represent them, and constituency, but to represent the whole population and the whole nation as constituency.

People of Myanmar or the voters, must know that, as long as there are no right people, in the right place, or in the right position, to do the right job, in a right way.

As long as Myanmar don’t realise their suffering, what they are suffering from, and do nothing to end that suffering. Myanmars will prolong their suffering, there will be no end to their sufferings. Their extremism will blind them. though they know the cause of their suffering , the path to end the suffering, if they don’t put them in practice, their suffering will never end.

You want to be free. Whatever ' Freedom' you are looking for, or seeking, this, 'Dhamma Set-Kyer' is the basic, and key to that freedom , remember that.