Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 13-Feb-2012  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends,

In Myanmar 96 different kind of diseases are cause by only two main reasons. They are called Kan Nar , and Wutt Nar. According to the Ziwahkas ( medicine men)Kan Nar can be cured, but Wutt Nar cannot be cured. it is something like,'cancer', in modern time. This Wutt Nar can be made better, comfortable,but could not be cured totally. There are three kind of treatments to all these diseases. Say Ku, Wah Ku, Paya Ku. First two are harbal medicines, and Paya Ku is by 'prayers'.

What is Myanmars suffering from, Kan Nar or Wutt Nar? What medication do they need ? Ask Ziwahka, he will know, and he knows what to do.

There are lots, and lots of things to talk about, to discuss to debate, but not to argue on, Gautama, and his teachings. Holy Bible of Christians in two parts ( Old and new) and Quran of Muslims may also be read by many, but Tipidaka of Buddhism , I have no idea, how ,many Buddhists have read it including many so called Buddhists Monks .

The teachings of Gautama known as Buddhism is known to some people as Escapism. To escape from circle of life. It may be a choice of wpords. Who can blame them? Well, it’s up to individual understandings, to interpretation.

Among other things, what Gautama said was; ‘ do not be led by report, by tradition or be hearsay or by authority of religious texts; or by claims of knowledge and truth that are based on any type of reasoning or speculation , or on the basis of reliability of the person, or by the respect of your teacher. Rather when you know for yourself, these things are unprofitable,
blameworthy and conduce to loss and sorrow, then, indeed, you should reject them. And when you know yourself that certain things are profitable, blameless and conduce profit and happiness , then, indeed, you should accept them and abide by them ’.

Myanmar should understand thoroughly, the logic of “The Eightfold Noble Path” by Gautama. Leave the imaginary Nirvana alone for a while. Solve the human problems for the livings. May crate human world a paradise if not Nirvana, but putting, ‘the right man in the right place, in the right position, to do the right job, in a right way, with all the right efforts’.

Who are these righty people, the so called educated people, ‘ De Pote Hte Ga De Pe’. It seem like Myanmar never had right people in right place and position to do the right job in a right way, by putting right efforts in. All Myanmars seem to be the same bean, from the same basket. All educated and none educated are the corrupt ones. They are not doing what should be done, for doing what should not be done is a kind of corruption .

Look at Myanmar , every field. How many minister of any Ministry , how many, ‘Tar Wun Gan’, are qualifies for their positions, in their respective ministry? In Myanmar today, and in any other day, any Tom, Dick and Harry have the opportunity to become a member of Parliament not because they know their job, not because they are most qualified for the job, they don’t even know where to start, or where to begin. They are there because some people like them, What do they like about him /her. I really do not know ‘Democracy may be’.

Another thing is what was their family profession and trades, and connections? because their family professions, or not because they are trained, as peasant , farmers, or factory worker, black smith, carpenter, builder brick layers to fit in their job. Are they some kind of inventors, creators? They are just being Tom, Dick, or Harry, nobody knows their back ground.

Idol worshiping is still going strong in Myanmar. ‘ Democracy’ is wrongly interpreted, wrongly translated . You don’t have to have any professions or special qualification. If the people like you, if you are OK with the people, you don’t have to be born with silver spoon, they people will give you a Golden Spoon.

That is Myanmar, these are the people of Myanmar, their tradition, culture, customs an d way of life. Buddhists or none Buddhists. Anyway what is Buddhist got to do with it? Everybody has their point of views. They are entitled to it. Whatever.
Buddhism is older than Christianity, older than Muslims. ‘Myanmar Naing Gan Daw’ is older than United States of America whichn is one of the ,most powerful nations today. Myanmar Naing Gan Daw is one of the ‘ Least Developed Nations’. What is the meaning of develop’ or developments? Physically, mentally, materially spiritually.

Of all his sons, and daughters King Mindon picked Thibaw as his successor to the throne. Mainly because, Thibaw was said to have passed ‘Pa-Hta-Ma Nge, ’exams twice. Thibaw was the King who was accused by the foreigners of killing his half brothers and sisters, to secure his throne. It was from Thibaw’s hands, in 1886, our land of Myanmar was taken by the British, and made a part of India. So say our history.

The same accusations, repeated over on others countries, and their leaders, near and far from Myanmar. Myanmars and the whole world is seeing, witnessing what the west is actually doing to others. The offenders are not Buddhists, but the offended are the Buddhists. It is obvious that. Buddhism cannot protect the Buddhist. Buddhists do not know how to protect themselves either.They are told to give away, before somebody robe them. They are given 11 Pratta Sutta to protect themselves.
Many new found religions after Gautama, also said, love thy neighbour loving kin ness. Or to give other cheek.

What was/is happening in the world is some thing or the other to do with religions, or religious fanactic. or the way of life, most depends on how they interpret and translate by their spiritual leader. Who lives, according to the teachings of any religion, practice exactly as they teaches?

The same thing has happened in Myanmar, in the chaos. Myanmar’s rulers have been accused of committing many things killings, crimes against humanity, genocide, rapes, torturing etc., during these 23 years.

Myanmar a Buddhists Nation swamped by none Buddhists ran over by none Buddhists. Some none Buddhists armed themselves, and were killing other Myanmars since 1948, because they belonged to other race and other religion. There are those who are protecting and defending all the people of all faiths. Not to forget that foreigners who are non-Buddhists, have been misinformed by some Myanmars who are none Buddhists. The foreigners simply and easily say, they acted on the information they received.

Where was Buddhism , where was Brahma Vihara? They are Buddhism, and for Buddhist. For others they are nothing. This Buddhism, and Brahma Vihara are no match to foreigners, whom are none Buddhist , and who are political, economic, and military power. Why are they that powerful? There you are.

Before I forget, I would like to remind you that, it is important not to become a fanatic, an extremist in anyway. Among layman, it is said, “ Tan Say – Lun Bay’, no under dose, nor over dose any medication, take just right as directed by your physician.
Is it fair to say, reciting 11 Prita Sutta 108 times a day, was not protecting Myanmars and Buddhists ? That may even be the cause of, ‘ the fall of Myanmar’. It looks very much like it.

Remember Thibaw, and Sangha Raja ( Buddhist Pope)appointed by Mindon? Look at U Nu, another Buddhist, who declared Union of Myanmar as Buddhist nation. Look all the troubles he caused for doing so. Myanmar ways of life? They all are parts of the fall of Myanmar Naing Gan Daw.

In the world today, among all Muslim countries, those who called themselves, ‘Islamic Nations” or using Sharia Law are in deep trouble.

Like Anawrahta, there were other Myanmars who were the nation builders, and makers of the nation. They were the makers of Myanmar Naing Gan Daw, as one nation, for all people as one people. It was neither Union of Myanmar nor Federal Republic of Myanmar they made. Then it was again in 1948, Union of Myanmar as one nation. In 1958 -60, Gen Ne Win solidified Union of Myanmar as one nation, and all people as one people , with the help of Shan Sawbwas of Shan States who voluntarily renouncing their feudal rights, and privileges.

What I believe, and I will never give up my belief, that is, the teachings of Gautama are not a religion, but a way of life. I have stated many times in my messages that these teachings are for us human beings, or another beings how to live , make good use of your life, and how best to die.

I use the word ‘any other beings’, because it is said, that the teachings of Gautama are for all the beings in the Universe. The teachings of Gautama did not prohibit me, or anybody to protect or defend themselves from any dangers, any insult, any assault, any threat etc.

Different people, living in different parts of the world, have different understanding on different things, doing different ways. That is the real world we live in. Even the teachings of Gautama may be understood by different people in different ways. As long as ‘the essence ,and the real taste is of his teachings there, that’s all it matters. I strongly believe that his teachings are to deter any extremism. That we must know according to Gautama Buddha, whatever happens, there is a cause for it, so he said ‘cause and effect’.

The people (Gujarati)in the Indian State of Guajarat are said to be vegetarians. “Thou shall not kill’, may be some meaning for them. But for others none vegetarians including Buddhists Monks may mean nothing, no logic at all.

There are many people who study Gautama’s teachings, practice in their own way, depending on where they are, their situation and their circumstances. There are many Buddhists countries in the world as there are many ‘Buddhist sects’. Which is right, which is wrong, I am not here to say. Most Myanmars are the believers, and followers of the teachings of Gautama Buddha by tradition, or ‘ Mi Yoh Phalar’. Are they all, ‘Practicing Buddhists’? Staunch or strict Buddhist? That not easy to answer.

Anawrahta introduced Buddhism to Myanmar Proper from Thahton ( Mon Kingdom). He was hailed as the promoter of Theravara sect as well. In most other part of the world, it is Mahaya, Tibetin, Zan sect of Japan ,and Shao-lin, the Dancing Monks, Martial Arts Monks are famous and popular. Whether they belong to Ari Sect. or they are ‘ari priest’ I don’t know. If they are , then, the ‘Ari priests’ are still around , and still strong, no matter what the propaganda said. In the name of freedom of religion. What is the future of Myanmars, and Buddhists going to be?

What I learned, what I saw, in my short life, I have stated many times that, the so called Buddhists countries, are politically, economically, militarily , weak and behind anybody. They happened to be least developed, or they have more troubles, and more problems than others. Because they are weak in everything, and every way. Are the Buddhists ,trying to overcome their Greed , Anger, and Ignorance, or they have no greed, no anger , and they are cleverer than others, more smarter than others, because they are the followers of Gautama’s Buddha’s teachings or teachings of any other Buddha, they are blessed by being tolerance ?

In layman’s terms, they are not ambitious enough, or no ambition at all in the living life. Their only ambition is preparing this life to get to the Nirvana in a short time. What is the use of making Myanmar into a modern industrialised nation, what for, for whom, who wants it? Life is too short , no time to spend all these luxuries, and good living, is it?

One thing many Buddhists are forgetting is what Buddha has said that, “all living beings are self-responsible for their actions. It is called, ‘ Kamma’. You can perform the action of your own choice but have to take any responsibility and consequences. But Myanmars always looking for scapegoats , blaming others, someone to sacrifice. They don’t want to know their responsibilities; they don’t want to take any responsibilities.

Purification of Buddhism ( Gautamaism)have been done not less than 6 times. The last one was done by U Nu in Myanmar, that is if I remember correctly. Some people blamed U Nu for making Union of Myanmar a Buddhist Country. On this ground some people took arms, and rebelled against Union of Myanmar, and its government, and when Tatmadaw defended, the rights of everybody in Myanmar the rebels attack Myamma Tatmadaw, Government, and Buddhist Bamars to justify their actions.

No matter how other religions use their religions as weapon as a last resort, or in desperation to destruct others religions, and other people, Gautamism, or Buddhism never teaches that. Misinterpreting, misusing, abusing may be self-destruction. Mitta, or Loving Kindness at least for Peace within. It is a very quiet, a peaceful one . May be that Mitta and Loving Kindness is destroying Buddhists, weakening them as human beings, as a nation . Believers of Buddhism are being use as door mat, to wipe their dirty feet. Others taking advantage on Buddhist in many ways. , or the Buddhist, the Buddhists are being belittled by others.

The way I see is Buddhist Nation, and Islamist nations are under attack and being dismembered limb by limb, gradually. Those who resist these pressures of Christians are called all sorts of names, accused of many thing, and even killed. Their countries are destroyed one after another, by the armies led by Christians. That is the fact, no matter whatever the reason may be. It’s been going on for millenniums after millenniums, since Christianity was first introduced by Christian Colonialists.

Our land, our country, Republic of Union of Myanmar is facing the same fate. Some non-Buddhists are trying to destroy it since 1948, or before that with the help of outsiders, Christians . The out against Christians, or Christian Army, or Muslims or Armed Muslims. Buddhists in Myanmnar are unbelievable. Not one single Buddhists comes These are not the legends, these are not the fictions, these are the facts, the realities that all Myanmars must see, or at least to be aware of. Are the Myanmars so blind, who is making them blind. Tolerance of Myanmar is unbelievable. Or are they afraid of confrontation,are they living in Fear? Then it best they disappear.

Well, human, animals, birds, and bees, and even insects, they have their own nature, culture or tradition, call them what you want. They know how to protect or defend themselves, when time comes, that is the nature, win or lose. Buddhists or not, as human beings, or as one of the animal species, must know and how to protect themselves , how to react according to circumstances, situations, politically, economically, socially and militarily. Just because we are Buddhists, we won’t let anybody use our heads as toilets. That is not tolerance, that is not loving kindness.

“The Buddha's teachings have guided the Myanmar people throughout all ages, in good times and bad times”. Guided to where? Myanmar Buddhists are barely surviving. Rightly or wrongly, even Buddhists Monks came out on the streets, some with arms, and guns, and some without arms.Is that the kind of tolerance. I think that showed, where the limit of tolerance is?

Buddha’s teachings are Buddha’s teachings. Who translated them, who interpreted them? Whu put thyem into practice? In Myanmar there is a saying, “ Da Gyaung Da Gar Htar – Ta Ywar Da Bote San’. It has a lot of meanings. The followers of Gautama Buddha are divided into sects.

Today, Tibetans are barely alive. They are fighting for their lives, for their country. Whose guidance are they taken, Gautama or Dala Lama? Which one? One Dalai Lama, who himself is believe to be the Living Buddha, lost his place, position and his country. There is another Dalai Lama in Tibet. We should study the history of Tibet, we may learn a lot of lessons. Let me refresh you with Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos. Japan, Korea, they are more or less Buddhist countries. Which were nearly wiped out from the earth during 20 th century.

Once I said, Myanmar is not an empty nation. Nobody dispute that. Myanmar has everything it needs. We have people with trade, skill, and professions, but the sons and daughters don’t want to take up their parents professions, to make more progress, to develop further, to be modern.

There is nothing wrong with the teachings of Gautama. From, Four Noble Truth, Eightfold Noble Path, to 38 Minglas. But Myanmar is not in the position to be called, if it could be done, U Nu could have done it. He could not even built an, ‘ Ain Thar’ ( toilet) let alone to create, ‘Pyi Daw Thar’. Mingla Naing Gan is near Pluto.

Education is a wide subject. Educated people are not only are those from Yale, Harvard, Cambridge, or Oxford educated, academic, intellectuals. They are among you, you have to know them in and out. What are they capable of, what are their strength, and what are their weakness. Because you are putting your trust in him or her , your future, other people and your country.

Our nation of Myanmars is manipulated by to many so called educated people who has no profession, no trade or skill. Who knows know nothing. They are nothing more than ‘Theologists’, Sar Haw Saya, to be blunt they are, ‘Kwet Seit Saya’, story tellers. They have nothing to put into practice.

Not to forget that Myanmars who are at present working abroad in many countries, majority of them are not from Yale, Harvard, Cambridge, or Oxford universities, not even from Darjeeling. Majority of them were educated in Myanmar. With that education they are serving others, not Myanmars. They may have their own experience or story to tell.

My very point is the rest of the educated Myanmars in Myanmar must take the responsibility to serve their people, and their nation. Not to exploit or manipulate them. It is utmost important that they know. They should know, ‘ responsibility’ comes first, and’ the rights’ comes later, not the other way round.

Progress, and developments, modernisation, industrialisation can never be achieved if there is wide spread corruption or it is allowed in many different ways . Not only the government, the whole nation, and the whole people are corrupt in Myanmar, from top to the bottom. What can we do about it? What is the cause of all these?? Everybody has, every religion has their own tradition, culture, customs, and way of life? Respect them.

“The teachings of Gautama Buddha serve as a moral compass for all followers of the Buddha”. In such word as, “ a moral compass”, the word ‘Moral’ is bigger than any other word. Do I have to take this as, in his own way, someone is admitting the whole Myanmar is corrupt. They have no moral duty. They don’t know what their, ‘ moral duties ’are. What will others say, be a true, good Christian, performing Christian duties? Be a true Muslims doing according to what his Mohammed teaches them? Whatever.

If man can be corrupt, religion can be corrupt, because religion is created by man. This is 2012, AD, and the time and place have to be put into consideration. If only we have a time machine, we could go back to time and learned more . Gautama died, over 2500 years ago, Jesus died 2012, Mohammed 800 or so years ago. What they actually said, why they said.

At least you can be true to your belief, and your religion, but if you pay no respect to others what’s the use of it? Rep of the Union of Myanmar is multi-faith nation. Which is majority, which is minority, in Democracy has no place in it, or in any religion, but human right is, Freedom of religion is. In Myanmar there are not only Buddhists, as in the world there are others as well. Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Muslims , Jane, and Jews, they are all there. So what ?

I hope the time will not come in Myanmar for the Buddhist, to confine the Buddhism in the Buddhist monastery or in the books. Hindus in the Temples, Christians in the Churches, Muslims in the Mosques, Jews in the Synagogues etc., etc.

Lastly the foreign languages to start at University level may be too late for any Myanmar, crash course or tuition will be not enough for any foreign language. Which foreign language in particular are we talking about, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, or Asean, Latin, European languages?

Foreign language should be optional or as second language. What are these, Bamar, Chin, Kachin, Kayin, Kayah, Mon, Shan and Yakhine language be considered as foreign language by some Myanmars . Which one should be first official language in Myanmar. How many languages as official language do you need in Myanmar?

As far as none Myanmar nationals languages are concerned ( foreign )no matter what language or how much you learn the langue, if it is not your mother tongue, or you are not born with it, you will have difficulty. Your tradition, customs, culture, and way of life will always be in the way, if not obstacles. Your views, your way of thinking, your ways of doing things will be different.

We must not restart, and create an elite class again as, ‘educated people’, ‘ ruling class’.

World leaders speak their own language on the world stage. Those who speaks, ‘Pigeon English’, have their own place, and position. A Myanmar will speak a Myanmar English, as American speak American - English. Chimpanzees, and some other Apes will speak using sign language. Do we have to learn Chimpanzee’s sign language ? What if we become, Chimpanzee ?