Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 27-Jan-2012  
I Never Knew, That Leopard Can Change it\'s Spots.
Dear Myanmar patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends,

Somebody asked, ‘ What does Mrs Aris know about?’ I would like to say, it is not what she knows, it is of who she knows. It’s always been the case for anybody, as she is in the world, what you know does not count who you know always counts.

Jumped on the wagon, or, ‘Chaw Lei Yaw Htaing’. For twenty three years she has been learning. Most of the time, she was inside. She said she was in touch with the world, through radio and television, and other means. When she was inside, nobody did anything to her , nobody did anything for her, nobody tried to rescue her, more than given lips services. Nobody wanted to b, ‘ Kyan Sit Thar,’ who tried to rescue Saw Luu . For trying KST was accused of stealing Saw Luu, by Saw Luu himself. Because everyone knows that she knows nothing. The same was Nelson Mandela of South Africa. He had to spend the whole 27 years in Prison. Mrs Aris does not even know what a prison looks like.

I can understand that, the trust has to be built up gradually, after years of mistrust among ourselves , as well as with the outsiders. They must understand and accept without reservations that we Myanmars have done nothing to them. We are protecting and defending our lives in the land of our own. We are not the invaders, we are not the intruders. TRhis is a very sebsitive time.

In the 38 Mingalas, the first advice Gautama gave was, ‘Ah They Wunnar Sa Balanum’, , which means do not associate with fools and un worthies. 23 years have passed. She might be changing her associations to, ‘ Panitan Ninnsa Thay Wunum - Puu Zar Sa Puu Za Nay Yam Num’. Since them she has been out and Free. I hope she knows that freedom has its price. It is in the frame work of rules, regulation, laws and procedures. I very much hope that she won’t abuse her Freedom or encourage others to abuse it. She is also talking about the rules of laws, and some people are echoing her. There will always be ‘ Wei Lai Lais”, somewhere.

My advice is, those who ask for the rule of laws, echoing her, or the wai lai lais, should know the laws, the rules, the regulations, and procedures thoroughly. So that they know what is what, and who is doing what, what are they talking about.

In the case of Mrs Aris, she knows some people. No need to dramatized, no need to exaggerate, this is the fact that she can communicate with others with her fluent English, to the English people, in the English speaking world. Surprisingly one of our leaders U Nu, once reminded some of our leaders that, Aung San Su Kyi is the daughter of Ko Aung San she should be treated as she deserves ( one of the elites). But U Nu never made such requests for his daughters and sons.

What she does not know is at the moment the west supports her in the name of democracy, and she is the opposition in Myanmar. The West always supports anyone who opposes or who is an anti - Government forces, openly, or secretly. Because the West have the power , they can do what they like they tell people what to do.

In my view, Mrs Aris never had any respect for the Generals, who kept Union of Myanmar intact as a nation for all people as one. She regarded these generals as her father’s subordinates. Moreover, Mrs Aris has been living abroad for so long and married to an Englishman, plus being the daughter of Ko Aung San, she has adopted herself as an ‘ imperialist’ with imperial mentality, treating others, especially all Myanmars as colonial slaves. But she found not every Myanmars are slaves or have slave mentality. When she has no respect for others, other have no respect for them. Because she is the daughter of Ko Aung San, she has a Myanmar blood, not necessarily Bamar Blood. Nobody question her which group of ethnic, national tribel people she belongs to. The question may not be necessary, though, when some armed rebels are talking about , ‘Bamar, and Bamar domination ‘, the question is valid.

In our history there are many martyrs, including her own father. We don’t want any more martyrs of any kind .She’s been used by everybody. Thoroughly used, including SLORC/SPDC. Why not? Some of them wants to use you, some of them want to be used by you. Everybody is using everybody in this world. SLORC /SPDC also know some people, they use them, for the benefit of Myanmars, as well as they have been used.

Like it or not, accept it or not, agree or not, you voted for it or not, you can say what you like, but the most important, and the very fact is, a new government led by Thein Sein is in charge in Myanmar today. Things are changing, some rapidly, some will take time. Things will change gradually. Continuity and changes are going together as well.

You have your right, and you have your choice. But in real life, sometimes, we have no choice, or have very little choice. Either you change your environment, or the environment will change you. Anyway, there we have ‘change’. The change is imminent. Change for better, change for worse.

We all know where Thein Sein came from, and where the government is going. We all know there is a 25 per-cent, unelected Tatmadaw delegates in the Hluttaws. But how much do we know this could be the National Coalition Government, consists of delegates from all walks of lives, from all ethnic groups . As we all know right from the start. The National Convention, was aimed for National Reconciliation, and for National Unity. Which NLD rejected outright, NLD did not want to know.

Now NLD is working or cooperating with the government. That is a kind of change. As from the government side, changes are there. From National Convention, to seven steps road map to democracy. It does, what it said, and it will do, as it had said.

‘Cooperation ‘, or ‘the honey’ to take as laxative, because you are constipated. You may not want others to know what you are suffering from. But when you take honey as medicine, at least the medicine man knows why you take that honey.

Many people inside and outside, who understand politic, know what SPDC was doing. But the upstarts do not know. Sorry to say these upstarts are Myanmars, with loud mouth. They have no idea what the politic was all about. Not a slightest idea of what SLORC/SPDC was doing. They will howl, they will bark, they will whistle from a far. They will not come near to the reaching distance to bite. They have no idea what SLORC/SPDC was doing. Not a slightest idea at all. They talked because they like to talk. They were just making noises, not even voices.

SLORC/SPDC did not change, because of any pressures from outside, or from inside. It changed, because it said it will change when time comes. It has changed , because the time has come to change, in accord with theirs even steps road map. Nothing more, or nothing less. Especially Thein Sein is not promising anything what he cannot deliver. He can make a proposal, he cannot make decision, because Hluttaw will decide.

Mrs Aris warned Thein Sein about this. It is a good one should I say. Mrs Aris herself must not think that she is a Messiah. She must not lay traps, on behalf of the western imperialists, to catch Thein Sein, or the people of Myanmar. She should never attempt to change Rep, of the Union of Myanmar , to be ‘Independent , Sovereign State’, under the influence of the west, or under its protection of the west. Myanmar should always be a Free, Independent, Sovereign Nation, and a non-aligned nation, like always.

Myanmar and Myanmars cannot afford to be like Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, or Laos, let alone to be like other nations, in other parts of the world. What Mrs Aris to remember is, Myanmar happened to be ‘sandwich meat’, between French and British in the 18th century. The result was the fall of the Myanmar Empire. Today many dignitaries from the west with their own individual interest as well, came to Myanmar. They may be under the influence of United States, may be under the EU.

But they all are imperialists, colonialist, Nazi and fascists on their own. At least the potentials are there, the tendencies are there. Only Myanmar leaders know how strong, or how weak Myanmar is today. Besides Myanmar leaders must know who is on their back.

No leader of Myanmar should forget, that the nation of Myanmars belongs to the people of Myanmar, not to SLORC/SPDC or NLD, or to any individual, from inside or from outside. Nobody can put price tag on Myanmar, and its people. They are not for sale for any price. Let alone on cheap price, or reduced price.

The saying is, “If you can’t beat them, join them.” NLD tried to beat SPDC, but at the end of the day, it joins in, using the word, “cooperation”, in the interest of the people and the nation. The west also realised that their punitive sanctions on Myanmar was not only unpopular with the people of Myanmar, but also with the people around the world. It is inhumane, it is counterproductive. The question of who is joining who is up to individual interpretation.

When the people, and SPDC ( Tatmadaw ) joins hands , NLD became isolated, an outcast. That was exactly what NLD tried to do to Tatmadaw, to be isolated and become an outcast. A very dangerous game NLD tried to play. To break one of the most experience professional Tatmadaw, in the region.. She thought she could buy some of the Generals to join her. But she found there was no Ramos in the Myanma Tatmadaw to serve under her. Tatmadaw is not for sale, Tatmadaw is to serve the people and defend the nation from all enemies. As long as the enemies of the nation are there, the threats are there, Tatmadaw will always be there at the helm. It is not for the power, it is the duty, and responsibility.
NLD was creating a very dangerous civil war. Because of NLD, century old wounds, and injuries re-emerged. Mrs Aris must realises, that NLD cannot fool the people no more. If she had been misguided, made mistakes, she should realised, and correct them as necessary. May be that’s what she is trying to do. She does not want to be the President, she said. Then what about Prime minister, Foreign minister to have more active role. She would not mind, if she was offered would she?

The leaders of the Tatmadaw or the Government of the Rep. of the Union of Myanmar must never allow a, ‘viper’, in its pouch. It must not turn its back to anybody. Everything must be under control.

Republic of the Union of Myanmar is the property, of the people of Myanmar , as US belonged to the indigenous tribes of Sioux nation. The true leaders of Myanmar will see to it, that Myanmar always be Myanmars’ very own.

Imperialists, expansionist, colonialists and neo colonialists and their lackeys will never stop. Myanmar had been through all these before, if it happens again, whose fault is that? Some portrays Ko Aung San as indecisive. He wanted Myanmar to be a dominion status. Because of U Nu and other civilians politicians, he left the Bama Tatmadaw to be a civilian politician, and away from other pressures from the British , when they asked him to abolish/dismantle Bama Tatmadaw. He took sanctuary among other civilians politicians. Since he left Tatmadaw , Ne Win took over . But as I had stated before, Aung San's body was lying at the ‘Jubilee Hall’, wearing military uniform. Ko Aung San was a great hero. We acknowledged, recognised him as such, and his efforts for all Myanmars. But we don’t worship him as God the saviour.

In every society there will be a bad apple, or a bad fish, or an ugly duckling. Even today when and where everything is changing in Myanmar, and around them, these rubbish people, never stop talking about rubbish, they still talking rubbish. They think other people rubbish or as mad as them. A mad man thinks ever one is mad, but himself.

If we can forgive those who armed themselves and rebelled against all the governments of the Rep, of the Union of Myanmar and its people , but we cannot forgive Mrs Aris, because she is worse than those armed rebels. Mrs Aris armed herself with the weapon called ,” democracy” . But she was a “dictator”, in the NLD. She dictated the NLD from the start. Many young ones deserted NLD . Manhy young ones went to prisons for her, while she was having a good time. Some people think she was a Messiah, forgetting she called for and supported economic sanctions on Myanmar. If she did not support the western economic sanction, her arse will be kicked off.

Some people believe she is an implant. The west implanted her, by CIA, and MI6. I say so. It is a known fact that Myanmar was a democratic nation since 1948. But some Myanmars did not believe or accept democracy. They did not accept democratically elected government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar either. Besides, the undemocratic elements, attacking the Bamars, and other ethnic groups, mentally, verbally, and physically as enemy. When Myanma Tatmadaw stands on the ground to protect the people and defend the nation, these anti democracy forces( Armed insurgents, left over communist, and socialists, attack Tatmadaw fromm every fronts, to annihilate it, to crash it, to wipe it out.

If that Myanma Tatmadaw did not do what it should have done, there will be lesser people, or population in Myanmar of all ethnic races and nationalities. It won’t be 55 million, as it is today. Tatmadaw and Pyi Thu (people) join hands, and they have to defend themselves.

Myanma Tatmadaw which was founded by the father of Mrs Aris was the subject, and the target of the British in 1945 , to be demolished after the WW II, since it was founded. It was the Tatmadaw and its leaders who were under attack by Mrs Aris herself , whom came from United Kingdom who married to an English-man, and bares two sons. She was relying on foreign supports, pressuring the Tatmadaw to get lost or to give up the power, and to hand over to her.

Those around her, those supporting her locally are unreliable, untrustworthy. Because, in time she will be stabbed in the back by them. That is a part of democracy. Like U Saw did to her father, with the help or expected of the foreign support . The out sider used one stone for two birds. U Saw had no time to open his mouth. His own loyal slave Ba Nyunt made sure he got everything what he deserved, for betraying the people, the nation and the national leaders. As she has taken the Myanmar, and its people hostages, one day she might be taken as hostage by those armed groups who are supposed to be supporting her, or behind her at the moment.

It would be fair to say that, her own father had the same strategy, between British and the Japanese. In the end he sided with the British. It happened sometimes ago in 1866, when there was an attempted coup by the two brothers MyinGunn( Myo Aye ) and MyinKhonDine( Myo Htin). They thought either British or French would help them . But they were abandoned by the French, and the British. In the end Myingunn died in Saigon, MyinKhonDine was executed, in Myanmar .

Mrs Aris may be doing the same she knows she cannot beat Tatmadaw , so she is joining them. One good reason is she cannot rely on her own people, followers. She found out that they are just barking dogs. In the long run, she could not work with them, she cannot, teach them, she cannot train them. She will be dragged down to the bottom by them, in the name of democracy.

International community was watching them as well and they saw everything. They have to single out and safe Mrs Aris from these rubbish. They cannot afford Mrs Aris to become a rubbish neither. So they must have advised her to work with Tatmadaw. Everybody know who , and what Thein Sein or his government, and according to the oppositions, Thein Sein and his men are Tatmadaw men, with civilian clothes.

It reminds everybody of BSPP led by U Ne Win. But the different is the New Constitution’, and multi- party system. U Ne Win had BSPP behind him, Thein Sein has USDP, Mrs Aris has NLD.Thnese are nothing new in any country. In Britain, PM David Cameron has Conservative party, in US there are two big and main parties, such as Democratic and Republican.

By elections are coming up in April, if all of the 22 NLD candidates were elected, they are only 22 MPs, in the parliament. The main things is, will they take the name, ‘opposition’, will they respect, and honour the Constitution which is approved by the people in the National Referendum? Are they the,’ opposition’, going to oppose everything the government will be doing?

After vigorously opposing every steps, and every effots SLORC/SPDC took, after living the country for 23 years, the so called opposition leader( Mrs Aris) came to understand and accept the realities of Union of Myanmar and its problem. She seems to under stands very clearly, that there is no chance for her, no chance for her people, as long as she is banging her head against the wall.

Her friends from outside gave her the message through UN envoy Gambari International community must have told her, through Gambari, that she must do her part as well. Not to rely too much on the laxative, she may need to put her efforts in as well. Since Gambari visits, and meetings with her, Mrs Aris has changed. She cannot be a hard head all the time. Then her voice was for cooperation with the government, in the interest of the people. Her followers were stunned. As far as the government is concern, it returned in kind towards Mrs Aris, and some of her followers.

Yet many foreign dignitaries have to meet her, and convince her that it's time for her to change as well. Myanmar today is not like yesterday, that is for sure, but it’s hard to say, “like what?” The day is may be dawning, when will the sun rises up? Nobody knows what the day will be like. “I did what I did for Maria”, is not very nice, isn’t it? That’s not what Myanmars want or need.

After or before the economic sanctions are lift up, we still have to see who will be playing the games fairly. Fair is fair, just is just. Unfair competition will bring unfair practices, and injustices, let alone Freedom. Which Myanmar financial institutions, or banks, will support financially to Myanmar businesses, and business community? How many Myanmars will be bankrupt before the day ends? Can theseMyanmar financial institutions, compete with other, in a fair competition? What kind of equity Myanmars have, to start the business, plans , etc,.

How many Myanmars of Myanmar origin knows how to run businesses, how many of them can compete with foreign business people from four corners of the earth? Are we Myanmars masters of our own ? All businesses in Myanmar are run by the foreigners, who proud to be citizens of Myanmar from east and from the west. We original Myanmars will only be labourers, and manual workers in our own country? If Myanmars cannot do it by themselves, then they must let others do it. Others own them.

Where will the Myanmars be, who will they compete with? Is that competition a fair one or not? What and where is the back bone for Myanmars?