Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 16-Jan-2012  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends,

Cease-fire is better than nothing. But Cease-fire is never enough. Sincerity, honesty to go with it. Is it too much to ask? It’s been proven. Sometimes, if not many times, even Peace agreements are not enough. Anything which can be made, can be broken at any time. There must be common ground which can be accepted by both side to take this cease fire as a foundation to build an ‘Everlasting Peace’ on it. It may be too much to use the word,’ everlasting’. Because, nothing ever lasts in the world we live in, which is the law of, ‘impermanence’.

In the modern Myanmar history just before 1948, leaders such as Ko Aung San, U Nu, Bo Ne Win and the rest, they have done their best on their watch. Nobody can accuse them of not trying enough for Peace. It was ‘Union of Myanmar’ when Ko Aung San and other ethnic leaders agreed upon. There never was an agreement on Myanmar to be, ‘Federal Republic’. It may be the wishes of some. But even today, it is still Republic of the Union of Myanmar. Some ethnic leaders were not talking about ‘Federalism’, they were talking about ‘total independence’ from Union of Burma and to be the British Dominion, ever threatening Bamars like Zionists (Israel) and Palestinian today. That was the very idea of the British. Some ethnic leaders fell for that stupid idea.

The same report said, the federalism was Ko Aun San’s idea, and his daughter Mrs Aris is going to materialise that idea. I never heard Mrs Aris said that, I wasn’t listening may be, I was asleep may be when she said it.

What the reports is saying is all the armed gangs are behind Mrs Aris or Mrs Aris is the leaders of all the insurgents. Is Reuters news agency issuing the death warrant for Mrs Aris or what? Mrs Aris is being used by all the insurgents to get what they want? If anybody think that Mrs Aris will form the government and rule Myanmar with the support of the insurgents armed groups, that will be the day.

It is true Myanmar saying is , “ Da Joung Da gar Htar – Ta Ywar Da Bote San”. O are the leader of the insurgents, one leader one idea a leader has his own idea, Some wants to have Peace, some don’t even want to have ceasefire. Saw Hunter Thamhwe and Saw Bo Mya are different, Phado Aung San, and the late Phado Mahn Shah are also difference as well.

Cease fire, or peace agreement should not be done between two leaders or between two groups, it should go for national referendum as well because it is the concern of the whole population of 55 million Myanmars.

Some years ago we had the same situation. Nobody had to lay down their arms, nobody has to surrender, but to take the responsibility for the people and the nation. Some people don’t want to take responsible for the whole population or the whole nation. They only wanted their rights without taken any responsibility. What they were looking for, or demanding was their preconditions, not negotiable. What is it this time, anything different?

I have read the news, “Myanmar signs ceasefire to end 62-year ethnic conflict ”, by Soe Zeya Tun, Reuters January 12, 2012, 9:16 pm.

BTW who is signing ceasefire agreement with who? According to report , (Reporting by Soe Zeya Tun in Pa-an and Aung Hla Tun in Yangon; Writing by Martin Petty; Editing by Ron Popeski) from Reuters, looks like Government is the rebels in second place and KNU is above the government in the first place. It happened whenever there are bias reporting by bias reporters. It may be negligible. Media manipulations, and spinning are well known, worldwide. The leaders have to be careful. They should not allow the media put words into their mouths.

When we learn the world history of the world, we learn about those who built not only how they built the nation, but also how they built the Empires.

When we say ‘history’ it sounds like the we mean, the past’. The past, or the present,, what is the difference? Do you sincerely believe that the future will be different from the past and the present in this case? I doubt it very much doubt.

Imperialists, expansionists, colonialists etc., call them what you want. During the process of building the nation or the Empire the builder did what he had to do. Carrots and sticks, or lenient and brutal methods.

United States of America is so powerful and great. Japan was the only one which had tested the greatness of U.S.A., and Japan failed, and paid a big price. Since then, nobody has tested physically, directly in military means.

We have heard about many incidents. Some deliberate, intended provocations, and some so called pure accidents. No matter what, we have to thank those who “avoided”, and managed to avoid un necessary war, and those who believes “war is undesirable”. But war mongers will be war mongers. They earn their living on wars.

This is not the first time that I mention, United States of America. Almost everyone know how United States of American was made, or build into a great nation. This nation fascinates me. This is not my imagination, this is not my fiction, but this is the truth about United States of America, according to the records. A Nation can be great, depends how great the people who built them are.

‘Great ‘ may mean many things. For example, in Myanmar we used to say,‘Thutt Ye Mha Min Phyit’. Direct translation is, if you only dare to kill, you will be King. In English it also says, ‘ who dares wins’. The word ‘dare’ is in both cases. Dare to do the right thing, or dare to do the wrong thing? ‘ Dare’, or ‘bold’ can take you a long way.

Before the European came over to that land, that land was not an empty land . There were natives tribal peoples of many ethnic races. After they have arrived, the European wiped the natives tribal peoples out from their own land in many means and many ways. In the end the native tribal peoples lost everything, and living in a special place called, ‘ Indian Reservations’, until today. They have become museum pieces and tourists attraction. In a way, and in another word, they have become human species of animal kind in the zoological garden. They are under restriction orders.

The history of United States of America is so very interesting. You can look at it from both sides, negative, or positive. European are daring. Daring to sail cross the seas, daring to do anything, to kill , daring to die.

When you look at USA you will see, racists, discrimination, against natives, against black Negros , against Jews. There are Nazis, and neo Nazi, Communists, and Fascists as well. They all are under control. They all are very quiet at the moment.

Under the United States of American constitution citizen of the US can hold a gun with license, but they cannot create or organise a private army , or armed militia. Insurgent groups, rebels group , terrorist groups, don’t even think about it, don’t even dream of it. You can say, you are Free in the land of the Free, but you cannot claim. You can try, and see what’s happens.
United States of America, goes into any sovereign nation , with or without its consent in search of terrorists. US will arrest, torture , rape and kill anybody who they say are terrorists who they claim are against US, and its interests. But nobody can touch American citizen, charge and put on trial. They have to deport back to US. US is the Over Lord . International law has no jurisdiction over USA and its citizens, in the name of Free, Fair and Justice and Equality.

Let us compare all these to Rep of the Union of Myanmar. Tribal people who are known as ethnic minority people such groups as Shan, Chin, Kachin, Kayin, Kayah, Yakhine and Bamar. Who are the racists against who?

Rep of the Union of Myanmar is multi- racial, multi faith nation. Who is talking about religion, which religion is against which one? As a matter fact wherever Christians goes, the violence accompanied them. You can study how the Christian propagate the religion, or their belief since they introduced Christianity to South America, and other parts of the world. Some have records, some don’t have records. But, Christianity did not fall from the sky with parachutes.

Christians were mistreated, according to some Jews were responsible for it. Then Jews were mistreated Nazi German were responsible. Now Palestinian are being mistreated, Jews are again responsible. The laws of, ‘Cause and effect’, is nowhere, not even on the shelf’.

The question is , who in the world is not mistreated? Everybody say somebody is mistreating them. That means everybody is mistreating everybody. According to the book, it all started from the jealous God who is said, who created everything. According to the same book God already destroyed what he created. There is no ore of his creation. What we have today are creations of man. God has nothing to do withal these.

Man can destroy them. Why must man blame God, or give credit to him for whatever happening around us today? If and when we have no answer, if and when we do not understand, we use the name God . Is that the answer? Somebody (JFK) said, problems made by man have to be solve by man.

Rep of the Union of Myanmar there are many tribal people who are known as ethnic minority, some of them are armed and led by their own Geronimo. Only thing they don’t have is leaders like Crazy Horse or Sitting bull. Even if they had they are the losers.
Anyway Myanma Tatmadaw is prepared and ready at any time the same as US army was in those day, in the land of the Free. What is different is the rest of the Myanmars. They are wonderful people. They leave everything in the hands of the Government and the Tatmadaw.

The people of Myanmar leave racial, and religious views out of their life. No matter how much other national races claim their own nationality ,identity, and their own place, Bamar as a race or as religion never claim anything.

There were time Bamars Vs Kalars(Indians) , Bamar Vs Tayote( chinese) . Those were just tokens, never came out to the open like the one in India between Hindus Indians, and Muslims Indians. Because, the Myanmar politicians in Myanmar never allowed ‘bed bug’, to become a tortoise, or a mole-hill to be a mountain. Most of all the people of Myanmar most of them have sense, common sense. No matter how much they have been provoked, they ignored, and rejected all the provocations and live in Peace, let no harm comes to them or go to others. It may be the power of loving kindness or Mitta.

If this Mitta runs out, what’s going to happened next nobody can say. But if it has to happen, it has to happen and will happen nobody can avoid it, nobody can escape from it. That’s very easy to say. We are not talking about the will of God , the creation of God. We are talking about the will of the people. Are the people going to let it happen? The question is, into what scale? What is the minimum casualty will you allowed to happen? Who is going to wipe out whom? The consequences and what about spontaneous reactions? Remember 'safety by the numbers'.

That is what all our leaders from all walks of life, every corner must do. One people in one nation, is a must, no other options. Live together or die together. You cannot be sure you will survive. Think about it very carefully, very sensibly.
There are nationalists; there are racists, and fanatics, extremists, and militants in every group. They can be violent. Will you let the violence takes over you and control you? Violence is not desirable not accepted in theory. 62 years, or 620 years they make no difference. Nobody is born yet to turn other cheek. Everyone is prepared and ready to respond or react accordingly, remember that. How can you be sure you will win in another 62 years or in another 620 years?

You want to sleep well, eat well, and live well. I want the same for me. We all need our beauty sleeps, healthy food, healthy living, and in Peace. If we cannot make it today, tomorrow will be too late. How late are we already? Listen to your head; listen to your heart whatever. ‘Listen to yourself’, and be reasonable. Don’t let anybody influence you, undermine you, manipulate you.

To make our land of Myanmars into a nation for all Myanmars is our responsibility. We have to do I, and it has to be don’t , it must be done. If we cannot do it in our own way, then we may have to follow the ways United States of America was made. Because United States wants everybody to follow them, and they impose their ways on others.

If there is no other way, we may have to fight to the end, and whoever wins, the losers will be eliminated, wipe out, or put them in the reservations like those indigenous natives tribal, people of the land of free.

There is something you should know, ‘anything you can do, I can do better, anything I can do is better than you’. You may be saying the same. Is that what we want? We have to think very carefully.

Unionist, or Federalist, whichever you chose if you are not ready, not prepared, and cannot live together with others harmoniously then Unionism or Federalism have no meanings, what’s the use? Why do you want to have guns , why do you want to have your private army? Why, why, why and why? What’s behind all these ideas? Are they different from the past? If you don’t trust other , then others have no reason to trust you.

Bamars have no guns, they have no private armies. Buddhists have no guns, they have no Buddhists Army. Not even the Buddhists Monks have formed a Buddhists Arm, equipped themselves with guns, or holding guns. You should not wish for it, you should not pray for it.

I hope the time will not come to Myanmar for Bamars, Buddhists, and Buddhists Monks, necessary to hold arms, to hold guns to counter other religious fanatics in Myanmar.

When Chinese interfere in Myanmar in early 60 with Mao’s badges in schools, we showed them our displeasure. Wikipeadia did not record that event.

There are three lines, one for human, one for the Saints( Dava or Nats) , and one for the dogs. You should know which line you should not cross.