Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 14-Jan-2012  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends,

‘Peace talks, and cease fire’ clemency and Amnesty, we have heard them before, concerning our own people in our own land. We also heard about it concerning about other nations and other people as well. Was there ever Peace on earth? That is the question I always asked. Who really wants Peace, who really is a peaceful person, who is the Peace maker? If you are Peaceful person you are doomed. They take you as weak.

The earth is still not a place for peace and peaceful persons. If you are peaceful person, the more you look for peace, the more everybody will come and knock on your head. But we have to make ourselves busy, looking and searching for peace. That looks good, and gives good impression as well. Because if there is peace, we will have nothing to do, we will be idle, and become idlers.

Siddhartha Gautama in his own way told us about what Peace is. What he told us was, ‘peace within, peace of mind’. He might have known there can be no Peace on Earth. So he did not tell us about ‘Peace on earth’ either. He showed us the way to get away from all sufferings, and to eliminate suffering or to end the circle of life. That is the only way out to have peace. To be in peace, a peaceful life. That is why he renounced the world leaving his Princely life, away from the society. If there is Peace on earth, he would not be telling us, otherwise. Surely Peaceful place is not underneath a Bo tree, or a Banyan tree, or underneath a Mango tree.

After Gautama, there are many seeking and searching for Peace, who talked about Peace. Some of them even executed, some crucified, for preaching Peace, without finding Peace, not for themselves, let alone on earth.

You have a right to translate, or interpret PEACE in your own way.

President Thein Sein of Myanmar is doing what should be done, his best. But he needs co-operation of all people of Myanmar. Peace in Myanmar is not only between Thein Sein , and Mrs Aris, not only between Tatmadaw and illegal armed groups. But it is the need of every citizen of Myanmar to have peace and stabilityin the whole nation to live their life successfully. Nobody threaten anybody, nobody harass anybody.

Though we need’ Peace makers’, desperately, at least to make ourselves bus , not being idlers, we cannot have Peace as long as ‘Peace breakers’ are around. We have to do something about them. We have to deal with them as necessary.
What we are doing in Myanmar seemed to be, everyone making’ pace’ for themselves to breath. In Myanmar in the past some people did not take, ‘ Peace’, seriously. Because some people are, in my view too soft, too lenient, too merciful, too humane, In their handling with ‘Peace Breakers’. Supposed to be,’ Peace makers’ are becoming , ‘ Pace makers’.

Siri Lanka is the good example. The Tamil Tigers and the Siri Lanka Tatmadaw may be the good example, but Rep of the Union of Myanmar is not Siri Lanka in many ways. Siri Lanka is an island situated separately in the Indian Ocean. Tamils Tigers of Tamil Elam could not runaway or escaped to anywhere out into the sea. They are cornered in Jaffna Peninsula. Siri Lanka Government tries many things and many ways. Nothing worked. But in the end Siri Lanka government and Tatmadaw did something decisive, and it worked very well. That is why our elders said sometimes, ‘ don’ t try it, just do it’. That is what we must listen to our elders. Not to try, but to do it.

Myanmar’s position is land borders with neighbouring countries . “Myanmar tigers’ use these borders as their escape routes. When neighbouring countries, hoarding them, with their various reasons, if not excuses . Myanmar can do nothing much effectively.

I remember when N ationalists (KMT) Chinese were driven out of main land China, by the Chinese People’s Army, they spilled into Myanmar. But the Myanmar Government drove them out from Myanmar soil. Myanmar’s lives, blood and seat were sacrificed, and spilled to show that Myanmar is trust worthy responsible, good neighbour, let alone to hoard them, harbouring them or given sanctuary, with all the excuses. Rep of Union of Myanmar is a nation which knows its responsibility, and to be a good neighbour.

All these neighbouring nations should also take more responsibility and show they are trust worthy towards Myanmar.

Without prejudice, I would like to say it is time for other nations who wants to see peace and tranquillity. Prosperous progressed and developments Myanmar. Should not interfere in Myanmar domestic affairs. But if they want to, they should advice and help Myanmar Government and Myanma Tatmadaw, how to handle these terrorists in Myanmar . Needless to ask what will they do, if such terrorists were in their respective countries. No need to guess, because we are seeing how they treat the terrorists. We are also seeing how they treat, “ peaceful demonstrators’ so called, occupy wall street’.

What is a carrot, what is a stick ? They mean, reward, and punishment. In other Myanmar saying it is, “ Chow Takhar – Chaut Ta Hle’.

Amnesty and clemency are good things, they are carrots, sweeties, lolly pops. Imprisonment is punishments that is stick.. When you ask the monkey how it is, the monkeys will say, “it’s so very good, but my eyes are burning”. How much carrots, how many sticks do you need, how will we measure them?
There are many ways of punishing those who deserve punishing. We are witnessing some people, who called themselves, portrays as , free, fair and just are using not the sticks that we know, but another kind of sticks, they are powerful, destructive missiles, rockets, and bombs. We called them, ‘ Seit Phin Ne Sin Lee’. Which means, ‘ Elephant penis, for a she goat’.

Better start thinking, what do they mean, what are they, what do they do or commit to deserve those names criminals, or Traitors. The easy way to understand is, crimes are committed against individual, against their properties which are mentioned in the penal code as crimes.

Traitors are the worst criminals, more dangerous than common criminals, because their crimes are against the whole population, their crimes are against the whole nation. Sometimes disintegration of a nation, collapse of the National Unity, which end up in war. There is no such war to be called, ‘ civil’. Geneva convention or not A war is a war is to kill. No matter how you killed, or be killed. That is why the wise man said, “war is undesirable”. All wars are uncivilised, wicked, rude, and dirty. Nothing to say, fair or Just about any war.

‘Treason’, is a crimes against the Nation, it is against the citizen of the nation, against humanity. A treason is armed rebellion, armed insurgency, terrorists acts are all treasons. Those who committed these crimes or acts are traitors.

There should be only one law and one penalty without amnesty, clemency, pardon, leniency, and . compassion, etc. That one law and one penalty to be only,“ death”, penalty. In olden days, it was beheading, hanging, or impaling, and crucifying. It’s been done before. If we carry out these penalties , we are not making new rules.

Today there are progress and new developments in the field which is gassing, lethal injection, and electrocution. Whether they are humane or not, nobody ask. Most modern civilised nations have the most modern and humane method of executing the criminals and traitors.

Republic of the Union of Myanmar is neither in olden days, or in modern days, have I heard of any criminal or any traitor ever executed, or somebody in the waiting list to be executed, nobody waiting with the long neck for the date to be executed, suffering, in agony, or in despair . All they are awaiting for is the day to be released, or at least their sentence to be commuted from death to life imprisonment.

May be that is the reason there are so many criminal and traitors in prison in Myanmar. It is said that state media reported 6656 were recently released, and 68,964 were sentences reduced. It did not say anything about those whose sentenced were not reduced, or those are in prison, whose case and trials are pending. Shall we say estimated 100, 000 maximum? Whatever, the figure may be, it is still too much. A Nation with so many criminals in the prison show the status of the people. There are many countries in the world, poor or least developed like Myanmar or worse than Myanmar. I have no way to check their prison population.

Myanmar is not the only country with the prisons. Myanmar is not the only country where the criminals are in the prisons, whatever crimes they have committed. Prisons are built to keep criminals inside who committed various crimes. They are inside to protect the people, for the safety of the people.
That shows how civilised we Myanmars are. Compassion, Humanitarian, mercy, lenient to these criminals, and terrorists. In some other countries they are not even considered as human beings. To clothe, feed, and shelter them is a big burden. None productive, ‘ San Kon Myay Lays’, they contribute nothing to the people, and to the nation, but crimes. As if they have the rights to commit crimes against the other people. As if committing crimes are their human rights as human. Are they? Who worships these criminals as Gods, or Saints?

It is fair to let them work double hard to pay the expenses for their living in the prisons, and the also to compensate for damage, and suffering to other. They are the ones who violated the rights of other human beings who have the right to live in peace and safely, who are minding their own business, for their own living, and for others.

Prison sentences or amnesty, clemency should not be treated like, ‘holidays’ by the prisoners. They should take advantage, and correct themselves. That is why sometimes, ‘ prisons’ are called ‘correction centres’.

There should be no mercy, no leniency, no clemency, no amnesty, no compassion nor to be humane towards the habitual offenders, who does not correct themselves, who does not go straight. They should be expelled from the society totally.

How can we be sure those who are freed and released will behave themselves. Is there any,’ Plan B’ for habitual offenders, or,
‘ joy riding criminals’.