Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 11-Jan-2012  
Progress, Developments of Myanmar and Environmental Issue
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots and friends,

I think I have discussed this environmental issue before. Without forgetting, or bearing it in mind that Rep. of the Union of Myanmar is an agriculture nation. Most parts of the flat land are farm land, and the people are farmers and peasants. There are mountain ranges, where the developments are costly and difficult. There is nothing, impossible, but there are things that we have not done yet.

Genuine environment issues, and protectionism should not be mixed up. There is nothing to be confused. Some people donít want other people to progress or developed, because they are afraid it will have negative effect on their own interests, so to protect their own interest, they donít want others to be developed. They will provide what you need with a cost of course. You donít need to have a baker, coal power plant, gas power plant, they may spoil the environment. Nuclear power plant, donít even think about it, it may spoil or damage the whole region, men and material , wild life etc., etc.

You can buy everything you need from them ready made. You just look after your environment, donít damage it, donít spoil it just watch and enjoy, be good boys and girls. If you are hungry they will feed you.

We cannot waste our precious flat land to build houses, and toilets. When there are mountains, we will build tunnels through, when there are rivers, we will build bridges across. Thatís the way to progress, thatís the way to develop.
Our leaders intends for Myanmar to be modern industrialised nation in all fields. In the 21 st century, our leaders are no minor but some westerners are treating all Myanmars as minor, or yesterday born, and patronising them. Some of them thinks Myanmars are still their colonial slaves.

Morden industrialised nation needs the people with modern industrialised thinking, ideas etc., certainly not the people with slave mentality, such as Mrs Aris, and some. The world is an industrialised world. If you are not industrialised, you are left far away behind. Thatís what Myanmars is .

Myanmars been living in the land for thousands of years. They know their environment, they know how to treat the environment, how to look after it. They also know during 125 years of foreign rules, how many acres of land, forest, and jungles were damaged by the foreigners. How many wild animals are taken as Trophies. Those teak trees and forest the foreigners fell and damaged over 150 or so years ago are never fully recovered yet, whatever recovered they are not matured yet were stolen by the KNU, in their illegal logging business with Thais, smuggled out to Thailand under KNU armed guards .Because Thailand has to look after its teak forest and environment, they make the laws saying logging is illegal in Thailand, any Thai can steal from Myanmar forests with the help of KNU. Nobody dares to go to Kayin (KNU) areas and report the truth.

Even the working elephants, and the mahouts, are the left over, or the descendants of the Bombay Burma Trading CO., and British East India Company. Some so called Thai elephants got injured or wounded while crossing the border into Myanmar to steal the teak logs. They cross the lines they have to pay for it.

More than that, in the border areas, such as Sino- Myanmar border, India- Myanmar border, Bangladesh- Myanmar border or Thai Myanmar border where armed insurgents are trading illegally with their own private illegal armies do not want anybody, including government employees such as immigrations, customs and excise, or troops to come. If they are found in the area insurgents killed them. There were cases Amnesty International ignored, Human Rights watch does not want to know about, or tone down.

Rep. of the Union of Myanmar is agricultural nation by nature. Myanmars and their leaders to do thing as they see fit while doing their best , for their nation to be modern industrialised one. To be, or not to be is a question without asking openly. But when the environmental issues come up, and when the modern developments comes up , the question of ethnic peoples issue comes up, this environment issue comes along with ethnic issue.

It is a well-known and fact, that Rep of the Union of Myanmar legged behind, because of insurgencies, and terrorists. Who are they, needless to say. But to say is, they are a handful of people who belongs to some ethnic group. They are known as bandits and dacoits, who do not represent the whole ethnic group and people. They are the members of the private army of the warlords, who behaves like God King among them.

Before I go any further ore, I would like to ask everybody one question. That is, are we Myanmars going to live in the jungles, on the trees forever like monkeys and other wild animals?
We have to create places or rooms or to give place to progress, developments, modernisation and industrialised, if we cannot do that then. We will never have progress, developments, forget about modern industrialises nation. Simply, because the monkeys donít create modern industrialised nation out of the jungle.

A Hollywood made film ĎPlanet of the Apesí may be a fiction, this fiction idea comes out of human head. There is something for us to think about. The apes seem to have taken over human beings. More civilised than some human beings, but the apes are apes. The apes are so very civilised, the gorillas take them over, and some other human did not allow the apes to be civilise, modern industrialised.

We are human, neither the monkeys nor the gorillas.
If we ourselves and others do not allow ourselves to progress, to developed, to be modern industrialised, we will still be living in the jungles, on the trees as wild as the monkeys still wearing tails, we will not even be apes.

The more we are not progress, the less we are not developed, and the less we are not industrialised, then we will still be living in the past , 1,000,000 million BC may be?

The leaders of our nation of Myanmar, and the people of Myanmar must decide. Whether they want to go back to the time one million BC and live there, including, Ice age, stone age, bronze age, iron age.

Rep of the Union of Myanmar is actually a small nation. Everybody accept it is legged behind. Most people blamed on the governments, especially military government. They may have their own reason but what about those who do not want progress, who do not want developments, let alone to be modern industrialised, not to forget those( the west) , and some traitors inside Myanmar who denies progress, developments and industrialisation to Myanmar, because they are afraid, Rep of the Union of Myanmar will be Free, Independent, Sovereign nation, the people are Free and Independent.

In other words, they are afraid they cannot politically, economically, and socially, or even religiously influence Myanmars and their nation any more. The West on their path to neo colonisation of their former colonies which they had to give up after WW II. Union of Myanmar is one of them. Those Myanmars inside Myanmars who holds the slave mentality.

When British enslaved Myanmar, these people were not even foetus yet, so it is possible they donít know what, Ď slavery is, they donít know what slave mentalityí, is. They donít know what they are wishing for, they donít know what they are calling for , and most of all what they are doing.

The very point I am making here is, the environment issues. These issues are hindering, or pulling back the progress, the developments, and the modernisation of Rep of the Union of Myanmar with 55 million people. These progresses, these developments, these modern industrialisation are for the whole population of 55 million, but not a handful of people to benefit.
Myanmar is to become fully fledged democratic nation, only when all people are democrats They understand democratic principles, and democratic values.

Then why donít we go for national referendum, in these matters, such as, Myitson Hydro electric power plant, Dawei coal power plant and other projects.

Talking about ĎPeoples pressures, who are these peoples pressuring the Government? Who are the outsider supporting these people, whom are pressuring the government. Government must do the right thing for the majority of the people to benefit. The government must have a good ground, good reasons, to stop or to continue the project. The same goes for the so called Ďpeopleí , to stop or to continue the said developments.

No project has to be stopped, or cancel if there is plan B. That is, how we will compensate the damaged environments. In Rep of Union of Myanmar ,the mountains, the forest, or the jungles , rivers and streams can be recreated.

In the middle east, where deserts and sands are you will see some of the greatest creations of man, not by any Gods. Oasis become ĎShangri Laí. The sea becomes the land, and the land becomes modern developed industrialised nations.

What environmental issues are we talking about here?