Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 9-Jan-2012  
Somebody Needs To Wash The Bum.
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots., and Friends,

Myanmar saying is, “ Myet Nhar Thanakhar- Poung Mhar Thay Sii Gyoung’. Which means the face may be beautiful because of all the cosmetic, and make ups, but your bum still stinks, because you never wash the bum”. To say it bluntly, and to say it to her face, I would say, “ Mrs Aris , you can only be a good, “slave driver”, you can never be master, because of you still have slave mentality, the best you can become of is a British Academy Awarded “ slave drive” or US Oscar awarded slave driver. I can assure you can never beat, Judah Ben Hur, in the chariot race.

I am seeing, the visits by Hilary Clinton(US) , and William Hague (UK)on behalf of EU, are the same, w They don’t wash their bums, as dirty as ever. Their visits were nothing, but to show openly, boldly and to encourage Mrs Aris and armed terrorists that they are behind them. It is important to know what is behind and why they are not at the front. It is dangerous to be at the front. It is safe if they stay behind them.

‘Divide and rule’ is the phrase everybody understand, but how much do they understand is the very question. What these people from the west do not realised or cannot accept is” the colonial days are over. Rep of Union of Myanmar is nobody’s colony. Myanmars are not below anybody, Myanmars are not above anyone. But there are some Myanmars who not still have slave mentality, but they also want others to be like them.

It is said that there will be by elections on the 1 st of April. Who will be the April fool? " Free and Fair” Elections In Rep of the Union of Myanmar". ‘Free and Fair’ is the theme. and the motto of elections. When elections comes up. This Free and fair also come up. Some people even called for on man one vote( one woman). But there are not many countries making to vote compulsorily, there is no law against those who don’t vote. Even in the countries which believe in democracy. May be that is in accordance with, ‘ human rights’. Nobody can make you do what you don’t want to do, against your will, without your consent.
What is a Free and Fair election? What is its shape, what colour is it, how does it smell, how does it taste? ‘

My interpretation of this ‘ Free and Fair’ is the political catch phrase, or words. Just to attract the voters, to mislead own supporters. ‘Free and Fair ’ are pleasant words to please someone. can be seen through the words of the speeches, attitude, and behaviour of the candidates. How Free are they themselves, how Fair are they themselves .

Free and Fair election is, it is the demand of the opposition, to make sure nobody else but they to win. When the opposition does not win, does not have a majority seats in the parliament they will always say ‘elections are not Free and Fair, votes are rigged, malpractice’ , this and that etc. They opposition cannot take any ' no' for the answer. Those who are in favour of the opposition inside and outside will pounce on the winning party or the government or election commission.

All these are common and familiar sights everywhere in the world. Even in so called democratic countries. The difference is they have their own way of arguing things. For example, keeping quiet, not shouting very loud, constituency changes.

For the opposition, Free or not, Fair or not, win or lose they must win, they must be the winner, declared as winner.
Sounds familiar . Sounds nice & sweet, looks beautiful. We think we know what it is all about. The question is “ do we really know what is it all about”? What ‘we think’ we know and what ‘we know’ may not be the same. May not be right, may not be the truth.
To say, its neither ‘free nor fair’, just because somebody doesn’t win, but lost in the elections, in any elections is itself not Fair at all. It needs to be properly investigated, the wrong must be put right. You have to trust election commissioners. You cannot be the plaintiff, the prosecutor, the jury and the Judge.

In 1990 Myanmar had an election. Since then there was the essence of the election, the intention of the election , the aim and objective of the election truth of the election, disappeared. Since then or before that everybody have had their own views and opinions. With their mind set up, with their preconceived theories, with heir own reasons if not excuses , those who supports the opposition had only one thing in their mind. That was NLD must be the next government , to take over the power from the military and get rid of the military.

What was the essence, the intention, aim and objective of that election? Myanmar needed a new constitution. When Myanmar was to change in 1988, it also needed a new constitution. Simply because 1947 or 1974 are not acceptable by many quarters.
Accept it or not, the 1990 elections was to elect representatives and to draft a New Constitution, through a National Convention.
If anybody has, National Reconciliation , National Unity in mind that National Reconciliation or Nation Unity is not only between SPDC and NLD. It covers the whole nation and the populace of the nation regardless of race, nationality or religion.
In that election of 1990, when opposition NLD was said to be won landslide, all the hells gone lose. The essence, intention, aim and objective, and the truth were overrun by the opposition’s accusations, and malicious campaign hid the truth
I don’t believe, I never believe that opposition or NLD had mistranslated ‘the essence, intention, aim and objective and the truth ‘ , or the followers of the opposition may have not read the small prints, under dotted lines. If they have read them, then knowing they did it deliberately, they tried it, they misled the people, used the people’s power, to create another chaos. But SLORC did not blink.

The opposition was such, even someone who was not eligible at the time , who was never in the election, not even as candidate was said hailed as ‘Elected One’, and they hailed her as the ‘ Prime minister’ of the country , not only by the opposition but by some foreign nations as well. The outsiders as well. This was seen as by some as another form or coupe by NLD, democracy and the peoples power were thoroughly manipulated by NLD and its followers, and undermined by the leadership of the NLD. That was the only ‘free and fair ’, election as far as opposition was concern.

Opposition followers never have the habit of electing somebody in democratic ways, but they select or appoint anybody they like. According to ‘ Pokko Khin Mha Tayar Min’ or, they think’ new brooms will sweep clean’ , especially foreign made.

Wherever or whenever there is an election in any country in the world opposition use this " Free and Fair " as a weapon when they are in position to lose, when they are in danger of losing the election, they are saying the elections are not free and fair. They have to say it. Because they are the opposition. They have to oppose anything which are not in their favour. Even their own father, their own mother .

That is known as the usual practice of the Communists, against all the reactionaries or reformists. Communism or Communist are not Taboos nowadays. Once, they were portrayed as black witches , devils, evils, demons, by the west .

It was said, NLD and its leadership was surrounded by the Communists. How clean or unclean are they, does it matter today , when and where ‘democracy is freedom, and human rights’ matter most. Anybody can be anything , Capitalist, Socialists, Communists, or a Buddhists, Hindus , Muslims, Christians and others that is his right. As long as they have respect for each other.

By elections in Myanmar may be, but the rules are the rules, and the rules of laws. If I am not within the rules, if I am not eligible , I would not bother to be in the election. I don’t want to be in the election, “ just to stir things up ” with other political motivation.

Any believer of democracy , everyone should be prepared to take the result, with a mile. Win or lose. Unless there is enough evidence, proof to say otherwise. I will file a complaint at the election commission with a smile. That is normal, and normal procedures, with discipline as well. But I won’t make, or use the democracy turn into a chaos.

Because I know there are such people as “silent majority”. They may be for me, they may be against me. I cannot not be sure who they are for or against. Nobody can be sured of them. That was why I never encouraged or approved of “Silent Majority”, I don’t know which side they may swing to, I don’t like it, but there they are. Against democracy, don’t believe in democracy?
I even proposed “ compulsory voting ”, to make an offence for those who does not cast their vote . ‘Peoples’ mean all people of the nation , their consent , and their will means the consent and the will of all peoples of the nation . People does not mean only the followers of NLD or USDP. Human does not mean only Mrs Aris and her supporters are. The human rights do not mean only their rights. They are not the only human beings in Myanmar. The human rights of the Myanmar human Are beings denied by those who are promoting these rights.

Change is permanent, change is the nature, whether you like it or not, accept it or not , change will come without fail . You cannot stop the change. There will be the cost as well . If you try to stop the change, it will roll over you, it will run over you. If you welcome the change, and take part in change, you may be able to shape it a little bit to your liking, or to your taste, at least you can control minimum cost, and maximum benefits.

After all what you like and your taste do not matter, you need to know what are the needs of the people. You are to serve them, you belong to them, you owe them. The people own you, that is what it means by ‘public servant’ and ‘public service’.
You can be, anybody can be carried away, but at the end of the day’ doing the right thing’, is that counts.