Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 7-Jan-2012  
Everything To Do With Myanmar.
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends,

Do you know a country where there are no political prisoners?
When asked, who is not corrupt? It will be hard to give a ‘true’ answer. If we say and believe that human is not perfect, than all human are corrupt.

A nation is corrupt because people of the nation are corrupt in many ways.

'Corrupt', is an ugly word. It is so ugly nobody can stay away from it, everybody is corrupt in one way or the other. There may be many definitions, but, “ doing what should not be done, or not doing what should be done “ may be easier to understand. For average Myanmars, stray from, “ Noble Eightfold Path” , not following it is “ corruption”’.

When President Thein Sein announced Amnesty, many people were glad, and more than many people are said. Who are these,‘ many people’? They are the families of the criminals. Ordinary people, law abiding citizens are sad, the fear comeback to them for the safety of themselves and their families. Of these two kinds of, “many people,” who are the majority? Why must the majority suffer, because of the minority?

Do we need laws, rules, regulations, and procedures? In another word, “ penal system”? Do we need police or law enforcement officers to enforce these laws? Do we need law courts? Do we need prisons, or jails, detention centres, correction centres, rehabilitation centres etc., etc.?

The pressures is still on Myanmar to release the so called, “ Political Prisoners”, (aka) “ Prisoners of Conscience”. Still never ending demands and pressures are pouring in to release more so called political prisoner, as pre-condition .

I have stated many times , that even the Free and Fair elections are pre conditioned. If the opposition does not win the election, that election is never recognised as’ Free and Fair’. Whatever elections and however Free and fair they may be as long as opposition fail to win, that election is not Free, not fair.
Myanmar opposition has to wait another 4 years for general election. 4 years may be a short time, but like the saying’ ’ watching pot never boils’. For some those 4 years may be too long, may be a life time long.

Mrs Aris, who is not only a woman, but turned politician, seems worried that she may or may not live that long, when she met William Hague? Was she talking about nature of life, her health, her situation, or was she hinting some thin g to William Hague in front of the camera that she could not wait that long. She may be seeking sympathy, more support . That is her way of campaigning. What did she want William Hague to do about that?
Mrs Aris seems to realised that in the chaos, many innocent people got killed. If there is going to be another one, how many more innocent will be killed byn the mob.

Nobody can deny, not even Mrs Aris herself, that she is very much under the influence of the west, that she is one of the most corrupt persons in the land of Myanmar. She owes her life and everything to the West.

She and some NLD members may like to be treated as those unelected Tatmadaw representatives in the Parliaments. Then she must abandon the name ‘opposition’ and her party as well .
President Thein Sein’s, in his Independent Day speech made clear, the position of the Tatmadaw.

As matter of fact, since 1988 riots, many Myanmars may be still missing , disappeared. Who are they, where are they, nobody knows. There are so called Myanmar refugees, asylum seekers, in exiles. in other countries. Some have their real names, some have changed names, and their identity. Again who is who nobody knows.
Those who were missing, were they ever been officially registered as missing person? Have they ever been found , and struck off from the list of missing persons? Amnesty International or Human rights watch and others NGO, how do they know these are genuine case? Refugees, asylum, exiles and Humanitarian problems very sensitive, they are hard to handle.

The possibilities are, refugees, asylum , and exiles, don’t even want their parents or friends to know, let alone the authorities to take their names off the lists. There are so many fakes , more economical refugees, than political asylum, or political exiles. In the case of the Myanmar there are more fakes than genuine ‘political prisoners’ outside or inside Myanmar. Knowingly these people are breaking the law of any land by faking, nobody can do anything about it.

William Hague should know about it, because his country is facing problems regarding the so called , ‘political prisoners . If William Hague tries to deny that thare are no political prisoners in UK, I will laugh aloud. Instead William Hague be asking US and its allies to release all political prisoners from all jails, and prisons under NATO.

President Thein Sein does not know who political prisoners are, who common criminals are. Because the previous government in which he himself was a member always denied, there were no so called, “ political Prisoners “, but common criminals. So to be on the safe side he announced the Amnesty, for most of the criminals.

There may be cases of, ’Politically motivated murders, and the murderers’, They may also be released because they, may be considered as’ political prisoners’. Anybody who belongs to a political party, who committed a crime, cannot be arrested, detain, or prosecuted because he/she is considered as political prisoner. That’s the way opposition run their party politics, supported by outside forces as well.

In the United King where Will Hague, there is a knife culture, gun culture. Criminals are roaming Freely on the streets What about United States of America? There is nothing difference. In the name of Freedom, US and UK forces led NATO troops are roaming Freely on the streets of other countries, and introducing, ‘ gun culture’. Making everybody sons of the guns.

British Foreign Secretary William Hague who was recently in Myanmar, in the interview with BBC, said more political prisoners should be released. Whatever Myanmar considers who as common criminal, according to his/her crime. When a person in the opposition members list. That person is a political prisoner, he must be released. Mr Hague should tell US President Obama to release all political prisoners from prisons under NATO.

That is one of the reasons that I asked, ‘ who is the government, and governing our land of Myanmars’ today? Who is the puppet, and who is the puppeteer?”

Why did we put the criminals in prisons in the first place? The costs are high, very expensive in many ways to put someone in the prison. Releasing prisoners under Amnesty is to show how merciful, how compassionate, how humane. Who can object to it, who can say ‘no’ to that? But is it not risky? Those who are living under heavy guards, protected may be Ok, but what about othe law a biding citizen. What about their safety, their protection? Aare they at the mercy of the criminals?

In Myanmar we say it “ Htoung Khar De‘’. Emptying the prisons, through amnesty, pardon, reduce sentences, or converting death sentences to prison sentence, long term to short term. That is the President who has the power to grant these pardons with the approval of the Hluttaws. How many of these criminals will come back to prison, soon after they are released, pardoned?

It was not the President who put them in jail. It was not president and his family whose rights, whose human rights were abused by these criminals. It was the people it was the members of the general public whose rights were violated by these criminals. Why can’t public have a right to put them away in prisons, or to release pardon them, by means of national referendum?In the eyes of some President Thein Sein may be corrupt.

Nobody say it is a bad thing. No need to go for national referendum. Or what if it goes through referendum? Will it be approved, or reject? I honestly think it will be rejected, because majority of the people of Myanmar are law abiding citizens, those who are in prisons are criminals. They are the ones who have committed all sorts of crimes.

Political crimes, economic crimes, social crimes, crimes against the nation, crimes against public properties, crimes against individuals human , crimes against animals, against private properties. Minor crimes, patty crimes, savour and serious crimes, major crimes, A crime is a crime, all crimes are against the peoples, they are crimes against the nation. The criminals can be called traitors, their crimes is, ‘ treason’.
Once there were times criminals were finished off straight away, by hanging, beheaded, impaled or at least disfigured the, by means of limbs off, tongue off.

Laws and law enforcement institution , mainly civil police and judicial department responsible. They are to protect the public , and their rights from these criminals, and to preserve Peace and tranquillity. Those who are chosen or selected to serve the people must have special qualification and qualities. Specials, ideals, untouchable, un corrupt people from the people . They have to be specially groomed, and trained to serve the purpose, as servants of the people ,which is to prevent and detect crimes and to protect the people from the criminals. I will come back to this ‘ Palate Aphwe’( Police) . I intend to write separate article on Police.

Rep of Union of Myanmar is one of the nation, which knows the value of human being or mankind. The government of the Rep of the Union of Myanmar is the most compassionate government in the world. I have never heard of any other government which is as compassionate as Myanmar.

‘Com passion’, is irrelevant in this case. Lenient and mercy are unthinkable, because these criminals have no compassion, no mercy, no leniency against those they had committed crime. There is a saying, ‘you have to be cruel to be kind’. Cruelty may be the word we don’t want to associate with but in everyday life, ‘ cruelty’ is involve in one way or the other. There never was a time in the world that cruelty was not used, when building, or making nations. That is why laws are made to be made and to rule by laws, in accord with the law. yet, ‘ cruelty’ cannot be ruled out totally in some cases as we are witnessing today in the real world.

The rule of laws is desirable. Firstly, the people must know the laws, respect the laws , they must act within the law, to protect themselves, and to protect others.

Once in Myanmar there was the British rule, and the Japanese rule to compare to the Myanmar rule. I lost track or lost count of those Myanmars who were executed by hangings, and beheaded by the British or by the Japanese. Because Myanmar resisted, revolted against British and the Japanese rule. Those Myanmar who were executed were in today’s term, political prisoners, prisoners of conscience, or even terrorists. They were called dacoits, bandits, savages, and hostiles. There was no compassion, no mercy, or any leniency.

Today before our very own eyes, there are thousands of women, children, sick and old are indiscriminately killed in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and other places by US led allied force. Those killed are all alleged as terrorists, and their sympathisers. Everyone who are said to be against the US and its allies are condemned to death without trial, without lawyer representation them. US is the accuser, it is the prosecutor, it is the jury and it is the judge.

US and its allies are acting like those in the 17th/18 th century mob, and mob trials under a tree branch. They are lynching anybody they don’t like , accuse them of any crime they can think of. They did not believe judicial system. The same thing is happening today. The West built up a case against a leader of a nation they don’t like gang up, with their own informers, information, fake evidence and witnesses.

There are said to be 6 thousand political prisoners still alive without charge or trial in prisons under US military control. Some people will be hold forever , indefinitely they may die in the prisons without seeing their family till the end of their natural life. The relatives have no rights to visit them either. They don’t even know whether they are still alive or death. There are thousands more killed or executed, there are no more books to put the list on. Genocide , crime against humanity, and war crimes.

The sad thing is Amnesty International, Human Right watch , NGOs or any other humanitarian organizations including United Nations, Russia Fed or PR China can do nothing about it. It is said that US is above every law, including International Law, while it is shouting and pointing fingers at other peoples faults. Who is not above the law, if and when they are allowing somebody like US to be above the law? They are as guilty as US for not doing anything, but saving own ski may be.

When will these US and its allies come to Myanmar and do the same as they are doing to Afghanistan and Iraqis, as they were doing to Vietnamese, Cambodians, and Laotians, and to others. Myanmar is being accused of all crimes, by the west according to them, and their cronies, guilty of all crimes, portraying that they the west are the only spotless innocent ones.

Do we want to call this Amnesty a progress and a development, going forward to be a modern nation ? Do we have to believe, that all modern nations have criminals on the street, and accept them? Is Myanmar a nation of criminals, by allowing the criminals to roaming the streets freely?

Does the Government of Myanmar realise that lack of progress and developments in Myanmar are because the government is to0 lenient on the criminals, and those who wears or hiding under the political skin. Does the Government of Myanmar realise that because of’ bribery and corruption’, there are not enough progress and developments in the land of Myanmars. If government allows these bribery and corruption to continue, to go on, Government itself, and the people in the Government ( ministers) are corrupt people. Like the government who allows and tax the brothel and prostitutes are the same as ‘ pimps’.

Well, as a matter of fact’ corruption’ is everywhere.’ Corruption Free’ unthinkable, never heard of it, somebody might argue. It may be illegal, it may be legal, depends. But corruption is corruption. It is bad, it is ugly, those who corrupt must be penalised.

If Law makers, Law enforcement agencies are corrupt, the people are corrupt, and the whole nation is corrupt. There can be no progress, no developments, no industrialisation or modernization in a corrupt nation, I am afraid.

From where it started it, chickens or chicken egg ? From the start the politicians are paid by the business people to make laws to favour them. That’s what the business people will make their contributions, funds to political parties, and politicians. They will draft the laws as,’ private bill ’, in their favour and submit to the parliament through their politicians and to be passed as law.