Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 5-Jan-2012  
Myanmar Independent Nation and Myanmars With Slave Mentality.
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates , Compatriots, and Friends,

Republic of the Union of Myanmar has celebrated the anniversary of its Independence from the British. Is it the last time as an “ independent nation?’ US Sectary of States Hilary Clinton, British Foreign Secretary William Hague is also in Myanmar ?

Other dignitaries who visited Myanmar,were making the trips to talk to with the responsible people in the government . Or to create an opportunity to see Mrs Aris. It is not necessary. They can and could see her at any time whether she was in or out was no relevant at all. Then what are they talking about? That is the big question.

How many more anniversaries will Myanmars be celebrating of its independence? 5 more times, 10 more times the most, if Myanmars are not careful.

Was the West making a big joke on Myanmarn and all Myanmars or on Thein Sein and the government ? What about Mrs Aris. For how long does she intyens to keep Myanmar as a Free independent nation?

For me Thein Sein and the governmentor Mrs Aris look very much like big laughing stocks, and fools. Thien Sein could not even make a speech in person on this auspicious day. His deputy did it for him. He must be busy with William Hague somewhere in the Naypyidaw, on the day of Myanmar Independence from the British?

In London there is a film about Mrs Aris ( The Lady )showing coincide with another film called ‘ The Iron Lady’ which is about Mrs Thatcher. The advertisement of Mrs Aris film . in Myanmar language Mrs Aris is named as “ Aung San Ya Kyi “. How could some people make such a mistake, Su Kyi to Ya Kyi ?

May be it was deliberate . it was “ real her “, her conduct, her character, inside of her. “ Ya Kyi’ could mean, when she gets what she want, she is happy and glad, she pleases. By making a film may be for economic reason for the producers, and for political campaign for her by the west. Nothing suggests that the funds don’t go to support her political carrier. Multi millionaire George Soros whose been funding all oppositions around the world was there in Myanmar recently as well.
But it is not a good Oman or a prophecy.

A question arise,’ who is governing the Rep of the Union of Myanmar? Is it Thein Sein and his government, or Mrs Aris ( Aung Sa Ya Kyi )under the close supervision of her Masters from the West? Close supervision if further than having friendly good relations.

Here we come again, “Free and Fair elections”. As long as Mrs Aris cannot win, form a government of her own government backed, and supports by the west no elections in Myanmar will be considered as Free and Fair.

Well, this is all part of politic, economic for bilateral friendly relationship between Britain and Myanmar I don’t think, and I don’t believe that William Hague is paying a social visit to see his relatives in Myanmar . On the other hand I don’t really know who are the distant or blood relatives of William Hague. In Britain there are many Myanmars . Who is the relation of who, whom is related to who, I have no idea.

I am not sure how many people understand the meaning of “ independence” . Many of them mixed up with ‘ Freedom’ or ‘rights ‘, or they are confused with all these words? Myanmar saying of “ Me Aye Nhakar Nar ’’ The girl called ‘Me Aye’ was not raped twice. This saying can be taken positively or negatively. But it still valid.

Ma Aye may had been done without her consent at first time or even for the second time. But if she was done again and again. It became suspicious, doubtful. It could be said that she was inviting she asked for it, she enjoyed it, very much. So she was asking for more. May be she was under duress; force was on her she could not resist. She had to do it to stay alive.

The progress and developments of a nation depends on many things, many factors. How good are the people, how good is the government they elected, how good are the other nations, good relations with the said nation. In this case ‘Rep of the Union of Myanmar’. To say it in usual terms, a nation should be, must be politically, economically and socially stable.

These stabilities are connected, and depending on each other. If one is missing all the others cannot survived. They have to swim or sink together.

A nation such as Myanmar is very easy target for outsider to destabilise politically, economically or socially. The people of Myanmar are still not united as one people not one spirit. As a matter of fact many countries (nations ) in the world have, different have many more, very much more than Myanmar, regarding different races, different nationalities, different religions from all over the world.

They may be different in their own identity, they may be Patriots, Nationalists in their own way, they may have different beliefs in religion or political and economic systems, but they are one people in one nation, working for themselves, working for the people and the nation.

They are no slaves to nobody. They have no ‘slave mentality’. They came out looking for greener pastures. They are not here to colonised, or occupied other peoples’ land and properties. let alone to robe them.

I am seeing some Myanmars still looking to the ‘westerners’ as their masters, their saviours or their Messiahs.

Sitting down in a quiet corner, with a special entry ticket watch the people arriving and departing. the custom, the immigration, and the police treating, and dealing with the westerners or other none Myanmar is totally different from Myanmars with Myanmar passports, or Myanmars with foreign passports. Officials have no respect for any Myanmars, or of Myanmar speaking people.They have respect for Myanmar insurgents , armed rebels against the Government, drug traffickers , smugglers who are known as ,’ Nyein Jun’ or ‘ men of Peace’, are better treated than any law abiding Myanmar citizens or Myanmar with foreign passports.

That alone is nothing but slave mentality. Rep of the Union of Myanmar and its people will never be free , or independent , or will have their rights as long as they hold the slave mentality, as long as they forget that they belonged to master class. At least they are the masters in their own nation.

U Thein Sein’ s invitation to Myanmar exiles, his amnesty order, and his pardon means nothing, may be for other reasons and intension. The fact is the People like to be safe and sound. People don’t like all the criminals roaming around on the streets, threatening or endangering their lives and properties.
For Myanmars to be free from being slaves, Myanmar must get rid of their slave mentality. Must learn how many forms, or kinds of slaveries are there .