Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 17-Dec-2011  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expats., Compats., and Friends,

The prosperous future Republic of the Union of Myanmar ? What, what , what is it, what is it? Who is going to do it, to create that ‘ prosperous future Myanmar ’? You can’t be serious man, you must be joking.

This is how the wise men or our elders see of our land of Myanmars and in us Myanmars. Are they right or wrong , I don’t know. You tell me.

‘A prosperous future of Myanmar can be ours’, because all the elements of our future prosperity, such as human resources and natural resources, efficiently developed and wisely administered , they can provide , the material basis for the prosperous future Myanmar.

Much of what we had was destroyed in the WW II. More has been destroyed by the insurgents, terrorists , the enemies of the peoples’ Republic of the Union of Myanmar.

It is well known that the living standard of Asia inferior to those of Western Europe. In Southeast Asia , the standard of living in Rep of the Union of Myanmar are low even when compare to most of our neighbours.

What I have experienced through out my life I have stated. That was it is not much to do with the standard, it has very much to do with their way of life. Frankly speak Myanmar don’t care very much how they live, how they eat, how they dress. As long as they have somewhere to live, something to eat, something to dress. They are happy, go lucky people. It is very hard to say. Myanmars have their own saying, because of their fear for height. Put the monkey on the throne to make him high, it jumped down because that was too high for him.

Nobody knows what Myanmars are . What Myanmars really are like. I have doubts, Myanmars know themselves. I mentioned many times, that they are confused people.
They don’t seem to know what they are doing, they don’t seem to know where they are going. They don’t need anybody to guide them. Nothing is good, nobody is good for them.

Political awareness, economical awareness, social awareness, majority of the people have none. They are, “ Yaw Yein - Ba Thar Yein - Doe Luu Galay Myar ’. They are ‘ever ready’ to say, “ Wei Lei Lei ”, but ‘never ready’ for the consequences. They will blame others, and they will kick the dog sleeping quietly in the pile of ashes, when they are frustrated.

All the nations are built and make by the people. That is what the nation said, “Your country need you ” . Do they know why the nation need them ? I should add, “ Dead or alive ”. Why ? It’s simple. “ dead ” is while defending the nation, protecting the people, you may have to die like a hero. That is the good cause to die. You have to be ‘alive,’ live and build the prosperous nation of Myanmars , for yourself, for your family, for all the people in the nation, that is your duty, and your responsibilities as a good citizen . Remember all the people in the nation are all your people.

All the Governments of Rep of the Union of Myanmar have had long term programmes, of economy and social developments as a testament of faith in our people‘s ability to raise themselves through their own efforts to new level of prosperity , health, security , and social justice.

Long term or short term, ‘man matters most’, we the people ( men and women of all walks of life have to do it. There are no other enemy in Myanmar but yourself. There are no other friend in Myanmar but yourself. You are the enemy and your are the friend to yourself. Are you the maker, or the breaker ? Are you the constructor or destructor? Make it or break it, it is for yourself. In other words, all your action will have equal reactions . it depends what do you do. You can’t escape. You cannot escape from your own actions, and you cannot escape from your own responsibilities to yourself, your family, and your neighbours.

If you are not a handicapped . There must be something you can do to help yourself, your family, your people and your nation rather than blaming others and being destructive element. There are many things, in many sectors you can develop or you can take part and contribute your qualification, to the best of your knowledge and ability in the developing programmes.

In other countries, a handicapped , or a blind , or a deaf, are have their places to contribute their respective services to the public and to the nation at large.

To promote yourself, your family and your people in your nation you can develop, the sectors such as finance, health, education, agriculture, transportation, communications, fuel, power, industry, minerals , science and technology, housing, and social service, and national security. Your investments , your contribution by means of your own ideas, plans, programmes or your money are needed for all these to have need to have further progress and developments advance and modern , if you want, modern living. The people and the nation need you.

If you don’t want , please do not disturb or disrupt others , respect their rights, respect what they are doing. That’s Fair , isn’t it ? The flowers and fruits will be for you as well. There is nothing to be proud of, there is no pride in ‘ Free riding, free loading.’

Myanmar under economic sanctions, when it is lifted, Myanmars. duties, and responsibilities for their own family, people and nation will not disappear They still have to work and earn the money, in wages or in salary for their family. Nobody will feed them free.

But Myanmars are still very kind and generous , free food, free clothing and free dwelling are always available. Such places as monasteries, meditation centres, and old age homes where the abandoned are ready to accept them.

‘Charity Organizations’ or NGOs are popping up everyday. Sounds nice, very nice. Who are they, what are their aim and object, what are they doing, who are checking them, nobody knows. Are they doing for the progress and development of Politic, or Economic or Social justices ? Or is it to change political, economical and social system in Myanmar . Or is it the advance way of modern baggers , in modern Myanmar. Those who are at the airport, railway stations, bus stops, pagodas, and other public places are back warded baggers, they are under developed baggers, may be.

When a foreign tourist arrives in Yangon airport, the first experience is the humid weather, and the next one is custom and immigration officer, ill treating the Myanmars who arrived back from their work abroad. The third one is the baggers out side the arrival lounge . These are the first of three impressions, the tourists can do a very simple mathematic, adding, subtraction, dividing or multiplication.

When they go round the town and cities. These baggers are always behind them. These are peaceful rallies, these are peaceful gathering, they are way, way from violent protects and demonstration. But in real term they are telling the world, telling the people from the world what is real Myanmar made of.

How prosperous Myanmar is, how free Myanmars are. The other side of human resources. Officials are going in and out of the VIP lounge , they may not notice these things. If they do, they could not careless, because there is nothing g they can do, in the name of freedom may be.

“ ‘A prosperous future of Myanmar can be ours’, because all the elements of our future prosperity, such as human resources and natural resources, efficiently developed and wisely administered , they can provide , the material basis for the prosperous future Myanmar.” Is that all ? I don’t think so .

According to Bogyoke Aung San, we all must work very hard for, twenty years ,“ Pye Nay -Kwe Nay Oung Lote Mha Taw Yon Kya Mei ”. How many scores of years have we passed, what have we been doing?

It is the fact that in average Myanmar family one person is working, earning, the rest of the whole family( numbers may be different is free riding. What will be in the whole nation, counting the destructive elements are in their works.

Today. There are sings for further progress and further developments, and also the sign of destructions by the destructive elements. They have not realised yet , that their method and pressures are not paying them off. It is called ’ counter productive’. Everybody have to go forward, not backward. What is forward, what is back word everyone must know. If you don’t know, you better find out .