Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 16-Dec-2011  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, , Compatriots , and Friends,

Everyone needs and wants progress and developments. All Myanmars want them. Some needs more than other. Its nothing to do with greed , the need is not the want Those who have more than what they need should share with those who have not. Take what you need and leave the rest for others . That’s how the west would say . Surly you don’t need everything, you don’t need so much. That is the Myanmar way of life.

A nation which is politically, economically, and socially unstable, the progress and developments will be unthinkable. Political, economical, and social stabilities or un stabilities are men made. Some times they are woman made.

Even to get help from outside, foreign investments. Myanmar must have necessary stabilities. So that they can help and invest in Myanmar . If Myanmar can not crate stabilities in Myanmar. Forget all about it. Nobody will help or invest in Myanmar knowing “ Phwute Maya Dhamma Sone.’ You will lose your digger you will not get the lizard. As simples that.

People are encouraged, when they see other countries, progressing and developments, Especially big nation like PR China, or a small Island state (principality) as Singapore. Besides, PR China is a powerful nation, whatever you call a power , you name it. A force to be reckoned with. Singapore is no more Small Island State any more , it is reclaiming land from the sea. The Island is growing its size everyday. You can’t even see the sky. It is blocked with skyscrapers , and towering buildings . It is not exaggeration to say. Singapore is taken its citizen into the sky to heaven may be . Like Nimrods in the Bible. With the tower of Babylon. That may be in the future may be, but at present Singaporeans have nothing to worry about, they are in heaven on earth.
All these can be done, because they have the most needed stabilities.

Political economical and sociality stables are there, that is why people can concentrate on progress, and developments, working together, progressing and developing day by day. This Singapore may be smaller in size, lesser in population, but they have more nationalities and foreigners working including some Myanmars , doing their part. Ok
Do anyone wants to call Goh Chok Tong a dictator ?

What are the Myanmars, thinking, what are the Myanmars doing to their land all these years, where are Myanmar taken the land of Myanmar and its people to ?

We have been talking for 23 years none stop. What are we talking about, What have we learn, and what have we done? Talk time will never finish there are many things to talk about, unless you drop dead. But we have had our talks, we have to have more talks. From our talks we learn what to do, we know what to do, we ill know how to do. Have we covered them all? We don’t have to stop while we are talking , while talking , we can start doing something, we can do what needs to be done.
There are many things to be done, ‘the reformation’ it is said. Before we start, we need to reform ourselves, to prepare and make ourselves to fit to do the job ‘reforms’ .Are you that one? I said we have to change first , to make changes. We have to know and digest what we are doing. Well I am not going to repeat these. You should know yourself. Nobody said, that Myanmar is not progressing, nobody said that Myanmar is not developing. They all said progress, and developments are ‘slow’ in Myanmar . They all said Myanmar is one of the least developed nation.

It’s not that bad. Since 1948, we started with Myanmar which was flattened, ashes and debris. If only you were there, to see those with your own eyes, and had experience, then only you will know Myanmar is progressing or not developing or not. You may have seen many other countries which you think are more progressed and developed than Myanmar . But have you seen countries, which are worse than Myanmar to compare. Then only you will know what progress and developments are in Myanmar. What more need to be done, who has to do it etc. Know your place, know where you are.

Knowingly Myanmar was refused all the aid and helps, even tourists were told not to visit Myanmar in case Myanmar will earn hard currency, to make progress, anmd developments . What’s was all that. Because , the leaders of Myanmar Gen. Than Shwe refused to be not their boys. They never answer to anybody, to nobody, “ yes my master your wishes are my command’’. No leader of previous governments in Myanmar were anybody’s puppet.

New Government or old governments, multi party democracy or socialist one party. Myanmars are Myanmars, and the nation of Myanmar is for all the Myanmars.
Though the needed stabilities were not there all over the land of Myanmar , since, 1948, in the areas where there are stabilities are gradually progressing, and developing through, reform after reforms, via revolutions, or radical changes, Myanmar has come to this far. For Myanmar there is no midnight, after the midnight. T will only be dawn after the midnight.

There are some people they never changes they never reformed through out these decades, these centuries. Their own leaders gave up, abandoned their children. To say it in Myanmar, they are ‘Mi Masone-Ma , Pha-Masone-Ma, Tay Lei, and Jaboh’, Parentsless children, parents could not control. They are the delinquents , jungle devils. Who don’t listen to their Parents, or teachers . They are part communist who never admit they are the commies, to please the West. They are uneducated , holding arms, and are running illegal business, including illegal logging, producing heroin, and moon shining.

Myanmar is like an old car, 60-70 years old bangers which some of them can still be seen in Australia/ They need to repair, some new parts may be needed. The cost of maintenance , is too high. Some parts are out of stock, no more in production, out of the line . We cannot buy a new car, neither out rights in cash , nor even on hire purchase, monthly instalments, easy terms. Because Myanmar is denied any credit. Myanmar cannot borrow any money. Whatever money we have we do what necessary slowly step, by step. Myanmar is progressing and developing gradually .

There are 55 million people in Myanmar, that 55 million people do not exist in the eyes of the pro west anglophiles in Myanmar. The interests of the people, their benefit , their welfare is not important, only Mrs Aris’s , benefit and wellbeing is the top priority. Whatever Myanmar needs for progress and developments, Myanmar could not get from the West. Myanmars are denied. Myanmars are not allowed to have progress and developments .

For instance, electricity is essential, in the modern world. Myanmar did not have enough of it . Myanmar wanted to produced electricity , it was disrupt, and disturb by the terrorists and their surrogate fathers. . Myanmar can’t have this, can’t have that.
Where and when ‘Electricity’ the most important part in life, a nation progress, and developments. Myanmar did not had enough electricity, for domestic or commercial use. For many reasons that we know and that we don’t know.

Now electricity is no a problem in Myanmar . Yet to have more electricity Myanmar still has some problem, created by NGOs, the so called Green, who does not represent Union of Myanmar, they are total outsiders, and a few from some ethnic minority, in respective area of Myanmar with their own unreasonable cause, who don’t want to progress and developments. They don’t know the meaning of progress or developments.

In this soc called Free World, whose permission does Myanmar need to have progress and developments , to be modern industrialised nation. To create jobs for its own people ? Who can say, Myanmar cannot be friend with this country, with that country. Who can tell other countries not to be friend with Myanmar not to do business with Myanmar, not to associate with Myanmar ? Can they not have their own rights to make their own decisions? Is this not a ‘Free World ’, Free People or what ?

The progress and developments depends on electricity, exploration or in many cases fair amount of exploitation may be needed, as necessary. In another word, people must change to change Myanmar. People must progress and develop to make progress and development Myanmar as simple as that . This progress and developments of Myanmar is already slow, and hindered , interference of these groups will not help Myanmars. Do they want Myanmars to live in the jungles, in the forest and plains, as they were in century ago. Do Myanmar need progress and developments ?

Alternative plans are for the interests and benefit of the outsiders, for their profit. Myanmar cannot built wooden boats with their own timber. Myanmar must by iron sheets , and iron bars from the west to built the boats. Myanmar’s timbers are for the , illegal loggers from neighbouring country namely Thailand, and some Myanmars called themselves Kayins, inside Myanmars. Which Kayins , Myanmar Kayins, or Thai Kayins . How can they prove they are Myanmar Kayin. Nobody say anything about Green environment to these illegal loggers.

In my view, these Green are protectionists from the west, they come over, to interfere in the affairs, and progress and developments of Myanmar in their own way. They are protecting their own country, their own interests, not Myanmars . If Myanmar is progress and developed it will effect their market, their interests . Like control over the oil. The oil is in their hands , the price is in their hands, they can call any price. They can produce or reduce the production of oil as they like . Plenty of oil of their own yet they rob oil from others , they rob other countries with their military might. They speculate the market, and they accumulate their money. They have the say , who can have, or who cannot have.

Myanmar is not a nation to talk about or worry about carbon admission, polluting the environments , or contamination because it is negligible.Myanmar is not an industrialised yet, Myanmar is not even worth to mention. But it has to be careful of course. But Myanmar , where is it going now, when Myanmar is to be modern industrialised nation ? In what way, and how to reduce carbon admission how will it effect Myanmar’s programmes of to be modern industrialised nation? Myanmar at the moment has no nuclear power. Nobody want Myanmar to have it for peaceful purpose or for any other purpose. Mighty one must always be mighty, it cannot allow other to challenge its power, the ‘military superiority’.

If people don’t give themselves times to think. If they don‘t think twice, the West will always twist their ears. They will threaten you, intimidate you, harass you, and also bribe you. They will try on you in many ways and means all options. If you accept them, you are as good as deaf and dumb, handicapped. That is the position of Myanmar. Among many people many Myanmars are saying Myanmar is not progressing , it is not developing , and at the same time they are the one who are afraid Myanmar will progress, Myanmar will develop, Myanmar will become modern industrialised nation. Who really doesn’t want to have progress and developments? Why can’t they understand why Myanmars is not progressing nor developing as much as it should be. They are ‘ pretenders’, they are ‘naives’.

Myanmars know what to do, Myanmars are not empty people, the land of Myanmar is not empty either. That may be the reason the west who has a very good taste of Myanmar ‘Mont-hin-gar’, ‘Ngapi, and Ngan Pyayey, wants Myanmar for themselves. Myanmars hands are not only cuffed , but also the whole body put in straight jacket through economic sanction. It happened to Myanmar in the 1800, when British blocked the sea way, Mandalay Naypyidaw was high and dry. I don’t know about Present Naypyidaw. When there is economic sanctions impose, it does not matter where Naypyidaw is situated, located. This time the effect is on the whole country . The job well done by outsiders, and insider.

To promote, and for the progress and the developments of Myanmar . I remember many Myanmar Patriotic songs, nationalistic songs, starting from Nagani , Luu Chun Luu Goung , by songh wrioters such as ‘Nandawshey Saya Tin’, ‘ Myoma Nyein’, and others . They are NOT military songs , NOT for military bands . These songs were written especially for Mandalay Myoma Band , BT Brothers Coffee Band. The best vocalist was “Ent Gyi”. Patriots songs came out of Mandalay, because that was the Min Naypyidaw, from where King Thibaw was tricked and taken away by the British.

Before 1988 these song were sung ( Poyan So) and re recorded by May Sweet, Thu Maung and others . These songs reminded us who we are, what we are , our traditions, culture, custom and our way of life , and how to make progress, what we must do , what we should have to do, how we could do, to have progress, and developments and to be modern industrialised nation. These may be old songs. But they are as good as new at this time. They may even tell you what a Patriot is, what a Union means.

This modern industrialised nation idea was not the idea of Than Shwe or Thein Sein or Khin Nyunt’s . May be they have listened to these songs and pick up the idea. This idea is the people’s idea. It would be wrong to say they are the ideas of Ko Aung San Kop Nu. Ko Ne Win .They are the ideas of ‘farsighted Myanmars like ‘Nandawshey Saya Tin, Myoma Nyein’ and others .

Ministry of Information under U Nu made films to educate the people. The most popular was one particular film, called ‘Way- thar - li’. It’s a Buddhist Biblical story , telling how a country was destroyed because of foreign spy ‘ Wit Thar Khar ra’ ponna, and disunity of the people. Another one was anti communist film called, “ Luu Du Aung Than ”. It was prescribed as school book.

I am watching TV showing Hollywood made films before 1935 on wards some are silence, some are talkies. Some of those films were made and produced, while WW II was still going on. I got the idea, my TV channel was showing “ Something old , something new, something borrow, some thing blue’. That’s how the west say not only meant for the brides, and weddings . To study the history, how the progress came about step by step, gradually. Our elders said “ continuity and change go together ”. How right they were. What’s the difference?

“Pyi Thu Arr Go - Amyar Gee Lo The - Pyi Thu Asoya Acho Kya Kuu Nye - Nee Pay Lan Pya Myei ” , remember ? That was the will to progress, and to developments. People have to contribute and the government must help the people , they do it together.

Progress and developments of Myanmar needs practical works. Theories are not enough, in fact theories will take time. Practical is the best way, train them on the job it gives the immediate results. What people expect is the results. No matter how you do it.

This practical , training on the job is as good as ‘Ohn -Phwa ” magic word. Believe me.
Just do it, don’t try.