Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 15-Dec-2011  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends ,

When we talk about reforms, we need to talk about reforming everything, every one. What need to reform, who needs to reform. Those who are inside, and those who are outside. Reform cannot be confined to Freedom of Mrs Aris and her cronies’ , and criminals’ freedom, but also the Freedom of all citizens, the safety of the people of Myanmar , and the National Security of the Nation of Myanmars.

What is reform ? There are lots of them. you name it, you cannot be wrong , you mayen be right. You may have your own answer to that , your own definition, your own interpretation, your own translation. You name them, you have them all, because ‘reform’ means anything, it means everything. That is what you think, that may be your wishful thinking. But for some and few , ‘reform’ means nothing much, only a certain things, for a certain few people. Nothig is neglecguble, nothing is ignorable. Everything need attention.

Many , many years ago I said from this forum and from others that Union of Myanmar was ‘ still born’. I don’t remember saying it was ‘deformed’. Come to think of it, when Republic of the Union of Myanmar was born on the 4 th January 1948, it actually was ‘deformed’, and was ‘handicapped’ as well.

For some people who don’t remember or who don’t want to remember or those who don’t want to know let me remind all of you our ‘National Ideology’.

“ Man’s endeavour to build a society set free at last from anxieties, over food, clothing , and shelter and able to enjoy life’s spiritual satisfactions as well, fully convince of the sanctity, dignity, and essential goodness of life , must proceed from the premise of the faith only in politico economic system, based on eternal principles of justice, liberty and equality.”

This is our belief. We would rather give up our life than give up this belief. In order to achieve the establishment of such a society , we have resolve to up hold this belief for ever in this our Sovereign Independent Republic of the Union of Myanmar .

This is the essence, in simple language of the three Fundamental Documents;
(1) our declaration of Independence,
(2) The first address to Parliament of the Firsts President of the Union Sai Shwe Theik, ( Shan by nationality and by birth)
(3) The constitution of the Union of Myanmar ; all three of which encompass our National Ideology in its entirety.

Some Kayins(KNDO), and Communists were taking the advantage of the situation of weak tired and exhausted, ‘ Mother Myanmar’ who has just given birth, still on the bed wet , and dirty with blood and water, sweat and tears. These Kayins and Communist tried to destroyed the baby (Union of Myanmar ) at birth. In the process the child was almost killed, luckily the baby was alive , but injured very badly with permanent scares amount to ‘deformed and handicapped ’. Mother could not produce the breast milk because of all the un necessary commotions, stress, and strains which also effect the . Mother had to feed the baby , animal milk. Yet they could not help the growth and health of the baby.

I remember some stories in one of the oldest book called ‘Holy Bible’ how unborn babies were slaughter together with their mother.

With good baby care, this baby was brought up. But nothing can be done the child’s growth, and health in other words, to function as a normal child. Because the child’s wound and injuries are severe. Thanks to Gautama for the child is still alive. The killers are around still trying to kill the child and those who takes care of the child. These killers are cowards , when the protector confront them, they ran away into other countries and shout from there.

These criminals use not only their own family, parents, wives, children as their shield, but also others outsiders their Fathers to shield them. From wherever they are , they are barking they can’t reach anybody to bite.

Especially those Kayins who were not at Panglong . They did not recognised the Conference let along to recognised accept the result “ The Constitution 1947”. They a were totally outsiders, demanding part of Myanmar as separate Kayin Independent Country in British Commonwealth.

They did not want to register as Myanmar citizen, they cannot register stay with Myanmar they are not Myanmnar, they are Thais who speaks three languages. Myanmar , Kayin and Thai.

As a matter of fact, Thailand government is afraid of deforestation of its forests. It’s been ban and illegal to cut timber. So Kayins and Thai are cutting the teak in Myanmar forest illegally and , Kayin and illegal Thai join forces, and protecting their illegitimate timber and other business. The same as those who produce opinion and heroin between Myanmar and China. Illegal Chinese and Myanmar ( Wa and Shan ) are very active in the business. Whether the Thai government itself is behind these illegal people and activities or not is not sure, but Thailand is benefiting from them.

Those who spilled over to the other side are called back by the government of Myanmar but they dare not come home, their guilty conscience would not allow them . Even when Thein Sein announced the Amnesty, they dare not come back.

British were in Myanmar for 125 years, they handed back Myanmar , it was the same as they took over, except Manipure and Assem. PR China and India, and Thailand accepted the borders, demarcations, and respect them never argue.

British stayed in Myanmar for 125 years. Kayins were serving them happily gladly against Bamar and all other Myanmar, some of them were Kayin nationals who were opposing the British rule. They were all Myanmar Patriots, and Nationals. But these Kayins (KNDO) were working as mercenaries for the British and US, during the WW II. KNDO Kayins were led by Saw Ba Oo Gyi who was educated and trained as a lawyer in England.

Many loyal Karen top brass, had to leave the public services, government posts because they could not join the KNDOs. But a Kayin by the name of Mahn Win Maung , became the Third President of the Union of Myanmar.

Let me stop here.