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=== 27th Alternative New Light of Myanmar published ===
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==> 27th Alternative New Light of Myanmar published

Dear readers, legitimate and disqualified,

27th Alternative New Light of Myanmar (@NLM)
(irregular underground anti-junta newspaper)

The irregular editions of the @ Alternative New Light of Myanmar
are opposing the junta regime and are edited and published by me,
James Russell Brownwood, from outside Burma.
They are distributed via email to many inhabitants of Burma,
all kinds of organizations and individuals, Burmese ministries and
embassies, as well as to various Burma related organisations abroad.
It is permitted and even encouraged to redistribute these editions
further to other organizations and acquaintances.
Comments and contributions can be sent to the author
at the email address below.

The @NLM edition is available as a PDF file from
and can be viewed with the free Acrobat reader, available
or with the free PDF-XChange Viewer,
available from

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Current articles in this edition (16 pages):
The ultimate truth revealed
Patrionazism (1&2)
Contagious, revolutionary, border crossing fever
The verbal and the cyber war

Almost all of these articles already have appeared in SCB in their
initial form.

My warmest regards to the Burmese people,

James Russell Brownwood
Justice Reforms Burma (@NLM archives, PGP public key)

Disclaimer: these views are entirely my own and unrelated to my
nationality, my home country and its political stances and they are
independent of and not contrary to my views on other similar events
and human rights violations elsewhere in the world.

The junta in 1990 appeared to fear prosecution and conviction for
humanitarian crimes. The junta obviously has been lying about the 1990
elections purpose. To avoid prosecution for crimes the junta increased
and intensified its humanitarian crimes. The junta implicitly has
admitted the NLD's victory in the 1990 elections. The NLD was right in
claiming its victory in 1990. The junta unjustly and treacherously
kept the NLD from taking over in 1990. What good can be expected from
the junta? By revealing the real truth Tin Aye stopped all
misunderstanding about the junta's real, bad intentions.
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