Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 14-Dec-2011  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots and Friends,

All the ingredients, all the qualities, all the potentials, all the qualifications are with the NLD and its leadership to be a ‘corrupt ’ very corrupt political party and leadership. NLD can create an absolute dictator or even an absolute monarch in the name of Democracy and human rights. That’s how I see NLD and its leadership. It is well known, and we have seen many democratically elected ‘ dictators ’ and Monarchs. U Aung Zaya (Aloung Paya ) was one of them.

In modern times, Adolf Hitler, Ferdinand Marcos of Philippines . Mubarak of Egypt, Saddam of Iraq, Gadaffi of Libya are some of them among many others. Our concern is who is it in Union of Myanmar, who will be in Rep of the Union of Myanmar?

Some leaders of Myanmar are accused y many as being corrupt, in many ways.
Definition of the ‘ corruption’ are wide, and corruption is widespread in Myanmar as well as in the world . But it comes down to only two,“ doing what should not be done, or not doing what should be done.” It is not necessarily bribing and taking the bribe. money. I olden day it is said , brides ( young girls ) were presented to the Monarch to make them their wives, to get favours, and privileges at least to e called as “ Bayint Yaut Khama ”, ( in law of the King ) .

How do you know whether you are corrupt one or not, if you don’t know what you should do, or what you should not do ? That may be a very hard question to answer. Bribery and corruption are every where. NLD will be free of all murders because it is NLD and led by Mrs Aris. This is the world we are living in many leaders are free from pure murder, while many other leasers were punish for kicking the dogs, or spitting on them.

The alleged corruptions of SPDC Government and its leaders were over flooring. What about how corrupt is the National League for Democracy , and especially it’s leadership? NLD is nothing, it does nothing without its leaders. It cannot corrupt itself if its leaders are not corrupt. How will we measure these corruptions. By their works and works , their actions, their attitude and their behaviours, their association.

‘Suspicious activities,’ it comes

Myanmars say,“ Byoun Yaw - Byoun Sarr ” open secrets . If you look at them with your eyes wide shut you will still see. Governments bribing the people ( citizens) with incentives, when election comes near. Government to Government bribing each other.
US to Thein Sein, US to Mrs Aris . Before Thein Sein was nowhere. US and all Western diplomats were in and out of Mrs Aris residence and have good conversations and good chats. They must be more than social visit, “ Mar Gyoung Thar Gyoung’ it must be more than that, much more. I wish we were told, people have a right to know in accord with, ‘ transparency and accountable .’

Many times before, I mentioned how a widow ( Mrs Aris) survived in a nations of poverty and jobless people, .without an official job, without declared official regular income. Is she exempt from paying income tax, or she is untouchable because she is the property of the west , she is the interests of the west, protect , by the west , nobody can touch her, she is untouchable. That is if she does not give her consent, of course.
The West always protects their interests.

Myanmar saying is, “ Sarr Zayar Mashi - Yaw Zayar Shi ”. Myanmars may have ‘nothing to eat’, but they always have ‘something to compensate ’ to others, or to give away.

Can anyone deny, the fact that NLD is pro west. Its leadership is the puppet of the West From the very beginning NLD is against the Constitution of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar which is laid down by the National Convention and approved by the citizens in the National Referendum. That means, NLD is not representing Rep of Union of Myanmar and it’s people. Since people started to realised that NLD was going down the hill.

Why is NLD against the Constitution is understandable. Because NLD has no interest in the Nation of Myanmars, and no interest in the people of Myanmar. NLD has only the interests of Mrs Aris , who comes from the West. NLD must protect Mrs Aris on behalf of the West. What about all other leadership of NLD, ex military personals, sons and daughters, and the children of the ex military personals? They have had their good times, privileges , when they were elites. Who checked them their wealth, how much they are worth ? From where did they get all these wealth, should be thoroughly investigated in accord with the law?

The story of Pinocchio in the west is so popular , and one of the favourites in the west. A little boy who lied and lied again and again , his nose comes out each time he lied . The lessons the west learned from that story was how to tell lies, and that’s what they are doing. Telling lies, and lies, again and again, with a bald face, without any shame, any dignity.,

The first advice of Gautama ij his 38 Mingalas, was, ‘ thou shall not associate with the fools’ . NLD and its leaders are associating with the fools. Each other and the west.
How will they get out from that ‘fool circle’? The same as what Gautama had said . That is through the gates of Four Noble Truth,( realisation), and Eightfold Noble Path.(doing the right things ,in the right ways,) etc..

A little bit of realisation give a little bit of benefits. As good words , and good works these days are hard to find, one should stick to right path , to have a full benefit of realisation for oneself, and for others. That realisation will come from self analysing.
That is the hard part to over come , to analyse oneself, to be a critic, to criticise oneself.

Some people are asking for Freedom , fair , justice, and equality . Is there any meaning to these words at all? In politic or in litigation, the wording is important, the usage is important because the word are use for the context, and these words are bindings, for this context only.

Let us try and understand this by CNN, news which said, “ The political party of pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi has been granted permission to register for future elections in Myanmar, according to Suu Kyi's lawyer.” This CNN news is nothing about the future of Myanmar , but mainly about the past as you may have read it.

National League for Democracy, is a political party not own by Mrs Aris, or is an ‘independent party’, that I know. She is a member of the NLD party , she was the General Secretary of the NLD party.

To say, “ The political party of pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi ” sounded funny to me these days or any other day. It sounds like NLD is a political party monopolised by Mrs Aris. NLD is not the only party of pro-democracy in Myanmar, there are other pro-democracy parties as well.

“ has been granted permission to register for future elections in Myanmar,” funnier still. It was the government of Thein Sein with good will , and intention, who suggested NLD to register as a political party , so that the activities of the party are legit. To be within the laws in accord with the law, because, there should be the ‘rules of the law ’or ‘the law should rule’. It was the government who suggested at least three candidates should be floored in each by elections .

Do you know the law, are you abide by the rules, and the laws, are you within the laws? NLD and its leadership are not ‘commoners’, they are considered as “Nobles”
in many ways , by themselves. They should know the law, they can’t be ignorant of the law. They are the leaders, they are the pilots , they are the guiding stars, they are the dictators . They are the Nwar-lar Oatethapha ( leading bull).

Election commission which is an independent body has the authority to accept or reject , to registered and accept NLD as legal political or not. Any body, any commission independent or not, do not dropped down from the sky or popped up from the ground.
Somebody has to organise it. Under the instruction or by the order of the authority. That may be the President.

Thein Sein must pick up , select a person from the elected representatives, or public that he think is trustworthy to form a commission. This commission must be vetted, and approved by the Hluttaw or the President to act as commission as it sees fit in according with the existing laws
Just because my brother or my father, my mother or my sister, or even my wife and my daughters are not in the commission as members, I cannot reject that commission, or refuse to accept that commission and its members. That is the first democratic rule for all of us to understand.

If somebody says, other party or parties are under the umbrella of NLD main party, then this is amount to one party system . Are we heading for one party system again?
It was heading for that one party system , in 1990 when elections for National Convention to draft the New Constitution. There Mrs Aris said, nobody has a right, but only NLD has the right to draft the new constitution.

What I am saying is in the multi democracy system, no political party should belong to any one person. As if it is a privately own social club. I can only see it, as a private club, not political party. That was what it has been. According foreign new portraying NLD. What are these foreign media signalling to Mrs Aris.

Anti fascist Peoples Freedom League (AFPFL), did not belong to Ko Aung San or Ko Nu, Ko Kyaw Nyein, or Ko Kyaw Dun. So were BCP, and CPB., neither of them belonged to Ko Than Tun, or Ko Soe Gee. They were just called as Burma Communist Party or Communist Party of Burma. You see, everywhere there seem to have two groups, always. As long as Positive, and Negative energy are there , there will be Optimists and Pessimists.

Would it be right to say that NLD is monopolised by Mrs Aris and which is backed by the West . That is dangerous. Any outside interference and force, support and back up any political party in Myanmar is dangerous. Because Myanmar happens to be none aligned neutral nation. How long will this none aligned, neutral status last . What is the life spam, how long will Myanmar survive as such, the way NLD is acting and behaving?

Mrs Aris is trying to get away from the Communists, who are around her, and surrounding her. Was that Hilary’s advice when they had the meeting. Only two people will know what they talked about , Mrs Aris and Hilary. NLD leadership does not need to know. It was private and personal between two women.

Mrs Aris knows that, NLD has a long , long way to go, even with the blessings of USDP and the West. Mrs Aris is , 66 years , quite an age for a Myanmar woman. She been living abroad, so long I hope she is healthy. She has enough time to make the right things as well as the wrong things or even mistakes. All babies who are learning to stand up or walk will slip, fall. It will be lucky rib or hip bones may not be hurt, if not broken.

Some times ago, from this forum I stated my concerns. I put the question like this; ‘Flirting with the US, is it worth it ?’ I have not seen a country, who flirt with the US , who accept US support in many and every ways have all the troubles and problems more than they can handle. I want Mrs Aris to realise that before she commit anything.

It is well commanded by wise people . Everybody should know their place, the right place, to do the right thing. For Mrs Aris, her loyalty should be to the people of Myanmar, and the land of Myanmars, nobody else. Blood is thicker than the water, that is what

Let nobody hold her like a chicken from the neck and ask the audience whether the chicken is ‘ dead or alive’. Neither she should hold 55 million chickens and ask, ‘dead or alive’? If she thinks that is the right thing for her to do, then its her Karma.
Some body must be able to answer back by standing in the middle of the ladder and ask back, ‘ am I going up or down the ladder?’ That will teach some people some lessons. That was an act of the clever and and the smart one.

Don’t be naive , don’t be ignorant, if you don’t know I am telling you. Myanmars do not like any foreigners to rule them. It is in their blood. Because they know who they are and what they are . Most of all they have had very bad experience with foreigners. Portuguese , British , French, Indians, Chinese, Japanese . Thais etc. Myanmars were forced to accept, they had no choice.

If you invite foreigners in, you are in big trouble . Ko Aung San was blamed by some for bringing in the Japanese. Because the Brits were in Myanmar , and then again the Japs were in Myanmar, we Myanmars became not only sandwich meat. our nation of Myanmar became a battle ground, a boxing ring .

United States took part in liberation of Myanmar from the Japanese occupation. Fr that part ’ thank you ’ is not enough. US wants more than ‘ Thank you ’ because ’ US knows so well ‘Thank you ’ is so cheap. Mrs Aris must know, that ‘ Thank You’ is never enough for US. It wants more.

Mrs Aris knows she has nobody to trust, no Myanmars to trust . She can not depend or rely on any Myanmar . She knows that very well. She sees things crystal clear now. That is why she is change, to co operate with the government . To be on safe side.
She knows her father made a big mistake, by joining the wrong side. Whether her father brought the Japanese in or not, joining the wrong side or not Japanese were on their way to wherever the Brits were. They were coming to Myanmar after taken Singapore ,on their way to India, through Myanmar, but did not reach their objective or destination.

If there is some one to thank for . It was Germany, Italy and Japan . After the WW II II, many British colonies became Free , independent, Sovereign nations. British lost its great British Empire. How can they forget it so easily. They are claiming back in one way or the other with the help of US. Washington’s men the one they love to hate.

BTW, I never heard Mrs Aris father flirted with the Japanese, or flirted with the Japanese woman. It was pure politic. Myanmar leaders after him did not give away Ma Aung San Suu Kyi as a ‘bribe or a bride’ to the British to have good, friendly relation with the British. Ma Aung San Suu Kyi herself did not marry Michael Aris for that purpose either. Then what is it ? There must be some answer ,lying some where.

The question still is, how corrupt is NLD, how corrupt are its members, it’s leadership?

Catch me if you can. Otherwise they will get away with all the murders. Is that what we want ?