Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 13-Dec-2011  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends . ,

What we learn during these 23 years, is that we don’t need opposition, we don’t want opposition. We have had theories, as well as practice. It is proven that we cvan work together , co operate with each other. If everybody is working for the people and the nation, there is no wrongs, but only rights.

What had happened in the last 23 years was, somebody wanted some powers, crazy for power, because of lust for power, ignoring the facts and neglecting the realities. There are many powers as we know , which power was it, this person seeking? There is no power to take, you have to create the power or powers, Political , economical social military power. If you cannot create or have those powers. Then you are purely crazy, you are a loony, you are out of your mind, because you are catching the air. This power, has no colour, no shape, no temperature, no taste. You have to create the power you can see, you can touch, feel and taste.

Took pride and proud of being the opposition. What was it opposition opposition? Who was it opposing against? High jacking Myanmar with 55 million people as hostage, and blackmailing the government , is that what it called opposition?

Today there is no such thing as Opposition in Rep of Union of Myanmar. There were only anti Tatmadaw, and anti government groups, because in the land of Myanmar,
Government was the Tatmadaw Government , most of the time because there were anti Tatmadaw groups in Myanmar, because it was a ‘necessity’ for Tatmadaw to take the control. If Tatmadaw led by Gen Ne Win did not take over and took the control, what happens next will be or the events in Myanmar would make Rwanda ( Tutsi and Hutu ) the break up of All India look like a child play and a minor event. Believe it or not is another matter. But ‘everything is possible, nothing is impossible, there may be some thing we have not done it ’.

Civilian politicians could not Govern or control some people who were creating racial and religious hatred and conflict in Rep of Union of Myanmar which is a multi racial, and multi faith nation. Because of dutiful Ne Win and Myanma Tatmadaw of all nationalities , and all religions, the expected ‘Genocide’, ‘ the holocaust’ , ‘the ethnic cleansing’ did not happened in Myanmar as some people wished.

The whole world knows what Genocide is, what holocaust is , what ethnic cleansing is. You don’t have to tell them what is what, they know more the world know more than you do , they have been through believe me. When some people fed the world with the false information and fake which are not facts, the world knows as well. That is where “ the fall of the opposition ” is . The opposition was taken down by the fakes , imitated opposition.

Democracy was not the issue, never in Myanmar, which had Multi Party Democracy before. There were none believers of democracy . They were misusing the democracy as their cover, as their shield. They are anti Tatmadaw , they are anti Bamar , they are anti Buddhists groups. Because this Tatmadaw is protecting and defending everyone in Myanmar regardless of race , nationality or religion.

Christians have Christian Soldiers so they created Buddhists Soldiers, to justify themselves. There are 800,000 Buddhists Monks in Myanmar, nuns and novices are not counted yet.

Human rights was not the problem in Myanmar regarding race, nationalities , religion, political, economical or social rights . Rep of Myanmar is a nation of all faith they all are thriving in their own way. A nation such as Myanmar has no human right problems. There may be difference of opinion on this so called ‘human rights’.
The saying in the west itself is , “ one size does not fit all ”. There it is, I did not create that saying, or that phrase.

Well, what can I say the west does not understand Myanmar’s way of life, they want Myanmars to change for them to understand Myanmar well. The west does not learn, they only teach. Everywhere.

It is the fact that Rep. of Unon of Myanmar is multi racial , multi faith nation. Tatmadaw of Union of Myanmar, the government of Union of Myammar consist of all races, nationalities, and religion believers. They know what they have to do, and they know what they are doing. The Governments, and the Tatmadaw of Rep of Union of Myanmar are the protector and defending of all people and all faith in Union of Myanmar.

We cannot deny that in every society there are , extremists, fundamentalists , destructive elements and undesirable individuals, most of all hard of hearing, with learning difficulties. . All of them must be under control, without losing their rights, as long as they don’t abuse them, or misuse their own rights, and respect others rights as well.

As long as there are private armed groups , especially anti Tatmadaw, anti Bamar , anti Buddhist, or any other faith Tatmadaw which is a part of the Government , which has responsibility for the safety and security of all the people, all the religions and the nation has to do, what it’s got to do. Defend and protect those who needs to be defended and protected and annihilated those who needs annihilation.

Why Democracy did not take root in Myanmar ? Everybody knows that. Let’s say, not every body believe in democracy. Some people use and abuse the democracy at the same time. For democracy to grow stronger and to take root, in the process of cleansing the soil , all weeds, and bushes ,undesirable trees and plants must be cleaned out, so that they cannot take roots, for democracy to take roots firmly in the ground. . .

As I see it, instead of the root of democracy , the roots of insurgencies, extremism, fundamentalism, destructive elements are taking roots in Rep of Union of Myanmar. These must be taken out. Myanmar may need weed killer. May be we did not use the weed killer in the past. Myanmar has too much rain, to much sun, weeds like the temperature.

The people of Rep of Union of Myanmar majority of them from all races and nationalities, from all religion and way of life come to realised. So called opposition come to realised, Inter national community, world community come to realised the realities of Re of Unionof Myanmar.

There are no such thing as opposition , but there are some who disagree with the government on some matters, in the affairs of the people and the nation. That is normal, that is acceptable. That is in every nation.

Then where are the so called ‘opposition’ ? They are in the jungle, they are outside the community of law abiding . They isolate themselves, and make themselves outcasts.
They are thieves, dacoits, bandits, robbers and rapists and murderers. They are proud and take pride for what they are doing, announcing how many ‘Bamar Buddhists Government Troops ’ they have killed. They don’t even know what they are saying.

To call them ‘opposition’ may be too honourable, honouring them. As matter of fact they don’t deserve the honour. They are nothing more than amateur terrorists . They also take pride and proud of they have blown up here and there occasionally and killed some innocent people. In the crowd or in the busy market places packed with civilians.
Myanmar terrorists (MT) are nothing like them or near to them. MT could not come close to any military out post, let alone to kick the arse of Myanma Tatmadaw..

Some people called them, and level them with Taliban or Al Qaeda . Talibanm and Al Qaeda must be crying. Because Taliban and Al Qaeda are fighting against foreign occupation of their nations of Afghanistan .

These individuals , or small groups must realised soon , they will be defeated, in one way or the other. The people of Rep of Union of Myanmar have woken up from their long deep sleep. They are full of energies, strength, and power to defeat them.
They may let them stay as they are for their game hunting, target practice.

In a ‘democratic society’ these small armed groups who do not believe in democracy who have no respect for other rights have no place. They must realise that everybody is changing, they too must change.

Everybody consider them as threat and danger to everybody. The neighbouring countries, will be nice to them because they have no quarrel with them. But these neighbours have to protect their interests , peaceful friendly relations with other nations. When all options exhausted, they know how to protect their interests, and they know how, and they will do it.

There are no such thing as Opposition in Rep of Union of Myanmar . Where are they? They are all gone on the internet, some of them take up to 12 different names to make the numbers. They have nothing to oppose the against the government of Rep of Union of Myanmar, because in the Pyithu Hluttaws , Amyothar Hlttaw there are no opposition, only those who disagree or disapproves of others, Because they are all in the government as the same body.

Myanmar has been away from democracy for quite sometimes, it may be rusty, the battery may be down, it might need , a recharging . Some times a jump start or a push start may do the trick. When you push be careful you might fall down with your own push .