Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 12-Dec-2011  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriated, Compatriots, and Friends,

Before I go on any further, on this so called ‘ Human Rights Day 'I would like to ask you a question. That is ‘ who do you think are human beings on this earth and in the Universe ?

Myanmars have come a long way. If it’s not a ‘long march’, it could be said that we have travelled quite a long distance . Forget the times prior to that , shall we say it took them 23 years, may be a little bit more ?

Many people say, ‘ it is easier to say than done ’. , that’s all true. To say that ,what have one said or done? It is the experience, not without any experience, one can say that, that is called ‘ realisation’, ‘ whatever they have done’. During these 23 years, many Myanmars have changed to change Myanmar.

We are seeing changes. Some of them to our liking, some of them to our disliking . Well, that’s the way it is, and that’s the way it will always be. Naturally, there are those who have not changed. Let’s say without them it won’t be complete.

During these years, horse whisperers, dogs whisperer , and animal trainers were very busy. They have tamed and trained many of them, Still there are ‘the wild ones’ around. It is our duty to tame them and train them for everybody’s sake, for the safety and wellbeing of everyone including these wild ones. We have to continue, our taming and training programmes.

This ‘realisation’ if not ‘ regrets’ by everyone, is clearly seen, they are changing. Soon they will be bearing flowers and fruits. These flowers and fruits must be protected, from, frost bite, insects and wild animals . That is everybody’s responsibilities, to take care of them, to look after them.

Imperialism or not, Communism or not , China was built by all people of China, all Chinese . Among others, ‘The Great Wall of China ’ is the proof, it is the evidence.” China is a nation , Politically, Economically, and Socially, not to forget militarily, strong and straight . A force to be reckoned with. Who dares touch it ?

Frankly speaking , there are not many countries, without any Chinese. They used Chinese labourers or coolies they used to call them in building their country’s roads and rails, and economy.

If you have been to PR China, and look around, you will be surprised . I am not going to tell you, you have to see for yourself , experience yourself. Cities, towns, and villages developed, developing, and under develop you will see everything to compare . Continuity and changes are there together.

The fact is Chinese are always working, they are at work . They are not sitting, or sleeping , eating or smoking opium , moaning or groaning.

The leaders of China, and the people of China alike were decisive, they all know what is good for them , what is right for them. Their philosophers were wise, and right. China has more people ( 1500 million ) , more major national races, more ethnic groups than in Myanmar . Nobody divided them to rule. They are there as they are.
Leaders of China unite all people of China as one people .

What is happening today , regarding Myanmar, in Rep of Union of Myanmar is positive . Everybody should be glad about, happy about. Of course, like and dislike are everywhere, that is nature, . There is always somebody who is unhappy, who is said. Because he cannot get want he wants. That is also possible, everybody has his or her favourite, sweet, bitter, salty , hot , cold , creamy , everybody has his taste.

We are talking about the progress and developments of 55 million and the nation of Myanmars for today, for tomorrow and the day after and the next day so on and on. Because we cannot go back to he past, back dated, we all must go forward.
Like a wheel, one nut or one bolt missing can be big trouble for everybody on the wagon.

We are looking and talking about the ‘Human Rights of , 55 million people of Myanmar human beings . Whose been denying them these ‘Human rights’ is a big question. Many interpretation, many translation to this question. Let alone the many answer. Everybody is denying these Myanmar Human their rights . Nobody is better or worse than the other . Will that be the answer?

There are many, millions and million of Human in the world who are being denied their Human Rights , through of these translation, and interpretations.

“Sacrifice” is the word some people use in some cases. Who is sacrificing what , who and for whom? The ‘sacrifice’ means is to cut the throat, take the blood or heart out and offer to the God they believe. To please their Gods to bless them.

I have read, in some books about this so called ‘ sacrifice’, so are others. There are many stories I can refer to . I am not going into these , because I have not seen them. But today this ‘sacrifice’ is still in practice, going strong, I am seeing them . I am not sure others see them or not.

We all are becoming ‘sacrificial human beings’, who are the High Priests, and High Priestess in our case, We may be waiting for our turn, and time . It looks like it., Nobody will escape. Nobody. If we don’t improve ourselves. While we are waiting can we think of defending ourselves, protect ourselves? We need to.

As far as Rep of Union of Myanmar is concerned, in 1947 ,July the 19 , there were nine leaders, who became sacrificial lambs /human for the Independence of Union of Myanmar. And there after, all sorts of ‘sacrifices’ animals are not enough, God is not satisfy with animal sacrifice, God wants human sacrifice, the same as thousand and thousand of years ago. No Gods have grant us anything, but death.

Because God forsaken us, the way he forsaken Jesus, and others. God abandoned us long ago . Simple , because we are not helping ourselves, so God decided not to help us. May be God does not know who to help. There are so many who needs his help . Even Jesus could not do it. said there were too many .

Going forward is not going back ward or going to the back. As I have said, earlier we have to be glad and happy. Thing are changing to everybody’s favour. That is for 55 million people of Myanmar , and the land where all Myanmars living. If all these Myanmars helping themselves, surely God will come out from his hiding place and help Myanmars.

Since the main opposition party NLD , and the government change their respective attitudes and behaviours, it is interpreted as, they are cooperating helping themselves to help them nation and the people. For both of them, 55 million are the people of Myanmar in the nation of Myanmars.

There may be some thing we don’t know what they are doing. We don’t need to know everything. But in time they will let us know. Our part is , we have to trust them . They know what they must do. They know what they are doing. They have to concentrate on what they are doing, they must not be distract, disturbed, or disrupt.

If one of them or both of them make mistake we all have to pay for that mistakes they make . That we must know as well. Old way of thinking will serve no one, it’s, ‘Counter Productive’. Because we’ve been living with the old ways for long enough .
The bucket has the holes. We all have to mean them. Because this bucket belongs to all of us.

Nobody said, Rep of Union of Myanmar is NOT progressing, or NOT developing. They are slow. It is recognised, and acknowledged as ‘ the least developed nation’. Even under economic sanctions imposed by the West, Myanmar and its people are progressing, and developing. Nobody can deny that. Let alone to dispute. Developments may be not enough, not as much as it should have. We know the reasons why. But there is a difference in that knowledge, the way some people understand.

Some of the reasons are some people do not want progress, developments. They are afraid to change. They are afraid of new things, new ideas, new ways. Some of them still ants to live in the jungle like pigs, eating bamboo like pigs and die like pigs.

Nobody will accept what I say I will not accept what other say. Because we have our own self interests may be. If we have the same interests for the people , for the nation, that will be great. In the case. That is where we must sacrifice, ‘our self interests’ for the interests of our people of 55 million, and the nation of Myanmars. No need to cut each other throats, no need to chop each other heads off, limbs or joints . No blood will spill no heart will be taken out. No bread as my body no wine as my blood will be necessary.

A liar is a liar. A liar also knows who is a liar , who is lying, who and what is a lie, what is a fake , what is a false.

If you think, you can twist somebody’s ear, and slap his face. You must be crazy. You must be out of your mind. You can tell lie once, or twice , to one or two people. but you cannot tell lies all the time, to all the people .

If you know about yourself, you will know about what is happening in Myanmar today, for tomorrow, the day after, or the next day. Myanma is a small nation, with a small population compare to India or China. I have mentioned about India and China, before . The main fact that I pointed out was that ‘all Indians’ consider themselves as one people in one nation. All Chinese are the same , they are one people . If you go to Taiwan and Hong Kong they will tell you they are Chinese, their nation is China or ‘Pyi Gee’. Indians are Indians. India is their nation.

For Myanmar to go forward. Those who wants to help Myanmar are watching, whether they can help Myanmars or not, whether Myanmars can be helped or not. That is a big point. If Myanmars cannot be help, they will go to somewhere else.
Whatever they need and can get from Myanmar, they can get from somewhere else. Myanmar is not the only source. The losers will be Myanmars, all Myanmars, more or less .

Myanmars has to consider, do they need their help to speed up the progress and developments . If Myanmar cannot stick together, don’t blame others for the familiar ‘divide and rule’ policy. You are the one who wants to be divided and ruled. You love it , you enjoy it. If Myanmars are united, you are afraid you will lose your position. You may have nothing to do. You can not be active, you will die of boredom. You may even be afraid of losing your own begging bowl.

If you want to ‘sacrifice‘, throw that begging bowl of yours away . We will safe you from being a bagger. If your begging way is your way of life , then what can we say?
We have to accept you as a bagger, as you are . We always carry some scraps and bones If it is not you it will be someone else.

Believe me, things are changing in favour of the people, picking up speed on the way forward , to go forward, final frontier, where no Myanmar have gone before . You guys know that as well. That why some of you are shouting at the top of your voice in agony. You will only be left behind, if that is your wish, others are going forward. They would not like anybody, they would not let anybody to disturb or disrupt them.