Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 11-Dec-2011  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots and friends,

The question was, “ Definition of UNION SPIRIT?:

“What is the Bamar Buddhist Fascist Thug-o-crats' Definition of UNION SPIRIT?: The Question the Fascists Dare Not Answer . By Zomi for the Federalization and Democratization of Burma ”.

When I see that, I can believe that he does not understand what ‘ Union Spirit’ is.

Someone with the Elephant Head (Vishnu Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh RSS HINDU ) answered back, “ Union Spirit is when A CUNT joins in A COCK IN a FUCKING JAMBUREE .” Zo did not reply to him either, Zo seemed to have understood straight away.

All these years, we are talking about nothing but this ‘Union’ thing , and related matters. How nations were build , how to build our country to be a nation. Who are to built it, who are responsible, why, etc. Some people learn nothing by their own, they don’t like others to teach them either. “Poh Thar Kon - Maung Pon Souing Ma Tutt” , I have told you that there are those, who has learning difficulties , you can teach them nothing. Zo may be Maung Pon in his previous life.

Besides, if I were a Christian, if I cannot read the Bible, and if I don’t understand , I would go to Church and ask the Priest about this “Union Spirits”. The Priest will give him his answer. Or go to the Christian wedding . Why two people, a man and a woman or a male and a female joining together as a ‘Union’ . When the Priest ask them, do they take each other as husband and wife , for better or for worse, in health and in sickness, rich or poor, till death do them part. They say “I do ”. What do they do next, I could not say.

I don't mean to be rude, but for some people only can understand rude language. The couple won’t be saying, with a big smile, nit even for a joke, “ “no, no, nothing like that. we just like fucking , we love fucking and sucking , to have physical pleasure, to give pleasures to each other . If life is bad, if one is sick, if we are poor, we will find somebody rich and healthy, to be better and to fuck with , and to have pleasure. If only they had given that as answer, as union spirit , what would Zomi say?

Seriously speaking, Zomi, though he is a Christian, may not understand how important is this ‘Union’ is. Two people or two 55 million people joining together as a ‘Union’. I very much doubt, he is capable of understanding anything. I don’t want to be so harsh on him like that. I am neither sure, what the Bible is teaching him, nor does he is learning something from that Bible ? Which part of Bible he is reading and learning? Does he ever read the Bible as a Christian? Don’t just listen to the Priest, when you fall asleep in the church , you won’t hear a thing what your Priest was saying. Learning is good, I must say. I think Zo is reading the wrong book.

‘Union’ starts from this couple. Sooner or later they will have children, they become a family, and ‘ Family Spirit” comes with them. . If Zo ask me what ‘ Family Spirit ’ is, I will tell him to drop dead.

But Zomi did not even know he agrees with the answer ( definition) given by the news papers he mentioned. This moment he called it a ‘Propaganda’. Then again in next moment he said, “ I have no problem with that definition.” Then what is the problem?
If Zomi knows , what “Propaganda ” is, he must know what ‘ family Spirit’ is, what Union Spirit is .

He even suggested in the end, “ SPEAKING of Union Spirit is easy, but
IMPLEMENTING Union Spirit is important.

That is what we are talking about, “ implementing”. What is Zomi doing to implement this, what is his way and methods When you turn the pages of old books , when you see the mistakes, you have to correct them, edit them, amend them for your second edition .

1947, and 1974 Constitution are like old books. But they are not ‘Holy Bibles’. To implement the ‘Union Spirit.’ these old Constitutions have to be edited, corrected, amended, as necessary . It was through ‘National Convention’ it was through the ‘Referendum’ . This Constitution 2008 may not be the best, but it is better than the old ones. In time it will be better and better, changes and amendments will always be necessary, because of changing circumstance, changing situations, in the changing world. This can be called, “ Progress and developments or reforms ”, if you want to call it.

Zomi is an opposation. Chin Natyional or Kalar. He is a Patriot of his own of course. Whether he wants to be with the Jkalars or the Myanmars he has to have a ‘Union Spirit‘. He does not know what a Union Spirits is , he does not know what he has. He may be riding some thing , a buffalo , an elephant, a cow, a horse , an ass , a goat, but I don’t think he knows whatever he is riding is a ‘male or a female’. That may be his problem,

The area of Republic of Union of Myanmar is 261,789 Sq. Miles., Every inch, every dust, everything with it, comes with it, on the ground, in the ground, beneath the sea in the air belongs to everybody ( 55 million ) in the Union of Myanmar. Zomi and Mogyothwar included.

The constitution of 2008. Call it ‘the new one’ or ‘ updated one’, ‘amended one’ of 1947 or 1974 constitutions or the one better than them, clearly stated that “ Union is delineated and constituted by seven Regions, seven States and the Union territories.

Does he ask himself, what he is doing, in soc.culture.Myanmar, does he know? He is doing the same as. MRTV3 , The New Light of Myanmar, The Myanma Alin, and the Kyemon. He is the propagandist , propagating for , “ the Federalization and Democratization of Burma ”. Otherwise, what the hell is he doing here?

Propaganda is what is all about politic. In real term it is publicity, and advertising, advertisement of what you want to sell to attract others. In other words ‘ public information’. The public have a right to know, they have a right to have a right information. They deserve and reserve the right to everything. When people is the power, they have to have the right information in all matters. Not false information, not fake information.

If you don’t want to tell them , you better not tell them lies, don’t tell them at all. Wait for the right time.

“ Union Spirit, Patriots , all people as one people in one nation”, are what we are talking about all these years. BTW, there is a difference between a country, and a nation, a village and a town, and a city , they are also different from one another.

Republic, of Union of Myanmar must enact many more laws, because ‘the rule of law ’
is paramount. to deal with those who supply false information, false witness, etc.

If you know there is a divide and rule policy. Knowing that is a good sign . But do you want to be divided and rule by anyone, or some one , or do you want to rule that is why you are dividing them? If you know what “ divide and rule ’ is, surely you must know what ‘Union Spirit’ is, what a ‘Patriot’ is.

Open your eyes, open your narrow mind , you cannot live on your own , alone.
Do you know how the West went bust ? DO you know ‘Capitalist witch hunt’ is going in US. Communists, are still around , they are alive and kicking and they are coming back using the same path this time “Democracy and Human rights, ”.

You better shape up Zomi, you may be misguided or misled. Be a man , a Human..