Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 10-Dec-2011  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates. Compatriots , and Friends,

What is progress, what is developments? How much progress, how much developments ? What will you do to have this progress, and developments ? What will you do when you have them? How will you look after them. maintain them? What more do you need, if and when you have the progress and developments you want?

These progress and developments are in your hands , you have do it. You do it on your own , or with others. If you don’t do it, or can’t do it , then others will do it. You must let others do it. They will have lion’s share, you will have scraps, and bones , that is if you are lucky. Or being a good boy or a girl, behaving well.

Remember, to built a nation cannot be done within twenty years, twenty five years it may take many years more, centuries may be . That is if, only if everything is alright, everybody lends a hand in building their own life, their own country. Everybody doing the right things.

*If yiu don't contribute anything in building your nation, don't think about having a 'FREE RIDE', 'JOY RIDE', ' FREE LOADING. You should be ashame of of yourself . Don't expect to benefit anything even though this is your country.

You can go to other country, be a refugee, be a polyical excile and be a bagger. That the newest popular 'profession' in the world today.

Rep of Union of Myanmar is the land of the Myanmars, materially rich . That may be the cause, it is not progress, it is not develop as some believe. Myanmars have their own Myanmar traditions, customs, culture and their way of life, everybody should respect them. Americans will not compromise their way of life with any one, because they are American. Ask me , what is the American way of life? . Though I have my own theories, I will answer ‘I don’t know, I have no idea, what American way of life is”. That is the truth But I have to respect the Americans and their way of life whether I agree with them or not, whatever they are .

Myanmars will always be Myanmars, they can never be what they are not. If they think they are , they must be kidding themselves, the worst crimes . If I understand it right ,
‘ Kalam Daytham Aggam Danam.’ means, what, where, when, and how are there. All we have to do is put them right. In short, Myanmars cannot stick to their way of life till the end of the world.

Some of our elders said,‘ continuity and change must go together. Some prefer revolution, some evolution, gradually change. But change is change, the speed may be different. These changes must be cost effective. Even the war, minimum cost and lost are desirable .

Progress and developments of Myanmar is in questions for sometimes . The progress and developments of every nation is in question. It depends how one looks at them, materially, morally . Some powerful nations limit’s the progress and developments of other nation. In the case of Myanmar , it is the West, namely US, and European nations. They will say they want to see Myanmar progress and developed. Everybody also know, these countries limit the progress and developments of Myanmar and other similar nation for their own interests, to protect their own interests. That is what is called, their ‘protectionism’. Nobody want other progress and developed with their expanse, with their cost, no benefit or profit for them. Their benefit, their profit, their interest come first, on top of other priorities. The politic, business and economy of the world there is no such thing as friend, but ‘exploitation.’

Normally, if you have a good business idea and plans, you sell them or use as equity, to built it up , sell your shares, get money, and more money . Or you borrow some money to start your our business, your brain ideas, and plans as your equity. There are times, your business ideas, and plans were bought out right, or stolen from you in some case, anything can happen. Your brain become rent a brain , brain for hire. You are working for others, you the explorer , became exploited.

Myanmar may be going through this period, or every period. If we do not allow ourselves to be exploited . It seems that we will not get anywhere. All Myanmars must be either very clever and smart or very ignorant. All Myanmars are exploited. Even they have good ideas and good plans, they can get no money to invest in your own country . Remember, not because you have no brain, not because, you are empty. They killed you off for their own interests like some animal in animal Kingdom. Your gene, your blood line is the most important you have to kill or destroy other gene and blood line.

Our land of Myanmars or we Myanmars are not the only people facing this problem of limitations by these ‘ protectionist outsiders’. Many other small, or weak countries are facing the same. We are seeing it today, everyday. They can do it, because we let them, because we are weak, because we are not united as one people. They will never allow us to be unite , they will always try to break us. Especially when we have some of our people to break away. The unity must not be allowed , the power of unity, to become strength is dangerous. Your power and strength is danger, harmful , and threat to me. You must be destroy before you grow up. Moses, Jesus, KyanSittha, etc.

I said many times, all the times, that Myanmar is not an empty nation, Myanmars are not with heads without brains . If you have a brain as big as a shrimp, you are not empty , you cannot be called, ‘the empty’ one. Once or twice, I said, bring me the money, I will turn our land of Myanmars into a Shangri La , create it into heaven on earth. That may be the reasons, why the West imposed economic sanctions on Myanmar and encouraging other to do the same as punitive action on Myanmar. That is to deny Myanmar anything and everything, to deny any money and to bankrupt. In some cases Myanmars own assets are frozen. If there is no money, there is no honey, as simple as that. So that it can do nothing. But somehow or the other Myanmar survives. That is because, Myanmar is not without friends . Whoever it may be as friend , they are ‘good friends’ who has ‘ good will’ on Myanmar. Not one way but dual carriage way, and mutual benefits.

The west should realised, that everyone is for their own interests, and to protect them in anyway they can. The west should know, it must share the world with everybody in peace and harmony. It cannot monopolise or dominate alone. There were leaders in the past. they could not do it either. Because the world is even for them too big, for Napoleon or for Adolf Hitler or the leaders before them.

Myanmar has nothing but bad and ugly experience with the west. During British occupation from 1824 to 1886. Myanmars could not run any economy or business. Everything was monopolised by the British and their poodles. As they are at present in many African countries former colonies of one or the other European country, Since Spain, Portuguese, France and British travelled seven oceans and ruled the waves. Some human species become endangered species, or the lost tribes in their lost world.

Myanmar are not empty people. Their land is rich as well. Myanmar had a ‘Myanmar Empire’ once . Myanmar Empire was the proof , that was the evidence, that we Myanmars are not ‘ empty shells’. Myanmar Empire collapsed, for various reasons. Let say, ‘ cause and effect ’. If we don’t want to blame , or talk about the outsiders, then we have to talk about ourselves. Myanmar collapsed, because of our own doing. Inside job, will that be right to say?

United States started building it’s American Empire with them threat of Atomic bomb, the British Empire was gone with Adolf , Mussolini and Emperor of Japan. The British, were kicked out from America by the American long ago. Since 1945 US never turn back to US, they stayed put in Europe and everywhere they been in the five continents. That was the time when everyone as weak , and lean on the strong. Even British became their poodle.

Myanmars are nobody’s poodle . Our leaders from Aung San see to it . Our new leaders, and wanna be leaders, who poodle they want to be? They can go out, get out from Myanmar and be poodle somewhere else. Not in our country, don’t drag us in. We will see to it.

What is happening to Myanmar ? If I said ‘nothing is happening’ , that may be not the truth. Whatever is happening in other countries are happening in Myanmar . If I say Myanmar is ‘not perfect’, the same as other . That may be the right word. Who is perfect anyway? To add to that, what’s happening in Myanmar is because of outside influence, outside interference, outside involvements through various kind of force since 18 th century. Because our rulers , or leaders wanted Myanmars to be modern, industrialised people and nation.

Somebody don’t want Myanmars to have progress and developments and industrialised. Myanmar were oppressed , for centuries, by foreign rulers who could help us if they want. No they did not want , all they want was their benefit, profits quick buck and run. Because since they came Myanmars were resisting. Bows and arrow spears, and with bare hands against so called British Indian Army’s cannons and machine guns .

In 1948, when British gave Myanmar back to Myanmars because they have no choice. It was flatten, with debries. Nothing was standing only Shwedagon, Botahtoun, and Sule Pagado.

Myanmar became Free, Independence, Sovereign nation they called it Union of Myanmar , still with strings attached. 1947 Constitution was influence by the British, as conditions, as we all know, accept it or not another matter.

Since Independent Myanmar leaders followed the rules and the laws, the regulations and the procedures enacted by the British Burma government while they were ruling the nation of Myanmar. When Myanmar put them into practice, applied them as they are, Myanmar became ‘the protectionist’ itself. Then only some people say un just laws, must not be obeyed.

In the world of politic, ‘Freedom.’ means ‘everything‘, and it means ‘nothing’. Who are you, what are you to enjoy it. That Freedom is reserved for certain people only . It is on top of everything. It over shadows Independence, Sovereignty and other things. Freedom is in the hands of the authorities in the West. They will determine what Freedom is, who is free, who are not who can enjoy, who can’t..

As I see it, if the West cannot interfere, involve, influence, anybody, any nation freely. Nobody or no nation is Free. Here ‘the freedom’ is meant for the west only. Not for any other in any part of the world. Your own tradition, customs, culture, and your way of life, what you believe are all subject to the Western translation, interpretation of ‘Freedom’. If every human have their own rights, then who are human who are not? Which human has a right to tell other human what to do, or what not to do?

The politicians in the West , do they look at themselves, what they are doing? Germany led by Adolf Hitler , Italy by Mussolini, and Japan by their Emperor through his Chiefs of the imperial Army. The German , the Italian , and the Japanese tried to do create their own Empires , did not work. They failed,, if they had won, they won’t last .
The world isn’t big enough for three Empires.

Roman (Italy) Greece, Spanish, French, Portuguese who built their Empires. They have to be what they get and have. Not to forget that Myanmar had his rise and fall. Who really wants Myanmar to see Myanmar Nationals to Reconcile, who wants to see people of Myanmar to be united as one. Are you serious, or are you joking ?

Myanmar National Reconciliation, United People of Myanmar will always be threat to ‘Protectionists’ in the west, and their interests elsewhere . That is their worry.
When Myanmar worry about ‘disintegration of Rep of Union of Myanmar,’ who said there is no justification? Justify or not, multi party Democracy or one party socialism have proved that only united in spirit can be helpful, to the progress and developments of the people of Myanmars and their nation.

The lack of progress, and developments in Myanmar is because of too much outside (West ) interference. Too many ideas, which are not feasible. The West can’t leave Myanmar alone. Worst of all, the West black mailed Myanmars. Again, it could also be said, it is the ‘ inside job’ . Because some people from inside are black mailing Myanmar still taken them hostage. They opposition said the government is still holding 500 of their members as political prisoners. The opposition in return hold 55 million and the government as hostage.

How far will the government go , how far will Thein Sein go. The people don’t want criminals on the lose, on the streets. People have a right to safety, to sleep soundly.

Myanmars is not empty, and Myanmars are not empty either. Myanmars can go far if only they can have ‘free hands’ . But somebody makes them idle. It’s worse than the brain drain. The brain gone rotten.
Myanmars are not lazy people. There is not enough job for them , nobody can created for them. May be business people are afraid of ILO. Myanmar ism a small country, with small industry , what the ILO wants is the same as the workers in Europe or America, safety and working conditions.

Most Myanmar are self employed, they are doing whatever they can, no job too small, including collecting firewood, fetching water. Most of them are self employed. No Myanmar is starving, they are not dropping dead on the streets. No matter how poor they may be, according to western standard.

Myanmar don’t need hands out. They need regular jobs, and regular income.
Poor Myanmars, and poverty stricken Myanmar can still feed the Monks, the Nuns, and the novices, which is estimated 800, 000, every day. What do they get from these 800, 000 ? Sadu, Sadu and Sadu, or Amen , some times a kick in the face.

You are not obliged to help. It will be nice, if you lend a hand. You have no right to disturb or disrupt. Myanmar always say. “ Makuu Nyi Jin Nay bar - Ma Nhaut Shet Par Ne ’. Others also say, ‘ please do not disturb’ . Myanmars have their ways life, tradition, custom, culture . They have to change , they will change in time, gradually, continuity and change together, why don’t you respect them.

Revolution or radical change no advisable. You better not push you way in. You better not force them to do what they don’t want. If you have you way, remember Myanmars have their own way as well. Freedom may mean nothing, it will be meaningless , if you seek outside help, in a wrong way.