Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 9-Dec-2011  
Dear Myanmar Patriots. Expatriates, Compatriots , and Friends,

Regarding Hilary's visit to Myanmar Rep of Union of Myanmar. I can’t answer my own question, because I am not making that visit. I don’t know Hilary, she is not my mother, nor sister. That is why I am asking others who might be able to answer. ‘The Good will’, whose ‘will’ is it, for whom, or how good is that?

In business term ‘ Good will ’ may mean something else. Frankly speaking , my ‘Good will ’ is for those who are good to me, who are my friends. I will have ‘ ill will’ for those who has ill will towards me. Hilary’s visit to Union of Myanmar must be taken as “ Good will”. because Myanmar never been bad to US . Myanmar always been good to US, no matter what. It may be paying off. But this is a ‘tricky world’ with many ‘shameless tricky people’ around.

I have seen these shameless people had turn their friends into the enemies of their own people. And shameless make new friends. The quest is , who really are their friends, what, and where really are their so called ‘Good Wills? . What is good for who , what is good for who ?

The events all over the world proved to us beyond any reasonable doubt that what Gautama said was the truth , absolute truth nothing but the truth. What I am saying here is “The impermanence’.

In recent days regarding Myanmar , particularly, Hilary’s visit is hailed as ‘historical visit.’ It over shadowing all other so called ‘ good will’ visits made by other good countries near and far, and good people, as if their visit were with ‘ill will’ visit. Especially when the dignitaries from India, Russia, China etc. A ‘good will ’ visit is not an ‘ ill will’ visit , that I know. But you never know in the world today, what is good will , and what is ill will. What I want to know is how good that ‘ good will ’ of Hilary.

Some people see this NOT as a ‘ good will’ visit, but a bad visit. Hilary is there to give signal , to support the opposition, to stir up rather than to support the reforms the government of Thein Sein which are in process. These reform are the initiatives of Thein Sein and his government, NOT hilary’s or Mrs Aris’.

US always thinks and believed in the whole world that they are the only good guys, they are the Saints, all others are Devils, Demons, Satan, and only bad guys. The American are brainy , they are fictitious in everyway, creative . We have seen them.
But depend how one takes them. They are shameless, they have no face in the front, they always have it at the back, because they are afraid, somebody will stab them from their back . This is the one thing they always do to others. With their own guilty conscience, they are nervous, and delirious could not sleep well. The law of nature is clear, whatever you do to others will come back to you one day, sooner of later. If not with force, consider you are still lucky.

When you are bitten by a poisonous snake, you have to reach the hospital , nearest clinic as soon as possible before the venom spread all over your body. Good will or good intension of sucking out the venom with your mouth is never enough. You have in the hospital or clinic , to be treated with the right (anti dote) . Because there are all kinds of snakes, and you still need to know which kind of snake bit you. If you are ignorant, nobody can help you but you have to die. It may not be the snake, but your ignorance kills you. Myanmar must be aware of this, snakes bites, which snakes, anti dote must be available.

Let me try with another story. In one of the stories, a medicine man ( med doctor) named ‘Zawtika’ killed a child patient in anger, because the child’s father did not pay him the fees he promised. That kind of ‘ good will’ . Some times it is interpreted ‘cruelty’ as ‘kindness’. Zawtika was kind or cruel , its up to you.

Anyway on this ‘good will visit’, Hilary or US in her own ways demanded , many things from Thein Sein and his government, to satisfy US, to get the right medicine , in time for the snake bitten patient ( Myanmar) President Thein Sein and his government has been hold responsible in a way. Only Thein Sein and his government will be solely responsible, nobody else.

Union of Myanmar and its government were wearing the straight jacket put on by the west.

Why is Obama sending Hilary to Myanmar is because Obama is sweating he has fever, his temperature high, He is fighting for his Presidency for second term. He is a Noble Prize holder. In another word, he has to show how ‘noble’ he is. Before anybody knew anything about him, he was awarded Noble Prize straight away to make him noble.

Obama is trying everything without giving out anything, including, *US troops withdrawal from Afghanistan, and from Iraq. That’s what we are told. We have no way of knowing whether its true of not. None of us will be at any gate of Iraq or Afghanistan to watch and count or to check how many US troops leaving Iraq or Afghanistan or arriving .

No need to have educated guess , we know for sure they will be there for a long, long time . They will never get out of there willingly. They went in without the intention of coming out.

US will not withdrew US troops, from the area, because, they have to be ready and to prepare for the invasion of Syria, and Iran, when they are absolutely 1000% sure of Iran or Syria has no ‘weapon of mass’ destruction of any kind, they will go in.

The objection of Russia, and China in the UNSC or anywhere are not irrelevant . Against the guns. The guns speak louder than the worlds and they are very effective. There seem to be no one who can or will challenge US , of they desire no war. Because war is not for the cowards , but only for the braves.

How will this ‘good will visit ’ effect China -Myanmar relation ? Remember the timing of this visit was at the time Myitson Hydroelectric Power project problem. At the time Thein Sein Government was having peace talks, with various armed groups. Not to forget that NLD re register as political party, Mrs decided to take part.

If Hilary’s visit to Myanmar to talk to Thein Sein and his government was called to be called ‘ official visit’ , then what is it to call her visit, to Mrs Arisn this hugging and kissing? Personnel, friendly visit or making friend with the next possible government When ask, at the moment who is the friend who is the foe, Hilary will say nobody is foe. Whoever wins is my Friend.

Nobody know, what Hilary whispered into the ears of Mrs Aris/. Nobody know how much aid in money terms Hilary arranged for Mrs Aris, and for her party’s political campaign. It is said that US$ 1.2 million was giving to the government to encourage the reforms. US$ 1,2 million ?

Some other rumours are the plane which carry Hilary to Myanmar is equipped with a lot of sophisticated, advance spy gadgets. From 40,000 feet in the air , Union of Myanmar had been scanned, every inch of it in details. If there are missiles sites, over or under ground bungalows they will show .

Remember , in Cuban crisis in 1962, missiles sites had to be dismantles, ship carrying missiles for Cuba had to turn back to Russia. Che Guevara was killed in Bolivia in custody by the captors. If Nikita Khrushchev did not stopped him, Fidel Castro would shoot down U 2 spy plane over Cuba. I the end WW III was avoided.

What did Hilary find flying over Myanmar with her specially built advanced plane ? I don’t know. Opposition, many have fed her with many false information, as usual.

To have US permanent military base in Myanmar is impossible with this Constitution 2008 prohibits it. Why Mrs Aris does not agree with the constitution is understandable.

Frankly speaking , China can do without Myanmar , no sweat. China’s economic is growing , its influences is all over the world. Id US can do without China. It would have stopped long ago. China is clever. It picks up what others throw away, and ‘ recycle’ them. Making friends with under dogs.

China’s interest is only and purely business and economy, not to impose Communism., Socialism or Democracy. China is different from the West.

PR China is infiltrating into Africa by invitation only, not by force. Since 2006 China invited 49 African countries to Beijing to a trade and economy seminar , to be trading partners and trading heavily with Governments of African nations at agreeable and affordable terms.

When United States was in financial, economic troubles, it help US .Because of their own troubles, the west wants to put china down. It reminds me of ‘Phothudaw and Dote auk )stick) story. When stick falls, Phothudaw picks it up. When he falls. the stick could not pick him up.

I politic, or in business there is no such thing as ‘ friends, or ‘debt of gratitude’. But Myanmar are Buddhists they find it hard to understand it let alone to accept.

The problems of the west cannot be hidden any more. He burning problem , some with flames, some with smoke, spontaneous fire. At the moment US Police or security apparatus are facing the angry crowd , riots. Peaceful demonstration are meeting the Police brutality are seen , arrests and injuries by thousand. Lucky winter is coming , with the help of the weather Police will have breathing space.

Some rumour are saying that Hilary hired some Myanmar Police officers , to teach and train, US Police how to handle the rioting unlawful crowd, and assemblies, in them name of freedom, in the name of human rights, in democracy. But Thein Sein refused , saying, sorry what is happening in your country is domestic, internal affairs, it is none of our business,

Myanmars must be careful of small prints, dotted lines which came with this socalled ‘ Good will visit’, in the so called ‘Free World’, called ‘Nhoung Gyo Me Gabar’. That is how they translated, “ The world without strings”. Planet earth floating in the space. Without visible strings to our naked eyes. but gravity as strings or attachments .
What is there to argue , who is going to win.

US and UK, don’t like PR China, because they cannot influence them. US and its allies always use UN as cover. If only secret votes was allowed, at the UN Security Council I am sure, who will fail the test or exam. Democracy is does not rule, but Veto Power rules. .to test China, but they failed. Hong Kong is given back to PR China, Taiwan is sitting quietly behaving well like a good little boy. PR China looks at g Hong Kongnese and Taiwanese as brothers, they own people . As a matter of fact Chinese are all over the world. What can anyone do anything about it.

Good will, ill will, people’s will, God’s will whatever. The main thing is what is our own will , our own ‘good will ’ towards each other, for our people, for our nation.

Do we understand ?