Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 8-Dec-2011  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots and friends,

Flirting is flirting, for flirting some people are awarded Noble Prize and honoured in many ways, honourable degrees and other prizes . May even be musical awards, and honours, British Academy or Hollywood Oscars.

Is it worth it, I don't know, that's why I put that question, here. And otyher events, so thatour leaders should know what need to know, to be careful what they do. Consequances, consequances, and consequances. Make sure this is the right thing to do.

May be nothing to do with being a courtesan, prostitution, whoring, solicitation, call girls and night birds etc., call them what you like. But some times, “flirting can be mistaken as them, or amount to become like them. They are the oldest professions in the human society , some may say nothing wrong with them it is a part of ‘freedom‘ individual freedom.

But as a Myanmar answer truthfully . Would you like your mother and sister to be prostitutes and live on them? What are the back ground , reasons for becoming or working as prostitutes , because you like it so much, its delicious, and tastes so good ?
Because of hard life, because of difficult situation, under circumstances . Life is more easy working as a prostitute.Or somebody push you into it, put pressures on you, for you to become a prostitute.

For some countries near and far from Myanmar are doing this as a big business as well as gambling. Nothing illegal, they are all legit. They take pride, very proud of this profession saying they are doing great “ public service” to the public. In this case, some government are also working as pimps, collecting percentage from these businesses. Why call that normal income tax, why not ‘prostitution tax’ .

Some Myanmar girls, joined them in Thailand , some gone as far as Japan in the far east or United States in the West. Most of them happened to be from Myanmar ethnic origin. Some Myanmar boys also are in the US army, and even in French Foreign Legion. This is not what I want to talk about.

What I want to talk about is Rep of Union of Myanmar. In many sayings of Myanmar, “ Uppa Dan Gyaunt - Oppa Phyit ”. If you worry too much for some thing, that something can happen to you. Your ‘ will’ or ‘ your ambition’ I don’t know.

It is also said that our land of Myanmar is a part of the ‘Zabudipa South Island,’ which is full of omens, and prophecies. There is another saying suich as ‘Zabudipa Ni mateta’ which everybody knows , “ where there is a will, there is a way”. God will bad will whatever will it may be.

Some of our leaders are worried about “ disintegration of the Union of Myanmar” with reasons, while some other leaders don’t even bother, with their own reasons as well may be. I cannot read omens , I am not the seer of the future. I can only see what is happening and tell you what is happening as I see it.

Today I am hearing about Russia Elections, and troubles relating to those election.
This is a copy cat everywhere, where there are elections, opposition or losing party will accuse barrage of accusations against the winning party.

After the Bolshevik took in 1917 , U.S.S.R under one party Communist rule. Not to forget it was the target of the West to break it up. If Churchill was given a free hand. And supports in 1945 by US and other allies , he would have gone into Moscow and finish the U.S.S.R . off. That was his idea. U.S.S.R and Communist may of may not end there. What if they could not finished U.S.S.R led by Joseph Starling off ? All the
consequences, and the cost of human lives had to be put into consideration. , allies may not agree to lend their hands they were tired, everything was exhausted. Priorities were more urgent at home to rebuilt everything from scratches. There were many army surpluses in US.

Though US could supply more men, materials and equipments, without knowing how long that extension of war will take or the strength of U.S.S.R. Because U.S.S.R or the Russians had proved in the history what they are made of. So US and UK leaders leave the idea for a while. They had in their mind that US and UK will jointly rule the whole world one day . Who will kick who out later , we won’t be here to see or to witness.

Since Gorbachev flirted with United States of America, through the then US President Ronald Reagan, since ‘historical visit’ were exchanged, the disintegration of U.S.S.R., was immanent, when Political, economical, and social reforms in the name of ‘perestroika’, and ‘ glasnost,’ were introduced. Another word called ‘ détente ’.

Them invitation to visit US is opened. When will Thein Sein be going to US, we don’t know , but surely Mrs Aris will be going at a first chance may be given a historical speech in the US Congress or British Parliament. .

Gorbachev was accused as a traitor in the Duma. Gorbachev was actually ousted by the drunkard Boris Yelsin in 1987 , who took over with the blessing of some street people, and the US . U.S.S.R collapsed into pieces. When Yelsin had to leave, he handed over to Vladimir Putin, who was known as KGB head.

Gorbachev was awarded, Noble Prize and other prizes like Mrs Aris in Myanmar. For flirting with US or with the West. You will be awarded. When will Thein Sein be awarded Noble Prize for flirting with US and the west. Was Gorbachev a CIA man, or Boris Yelsin .

Look similar but different thing happened in Spain. When Gen. Franco knew he was dying, he handed back Spain to, His Majesty King Juan Carlos . Spain back to Kingdom as ‘ constitutional monarchy’ again ever since.

From the positive side. General Ne Win was not holding the ‘political power’ for him or for the Tatmadaw, as some suggested. He was actually holding Union of Myanmar as one piece. He was also responsible of making Myanmar into one piece, one nation as well , if only my Patriots care to look at the ‘Myanma Thamaing’ since 1948 carefully, without any prejudice.

Compare to all these, world events. A very serious question is raised. What is Mr Thein Sein trying to do? What is Mrs Aris trying to do ? Why are they flirting with the US. Hugging and kissing ?

Where will this flirting lead to? Is Mr Thein Sein, another Mikhail Gorbachev or Mrs Aris him?

Doing the right thing, doing what is necessary. Whatever you do

Well, to conclude this message of mine on flirting, our leaders need to be reminded. Myanmar is situated in “ Zabudipa South island, where there are omens and prophecies . ‘Zabudipa Ni mateta’ . This is the old saying any way.