Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 7-Dec-2011  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots , and Friends.

To forgive some may not be easy, but to forget its impossible. Especially the one who abused, the names of our great leaders. Especially those high Priests and Priestesses, who put the lives of 55 million on the alter for sacrifice. Never forgive , never forget either .

I will send ‘Mitta’ to that person. May that person be free, may that person be happy. May that person attain Nirvana in short time. May that person be free from 96 diseases. The ‘cause and effect ’ yes, but I don’t know what were the causes for those effects on her. I will not know, because I have no ways of knowing what that person had done.

According to the stories of his lives, 447 in total . Gautama had to pay the price, for his mistake in one way or the other. Gautama realised his mistakes through “ Dipha Setkhu’. see them all , know them all. Even in his last life, ‘eight attempts’ were made on him, all related to the sins or mistakes in his past. So it is said. Who attains ‘ Dipha Seikhu ’, see them all ,know them all? With he help of outsiders, Myanmar opposition led by Mrs Aris has victimised Myanmars for 23 years.

Gautama, Jesus or Mohammed, even Confucius and others such as Socrates, Aristotle before them have their own beliefs and said what they had to say. Let alone the whole world , in India or Middle east or in China, there many who don’t listen to them, or follow them, in some cases, ‘ignore’ them totally . The loser will be them, they will become, ‘ ignorant’.

One Alexander the Great , Attila the Hun, Hannibal , Kublai Khan, and there were many others as well. They had their times, they were the great ‘Conquerors ’, not to forget our own Aloung Paya U Aung Zaya.

May I say, our Aloung Paya U Aung Zeya from the village with five names was the pioneer, explorer, the ‘Conqueror ’, and his sons and grand sons after him? They were some of the leaders all Myanmars should be proud of ? Whether they had ‘one people in one nation ’ in their mind or not , I don’t know, hard to say, because they did what they had to do. If they had, they did not shout as loud as us.

This is the opposition forum or not I don’t really mind. I will be doing the same. My s. belief is we need a government or institution which will look after the interests of all citizens, their safe and security. My belief is how we run our country what kind of political system we practice is nobody’s business. I believe Unites States of America will tell you the same. They have their way of life, we have our way of life. Lets respect that.

Is that what we called our Myanmar tradition, customs, culture, and our way of life ?
Yes or no, it was that way of life re emerged during 1988, Not only in Myanmar but some where away from Myanmar . Kill the King and be a King never disappeared from our world. In one for or the other it still exists.

What is happening in US today or in the past , are nothing different from Myanmar in the past or today at present. But Governments, or leaders of the nation have to do whatever is necessary, under rising circumstances, and situations. United State is notorious. Its people are known as ‘ sons of the guns’. if there is somebody who does not agree with them they killed them with the gun. This is their habit, this is in their blood, that is their way of life or solving any problems.

When they have no more to kill in the country , natives Indians, British, Frenchman or Mexicans. They went out to , other countries, in Fareast, or Middle east, and kill other people there . That is not a long time history. or myths or legend, that is what is happening before our very own eyes, while we are living the living history.

Why am I pointing out US and Americans in particular? Because US American is trying to engage Myanmar, my country, and my people in the name of good friendly relations, using all the sweet words and pleasant words to please the Myanmars as well as the people in the world. Fearing if they don’t go in now, they will never get in .
Thyere are many reasons, educated people can have educated guess.

Though I want to go back to the back ground history of Union of Myanmar (Burma), I don’t need to. You all know the history, you are familiar with , some may know more than me. But let me wake up other people who are ‘ pretending to sleep’. I am not trying to wake the sleeping tigers. We Myanmars are ‘the Lions’. The Lions are our symbols, our trade marks. The Bamar Lions are sleeping. My advice is don’t wake the sleeping Bamar Lions up please. Aloung Paya was sleeping , but the Mons woke him up. The Mons killed King of Ava, and POWs, at the time where there was no Geneva convention, on POWs. Mons killed Bamars in cold blood, with their cold hands.

I would not say , Thein Sein is a smartest man , the brightest man, with all the bright ideas in Myammar . Because those leaders before him were not fools and they were not stupid idiots either, including Aung San and other Myanmar leaders . Why could not he’ or they finished the job which they started , before somebody finished him/them off? I mention Aung San’s name here, because he is the one everybody in Myanmar knows, and respected and trusted. Some people may not agree that he represented every Myanmars, regardless of ethnic race , nationality or religion in Myanmar. For some Aung San was a small Buddha .

Please do not forget that Thein Sein was one of the military Generals , in the SLORC, as well as in the SPDC. He was not one of the upstarts from yesterday. He must have a good credible service to become one of the Generals. In military uniform or civilian dress, he is what he is, and he is who he is. He is Thein Sein. That doesn’t change..

What was he doing when Saw Maung and Than Shwe were at the helm ? Was it he who pushed Khin Nyunt away? What about Than Shwe, Maung Aye and others . You know what many others are talking about. This elections and Pyithu Hluttaws are just a cover story, for Thein Sein and his gang. It is a democratic coupe in the name of Democracy. Democracy can be fishy, funny, democracy can elect a dictator , a Nazi, a Fascist even. It’s all legal, within the law. There is nothing you can do about that. That is why democracy needs to be cleaned. must be cleaned.

May be Thein Sein was a smart guy, sunk in the mud , could not shine. Or he was picked because he is stupid? Some may say he is a CIA man, MI5 agent? Or CIA and MI5 mislead others, making them to believe he was their man they can do business with American and those in America seem to like him, very much.

Well. People will say anything they like in the name of freedom true or not don’t matter.

Myanmars and their idol worshiping tradition , customs, and culture , were not helping Myanmars at all. In some of my articles, I mentioned, Praising some people with Pleasant words to Please them was not right. That may also be our tradition. We always tried to please our rulers , praising them with pleasant words, for thousand of years. Here in the 21 st century, 2011 these Myanmar ways , still exist.

The death of Aung San and his colleagues was horrible, it was tragic. Some would called it ‘human sacrifice’. After this ‘human sacrifice’ Myanmar became an Independent country called Union of Myanmar with multi party democracy. One nation Union of Myanmar , for all people as one people. Names may be different, but the essence is the same. United States, United Kingdom, I don’t know that may be my ‘wishful thinking’ or Aung San and his colleagues had that one nation one people in their mind or not is hard to say . Because what we were hearing was Myanmar to be divided into many small Independent nations. Who has those intentions of dividing Myanmar into small nations ?

If they had one nation for all people idea, one thing for sure , ‘right to secede from the Union after 10 years of Independence’ clause would not be there. That clause was the spark, that clause was the problem. Who put that clause in? That clause set us alight on fire. It is still burning.

This idea to secede is in the minds of few Myanmar. We want to call them Myanmars but they don’t want to be Myanmar , so called ethnic people. Majority of all ethnic people are in Peace and living in harmony with everybody in our land, all over the land of Myammar . That is the majority , rule or not is another matter. Are we going to give in to these few terrorists ? Neglecting or ignoring the safety and security of the majority and the nation as a whole? There may be a few from Bamars ethnic group as well, who may have their own ideas, to have their own way. Would we allow them as their rights?

Union of Myanmar was/ is for , and belongs to every Myanmars in the land. You don’t have to be a pedigree Myanmar . Without people there is no country, let alone a nation. Where there are people, there will be criminals such as thieves, dacoits, robbers, rapists, murderers , some are just terrorists etc., etc. But they are the few, that is in every nation, including in U.S.A., where you are.

What are we going to do about them, accept them as it comes naturally? These are the decorations of a nation, to count in the pimps and the prostitutes, because we cannot wipe them out, but only thing we can do is to reduce their numbers.

I thought you read history. At least you read my messages. So called ‘ethnic rebellion. ’ are nothing new. Its been going on long before we were born, since our parents, our grand parents time.

In modern time, since U Nu days, with the slogan of “ Peace with a year ”. time, and time again, carrot and stick and again numbers of peace talks. With the concessions of own ‘Pyi Ne’ within the Union. The respective leaders accepted them as the best solution . But that leader was in one way or the other kicked out, and the rest restart their activities against the Bamars race. Gen Ne Win did the same, series of peace talks. With the Communists as well ethnic leaders. We have had some fruits and flowers. Then came groups of Generals led by Gen. Saw Maung and Than Shwe, managed cease fire. Some Insurgency was down, and some stability were achieved, and some progress, and developments followed.

U Nu. Ne Win, Saw Maung or Than Shwe. Were they all wrong, were they fools and stupid idiots, rubbish . It seems like nobody get credits as much as Thein Sein has, or Mrs Aris has ? Is there any fairness, or justification in that.

During those hard difficult years, Governments of Union of Myanmar reached Peace agreements, at least‘ ceasefire’ with the armed groups. But nobody could wiped them out annihilate them. They are still there . What and why is it? Is it because Governments are, indecisive, too lenient, or too humane , observing rules of engagements too much ? Could not do a thing right . We can not go forward, whenever we take one step forward, we have to take two steps back.

Since 1988, to have sensible conversation with the so called ‘over ground. Opposition’ was impossible . Because the temperature was to high and hot, boiling. The ‘art of conversation’ impossible, it was missing, could not fine anywhere , nowhere. Because everybody standing on their own ground firm. The opposition thought they were in upper hand, over a weather beaten Tatmadaw. Besides, opposition inside, with the help from outside black mailed, the government by taken 55 million people hostages. Opposition was weak. It get help from outside. With that help Myanmars were victimised. Myanmar opposition victimised 55 million Myanmars.

What I want to say is, all governments of nations or in our case Union of Myanmar do their best in every possible way to have the progress and development of the nation for the people. To have these progress and developments need Political, economical, and social stabilities . That’s what are lacking in Union of Myanmar. Was it all the governments and the head of the Government fault, nobody else?

If anybody wants to say, ethnic insurgency is because the Government is the Bamar Government or because of Bamars race, then I will tell them to ‘ go to hell ’ . Some of them are like firm animals, poultry or fish, groomed by some people from outside .
There were Communists in Myanmar , BCP, CPB., as well. Their members are from all races , not only Bamars . The Communist wanted Union of Myanmar to be a Communist Nation, for them socialist was not enough too soft. At the height of U.S.S.R and . PR China. Communists came to the top in 1917, and it is still alive well and kicking, in many parts of the world. In Russia Fed, PR China, and other small countries.

BCP, or CPB in Myanmar were not recognised, not acknowledged as lawful political party. They were forced out by the instructions or by the orders of the British. That also was one of the preconditions to grant Myanmar, Independent.

The word Bamars or Bamar government , Bamar domination are not the words of the majority of all Myanmars from all ethnic races. In fact these are the words of Kayins from KNU, who are the Baptists only use them. They are against anything, and everything to do with Bamar . If you are to listening to KNU leader’s speeches in the archive you will hear them. Some other ethnic echo the Kayins (KNU)

Democracy was not for the Kayins or the Communists , Freedom was not for the Communist. Even the animals, have their freedom and rights, but not the communists, not the Bamars. Where was that freedom when the British were in Myanmar . Freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom of press, freedom of this and freedom of that, etc.

The freedom they are talking about is not ‘our freedom’ for Myanmars as people or
as a nation of Myanmars. The freedom they are talking about is ‘their freedom to freely interfere, freely intervene, freely armed and fund the opposition to oppose the Government of Myanmar democratically or not. or any one who oppose any government will be funded and armed by the west. The Freedom is their Freedom to destabilised a nation , and its society, to create chaos everyway.

We always have good relations with China, India, and all neighbouring countries, including ASEAN countries. We had good relationship with US, UK and EU as well. We have our active and Independent Foreign Policy calls for good relations with all countries. I am glad you notice that . Don’t we know why normalization of our relations with the US and its allies would be a good thing for our country? What had Myanmar done to have ill effect on this good relations with them?

What I am talking about is I don’t want to be treated as poodle or we don’t want to be somebody’s puppet. There may be some who ant to be poodles and puppets. I hope Thein Sein knows that as well that we are free people. If he wants to be a poodle, a puppet he has a right to be, but not with our expense , not with the expanse of our people.

It is difficult to have a ‘perfect balance’, because the world is not balance, let alone to be perfect. BTW, there was/is nothing wrong with our foreign policy. Which part of Myanmar foreign policy is wrong ?Is it wrong to be friendly with India, China,, is it wrong not to be friendly with US UK and Europe ? Who does not want them to be friendly with Myanmar ?

Still US is not treating Myanmar right. or Thein Sein with respect, not treating as equal. It is patronising as if we are children. Conditions, conditions, and conditions, that Hilary or US laid down for Myanmar , they are preconditions. These conditions are restricting the freedom of action. They are nothing but black mail, demands, for then, to suit them. Some times you can see ‘ or else ’ under the dotted lines.

When the big power has no respect for small nations how can Myanmar balance. You should write a letter to about that to US Sec Gen ban Ki Mon, Obama , David Cameron or other EU leaders. . Myanmar must follow the simple ‘Eightfold Noble Path ’. It will shine us. We don’t need Kiwi boot polish. Trust me. This is how Myanmar is being recognised, and acknowledged. It will take a while for them to do so. But it’s hard for them to admit, to confess and say ‘ I am sorry’. You got to understand when ’ sorry’ can be said in many different ways.

Remember, and don’t ever forget that we are born Free, we are Free . Nobody can free us, or take our freedom, away. Putting us in the cage /zoo like animals, as show piece, like Padoung people in Thailand, as tourists attraction. Later , to be release in the wild. Then we cannot take care of ourselves, we cannot look after ourselves, we forgot all the means of survivals . Soon we are to die. Myanmm,ars should not be victimise like that.

Having said all these, it is almost impossible that we live according to the big book, which said God created everything . It is also hard, to live strictly to our traditions, customs, culture and way of life. Because we are not alone. We are a mixed society. We have our ‘ environment’ . If we cannot change the environment, then the environment will change us. Be prepared, and be ready to accept it. Changes may be challenges for us to go through. Changes are inevitable. Nothing is permanent but ‘Change is permanent’, if you know what I mean.

There are two ways, preparing for next 20 years, and preparing for tomorrow. We don’t know what will be in next 20 years time. Our immediate need is tomorrow. Double time is needed. Theories will take time, practical will be more meaningful/. How much time do you need, how long will it take to educate the people. We have urgent business, we need to do them urgently.

Well, if the ‘ stick and carrot ‘ method is true and acceptable, the right thing to do.
Then ‘ Stick and carrot ’ must be used. Some people will need sticks, some can have carrots. That is fair, that is right , that is just as well .

Myanma Tatmadaw consists of all major ethnic, or national groups. There is no such people to be called minor or minority in Myanmar. Because we are all equal . Nobody is put in the reservations or living in the reservations. Unless they created these reservations by themselves. Some people comes in with these fancy words.
“ ethnic minority”. Let them worry about their own ethnic minority people, either in US or in Australia or in Africa or in Europe.

‘The ability of our country’ depends on the ability of our people. The people are those who built the nation. In the case of Myanmar, the land of Myanmars provides almost everything to the people. But the Myamars blew it, through Lawba, Dawtha, and Mawha. The worst of all is Mawha ( ignorance), is that right ?

Last but not the least. With due respect I have said it before, where you stand doesn’t bother me. It is nature. You and I may not agree with each other in all the issues. Even if there are something to agreed , we may like to put our own ‘shine’, with our own words, our own usage. If there are rooms to agree, there will be room for disagreements. Some of your views, You and I may influence each other in many ways. as long as we are talking or exchanging views, in a civilised way.

Please bear in mind that, you and I will benefit nothing , you and I will not be min the Hlauttaw. That means we are freer than Hluttaw representatives, if you look at in that way. We are not doing it for our own benefits. It’s for the people, and for the Nation of Myanmars. We have nothing to worry about, but legitimate concerns for our people, for our nation.

I thanked you for your forum. In which with respect I take part, to express my view, my opinion. I have my interest, I take special interest, which is not ‘business interest’. I am a Myanmar and Myanmar is my land. All people in Myanmar are my people, regardless of Shan, Chin , Kachin, Kayin , Kayah, Mons or Yakhine, or Kabyars. Some of them may be thieves, dacoits, bandits , robbers, rapists, murderers, insurgents and terrorists etc., They are still my people.

My loyalty is to the people and to the nation of Myanmars , not Thein Sein or Mrs Aris. U Nu or Ne Win , Saw Maung or Than Shwe. San Yu , Sein Lwin and Dr. Maung Maung. Nobody can put them aside or throw them in a dust bin. I mention these names, because they did not represent one particular group, of ethnic people. They represent the whole population, worked for the whole population. And the nation of Myanmars.