Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 4-Dec-2011  
REF: Myanmar Democracy Foundation. Article submitted by: KyawMyaing on 2-Dec-2011

My dear U Kyaw Myaing,

If I have no respect for you, I would not bother to reply to your article .

‘Voiceofgoldenland’, VOG , it is not VOA (Voice Of America) . It could be mistaken, because you are in US. Democratic Voice of Burma is in Norway ?

Not many people took part in this discussion forum VOG. Not even you . Do they expect it to be an opposition forum. For or on behalf of Aung San Su Kyi ( Mrs Aris )?

Sorry to see not many people active. That does not mean nobody is reading or at least not having a look at it. Even you did not take part in your own site regularly, once in a blue moon you popped up . I know you are a very busy man, extra ordinary man, a big man with a big job may be. Nothing worry me UKM, you are you, I am me. When we talk about our beloved land of Myanmars , our beloved people of Myanmars you and I are equal.

You live in US. You may, or may not be Myanmarican, American ideas may influence you more or less.

Once I told you that you have created many websites, As I see it, you may have too many things on your mind, you don’t seem to be able to concentrate on anything. You said you are the teacher of meditation. You give lectures on meditation. I have not one bit of objection to it at all.

If you were not UKM, if you were another person, I would say ‘you can’t be serious man’, or have said ‘you must be crazy’. I remember telling people that Myanmar is not an empty country. Myanmars are not empty people with no brains.

Nice try, there is no harm in trying. We have to explore, and make research. This word ‘ explore ’ is in positive sense, but the related words such as ‘exploiting’, ’ exploitation’ may not be that positive, may have many meanings, depends .

How old is this democracy , 2000 years , 6000, or 7000 years or more ? Are we still living in 6000 or 7000 years behind ? Why not there are still nations without democracy.

What is democracy? According to you , ‘ it is a process by which representatives of the people are selected in free and fair elections.” Democracy is different to different people or it has several senses, according to knowledgeable , learned people . I am not that knowledgeable, or learned person. I am just an ordinary Myanmar . In my time I have been to monastic school to learn modern education. I worked and served my country and my people under Ministry of Home Affairs. You worked for MOFA if I remember correctly. All these are irrelevant. I mention it here be cause I know you like to be mentioned.

Let’s see, according the book of knowledge , Democracy is ;
1. a form of Government in which the right to make political decisions is exercise directly by the whole body of citizen , acting under procedures of majority rule. Usually called direct democracy.
2. a form of government in which citizens exercise the same rights , not in person but through representative chosen by and responsible to them known as represen tative democracy
3. a form of government usually a representative democracy, in which the powers of the majority are exercise within the frame work of constitutional restraints designed to guarantee minorities, certain, individual or collective rights, , such as freedom of speech and religion known as liberal or constitutional democracy.
4. any political or social system that tends to minimised social and economic differences especially those arising out of unequal distribution of private property , which is known as social or economy democracy, even when the political system is not democratic in any of the first three senses.

It is also said that Greek democracy was a brief historical episode. City state to the modern constitutionalism , there was a gap or 2000 years in theory and practice of. Democracy. So be it.

The democracy you are talking about is Myanmar’s style, Myanmar’s way to democracy . As I have said, we know what suffering is when we learn Four Noble truth. ‘Eightfold Noble Path, and 38 Mingalas’. Are they not enough for us ? Why do we need ‘ democracy ’? Who said we need democracy? Why can’t we be happy and satisfy with what we have? Why do we want what we don’t have, or why do we want to be what we are not? Nothing will make us happy, or give us peace of mind if we are torturing ourselves drawing ourselves back to square one ‘ suffering’. All these teachings of Gautama meant nothing, no value, not worth a dime. Is that it what do you say to that ?

Please do not forget that Myanmar was a democratic nation not by choice, but by force.
Because that democracy was imposed on Myanmar as a condition for the independence. Why was democracy did not take root ? There is your answer. Besides, , there are many who have suspicious minds on democracy, there were Communists . Socialist who did not believe in democracy. Simply because it imposed by force.That democracy was Western style, multi party democracy, the same as today. Please check.

Now the present government or before that SPDC, or SLORC before, re introducing democracy , because people demanded for democracy multi party system. Or was it again by outside forces. Some outside forces, demanding democracy using our people?

The governments said, OK, democracy , multi party then. It did not stop there it said,
‘ genuine, the disciplined democracy’ some people laughed at them, make a joke of it .
Suspicions set in. You know why, because Myanmar from the start had a fake democracy, Just like fake switch watches, fake this and that and other imitations.

Myanmars do not know some of them were produced under the license , or franchise . If it does not come direct from the main manufacturer, producer. Myanmar are not happy. Never heard of ‘ Genuine , disciplined democracy’. They never heard of ‘ fake , undisciplined democracy’ either. They may be not happy about this so called ’ discipline’ . They don’t mind ’ genuine’.

So was ‘Myanmar ways to Socialism’, remember. If I am not wrong, this so called ,
‘ Myanmar way ’ is always causing problems. , what do you think?

Now you want to talk about ‘Myanmar Democracy’. How many people understand that genuine, disciplined democracy, I am not sure you must be hearing what some people are talking about that democracy.

Who do you want to blame, or who are you shielding, or you don’t want to speak out? Well, everybody has his own favourites, and to his own taste. If ‘respect’ is the word, we have to respect all these.

There is no such thing as ‘Myanmar democracy’ or ‘Myanmar way to democracy‘
‘ Myanmar Socialism. Myanmar Communism.’ Simply because Democracy, or Socialism, or Communism, they are not Myanmar origin. Some Myanmars are creative, that is why they created ‘Myanmar this , Myanmar that ’. this Myanmar or in the past , the word ‘Bamar’ is looked upon as a bogie, or a taboo. I said so before.

If we are talking about any particular ism or system, if we want to adopt or pick up one particular ism , what’s wrong with ‘Buddhism or Gautamism?’ It covers, politic, economic, and social matters and issues of all human bneing as well as other beings. Is that not democracy enough ? You even wanted to call Myanmar, ‘Mangala Naing Gan’, did you not? Do we have to have democracy, do we need to have socialism, communism ? Is Buddhism not enough for us, why?

You are a Buddhist, and believer of ‘ impermanence’, and the law of changes, circle of life, as Gautama had said, not according to Isaac Newton or Einstein or Darwin. etc.
Shakespeare is not the only one on earth, as Jesus and Mohammed were born after Gautama. They could have heard or copied some of Gautama’s teachings adapted to suit their way of life in their region.

Again in that sense, ‘Myanmar Democracy’ is not bad as you have suggested “ In Myanmar, the type of democracy we have will be based on our own traditions, culture and history. It will be Myanmar democracy.”

That’s is nothing new UKM that is the same ‘essence’ what our leaders were talking about all along, during these difficult decades.

Before I forget my question is, how will you solve the problems of armed groups of our brothers and sisters? Do you think ‘ Myanmar Democracy ‘ will do nicely?

How did the so called American solved their ethnic natives problems in the land you are living. What were their names? Please share your good knowledge with us.

How can Myanmar democracy helps Myanmars in their real life, to get out of circle of life, you have a lot to explain, a lot or persuasion to do to convince them ? You can’t have any other democracy, if you don’t have western style, call it ant you want ‘Myanmar or not’. Some people are adamant.

No need to remind you that there are Islamic nations with their own Islamic laws. Their head high, their chest out , they are standing tall. How many of them are practicing democracy or multi party system, can you tell me please? Because of no democracy some Islamic countries are picked on. Democracy or not your favourite is your favourite, your taste is your taste.

What do you a. Myanmar as Buddhist nation to rule with Buddhist or customary laws or ‘Dhama Thutt Kyee‘.

Democracy or Socialism or Communism are in practice one way or the other against each other. Or those who believe in these ism are against each other, opposite to each other. Nothing wrong with the isms or systems themselves. Buddhism, Christianity, Islam why are they different from each other?

In practice Democracy multi party system was , rejected, Socialist Democracy was also rejected , Communist Democracy was not accepted either in Myanmar. But there are Communist nations, and countries.

Myamar saying is, “ Amyar Young Lo Young Ya De - Amaung Toung Mhan Myaut Mhan Mathi ”, The Wei Lei Leis, are Myanmars, they are not Chinese.
Do you think, and believe ‘democracy’ must be the one and only system in this world, or all over estimated 10,000 universes? To tell you the truth, I would like to see Gautamism rules all the Universes.

Simple answer was, there were many none believers of democracy. Do you have them?

“Kalam Desam Agga Dhanam’ that is what Gautama had said. Not everybody in Myanmar are the followers of Gautama, or his teachings. In Islamic nations there may be Shia or Sunni sects. but they are all Muslims. that is not the case in Myanmar. You know better than me on these. We have to act according to the changes of place, circumstance, and situation.

I will stop here with respect for a moment untill next time..