Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 4-Dec-2011  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends,

I had hope that, this so called ‘historical visit’, by US Secretary States Mrs Hilary Clinton to Myanmar was of ‘ great respect’ for Myamars and their leaders, whoever they may be.

I have no doubt that there are many people following the news and events, with great interests. Naturally they will interpret and translate as they want from positive side, as well as from negative side.

In my view, Rep of Union of Myanmar and its people, not to mentioned its leaders were time and again insulted without any respect by the West in the past. When the West talks about ‘ respect’, ‘mutual respect’ and so on.

The west expect Myanmars to pay them all the ‘respects’, as teachers, as parents . Their attitude is , they are the civilised human beings, progressed and developed, as if Myanmars are ‘primitives uncivilised half human.’

‘Respect’ is not just a word, not a cheap word. It is meaningful, it is precious, it is priceless at any time. If you have no respect. Disrespect, or even less respect. It could turn out to be something else, undesirable.

Though this word is commonly use among governments , nobles , respectable people, dignitaries, etc., how respectful are the respectable, and nobles and the governments. How much do they have towards each other.

These nobles, respectable, dignitaries, hardly are commoners are people in high authorities. Many of them are the most ‘corrupt’ people, in many ways. Many of those conducts, characters, and moral are all questionable.

When we are talking about corruption because we are seeing, witnessing the ‘corruption’ of these nobles, dignitaries , and governments . They are also saying, and challenging, us ‘ catch me if you can, if you dare’. When they do that ‘Respect’ turn into ‘insult’.

There are respectable people, there are those who deserves the ‘respect’ of course. There are also mounds where them lizard dwells. They are just mounds, not the Pagodas.

“ Insult ” is another word. You can insult anybody in any form. Verbally, physically, mentally, with words, with actions, directly, indirectly. Even a smile or a laugh or as a friendly joke may be an insult.

The so called historical visit by US Secretary States Mrs Hilary Clinton to Myanmar. I strongly believe many people are following the news and events, with interests. Naturally they will interpret and translate as they want from positive side, as well as negative side.

What do we find, regarding ‘ Respect’ and ‘Insult’ ? For those who do not understand the meaning of ‘ respect ‘ or ‘ insult’ or who cannot differentiate these two words
may see nothing, may mean nothing, may be nothing .

But those who look carefully, who listen carefully can see and hear. Then they should make themselves understand, the real meaning of what they saw, and what they have heard. Because ‘ the thorough understanding’, is very important.

In politic, or in conflict the first stage is always ‘ the thorough understanding’ between two people , between parties, between two nations. What come next depends on how much ‘respect ’ each side has for them other, through words, through actions, including attitude and behaviour.

I have my views and opinion on this so called ‘ historical visit’, I reserve my rights. Because this is not ‘ propaganda’ against the west , this is not ‘campaign’ against Hilary‘s visit , I am not lobbying for any one.

I just want all people to open their eyes , and ears, and senses , to see with their two eyes, to hear with their two ears, and to understand the real meanings with all parts of your brain.

Gautama said, ‘Danin-sa ’ ( Dana) is one of the Mingalas. In donation, donating, amount does not matter, as long as your donation come from your heart. With one drop of honey is great contribution where Dana is concerns. Because it ill be a great step/help to Nirvana.

Having said that as Buddhist, what more can I say. When somebody donated over one million dollar or one dollar towards reforms in Myanmar. I can only say, that over a million US$ aid, , is much better than Zero.

But with the going rate in the international money market , that US$ one million is not even enough to cover the cost of repairing Mrs Aris toilet. How much did she receive special aid seperatly. Nobody say in the public. Nobody will ask. Public have no right to know.

There goes your ‘ respect’

Regards ,