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Peace, stability, economic growth and HRD essential for democratization process

Nay Pyi taw, Dec 1 , 2011

In his speech, President U Thein Sein said that as US Secretary of State Mrs. Hillary Clinton's visit to Myanmar represented the first trip by a US Secretary of State in 50 years, it was a historic visit. He expressed his belief that engagement between the two countries would be promoted to the level of friendly relations and cooperation between them. Myanmar had been strengthening friendly ties with all countries, upholding the Independent and Active Foreign Policy in accord with five principles of peaceful co-existence, he said. China and India are maintaining good relations with Myanmar for many years and they are geopolitically important neighbours, he added.

He continued to say that China encouraged Myanmar to promote relationships with western countries and even arranged dialogues with western countries. Thus, he said that Myanmar would continuously maintain friendly ties with China and India. He added that there was government-to-government relations between Myanmar and US as well as people-to-people contact. He noted that Myanmar’s experience of democracy is in its infancy. As the period of taking office of the new government was only eight months, all the steps were being taken cautiously for smooth transition to democracy, he said. As the country was on the right track of flourishing democracy and today’s endeavours of the government won the internal and international supports, Myanmar had no plan to make a u-turn.

He vowed that emphasis would be placed on all-inclusiveness in the politics in accord with the law. He said that arrangement for Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and NLD enabling them to register and participate in the by-election was a significant change. With regard to media sector, freedom of media was being granted step by step in conformity with freedom and accountability, he noted.

He said that peace and stability, economic growth and human resources development were essential for democratization process. While carefully handling internal and external political issues for ensuring peace and stability of the State, Myanmar is in the process of holding peace talks with all national race armed groups. He expressed his hope that all organizations would take part in the peace process soon. If the armed groups returned to the legal fold, the government could cooperate with them in narcotic drug elimination tasks, he said. In the past, Myanmar had been provided by the US in anti-drug drive.

Regarding the strong economy, he said that Myanmar does not need to worry about food, clothing and shelter of the people as it is an agro-based country.

However, due to few job opportunities, the poverty rate in Myanmar touched 26 per cent.
Therefore, he said that Myanmar is striving to reduce poverty rate from 26 % to 16 % in 2015.

The President also said that the government and the entire people were making concerted efforts for poverty alleviation, adopting eight tasks and to accomplish these tasks cooperation of UN and INGOs was needed; that industrial zones, deep-sea ports and Special Economic Zones were being developed to create job opportunities; that emergence of middle-class entrepreneurs was being encouraged; that Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), and assistances of IMF and World Bank were also required for technology, investment, mutual trade, capital flow; and that research of IFIS should be conducted.

Regarding Human Resources Development, Myanmar wishes to cooperate in education and health sectors; it desires to send Myanmar students to top American universities; it is hoped to develop education standard of Myanmar through bilateral cooperation.

The President said, regarding nuclear non-proliferation, Myanmar adhered to Resolution Nos (1718) and (1784) while working in cooperation with other nations; Myanmar is working closely with IAEA for peaceful use of nuclear energy and will consider signing IAEA Supplemental Protocol; he wishes American President Obama and American people health and prosperity and hopes Mrs. Clinton’s trip smooth and pleasant.

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The President showed his appreciation for advices and encouragements on many issues. With all seriousness to advices, measures that should be taken will be taken, the President said.