Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 3-Dec-2011  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, & Friends,

A new relation or cutting the old wound open, we have to wait and see. Some people says it is nothing more than reviving 'the dead snake'.

Peace and Harmony is what everyone one wants, wants to see, wants to enjoy.

Peace and Harmony are rare commodities. We don’t know for sure who are the Peacemakers. All we are seeing is the makers of ‘pieces’. who makes everything turn to pieces.

It was nice of Barak O Bama , sending his Sec of State Mrs Hilary Clinton to Myanmar. Let us not exaggerate, let us not dramatized it . It shows the house (Myanmar) is pleasant, that is why visitors calling on Myanmar. Many foreign dignitaries visited Myanmar many more will be in the future as well.

When Obama came to power, he talked about ‘change’ coming to America. But the whole world hoped and bet on it .With this word ’ change’ he was awarded Noble Prize. Some very disappointing. Some very encouraging and some bear flowers and fruits. Why not, but Obama is not God and he can not create anything. There are many things he cannot do. That is normal. He will do whatever is possible. He knows nothing is impossible , only there are things that he has not done before.

Regarding Myanmar recently , good news for some, bad news for others may be. Because in the world everyday someone or the other is crying or laughing.

Trust, and respects are based on honesty, sincerity realising the realities, and being realist. Even a little bit of each of the honesty and sincerity will take all of us far. This is called a civilised world. Are we. in what way ?

While I would like to look at this Hilary’s visit to Myanmar in every positive way, I could not deny myself, to have a look at the negative side to balance my self or to see what lies ahead.

But what was this visit called, apart from ‘historical visit’ ? Good will visit, ground breaking visit, fact finding visit , to give a last warning visit, to confront Thein Sein face to face visit ? It could not be called ‘ bilateral talk, or discussion, or negotiation. Some even mentioned it as ‘just a conversation visit’. No more than a conversation. How good a conversation or not I don’t know.

For me I always believe and said, ’ talking is nice, it nice to talk, better than not talking . But when I learn this visit is just for conversation. I feel strange, a bit funny. I cannot say, I am sad.

Similar visits were made by many American politicians, during these 23 years, Senators, Congressman alike . They went there for political reason to say where their government stands regarding Myanmar. But never went there to provoke anything, to insult somebody, directly or indirectly.

To me , it was just a conversation , no more than a chat. Litmus test for some may be. I suspect , the real visit is to see, Myanmar progressing and developing in many ways, without any help of the west, especially under economic sanction imposed by the west.

Besides Mrs Aris or Aung San Su Kyi , who is said to be a Myanmar taken 55 million people of Myanmar hostages, and make them suffer for her own lust for power. For 23 years may be more the West denied Myanmars every right to progress, and to be developed , in favour of Mrs Aris or real democracy and human rights, I couoldnot say.

But Myanmar does not blink, it does not sink, it is not ‘knocked down ‘ let alone to be ‘knocked out’ either. Instead it is going forward inch by inch, step by step, like a snail, may be , as their own saying goes, “ Tanay Talan - Bagan Be Ywe ”, one yard by one yard each day, we will reach Bagan one day, it won’t go away. Nobody can deny that. Nobody can ignore these progress and developments, let alone to neglect. Our leaders have been doing what they promised, they would do, seven step road map.

Opposition is fighting a losing battle. They are in need of reinforcement. Some of them even calling openly US and Nato to invade Myanmar. Now opposition s jumping on the wagon again as it did before together with US.

Myanmar is getting acknowledgements , and recognition , everyday . The west realised that if Myanmar is progressing and developing this much without their help, and assistance , it would go far when they lend a hand, which is called understanding, and co operation. If they wait any longer, they can only be losers. Opposition in Myanmar will be totally annihilated, if they don't help .

US change of mind can be seen as, ‘Saving Private Ryan’ or 'Saving Mrs Aris’. Mrs Aris has no other choice, either ‘in’ or ’ ‘out’ she mad a wise choice, to be in.

We have told her, to be in it to win it, many times before .

China’s economy is growing together with India . It’s even influencing the EU the whole world . When US economy , and EU economy going down, he so called , International Community got panic.

Another saying is, ‘Myanmar knows how to make and bake the salt fish’ . Though Myanmars may not know how to bake cake.

What shall I say. To say it bluntly Hilary on behalf of US is or Mrs Aris on behalf of the west are just decorators “ decorating the cake, bakd by SPDC by putting icing sugar on it , or Spreading Sasame seed in Mrs Aris case. ? Trying to take credit on other people‘s hard works? Well, there are people like that in the world , what can I say.

But I would like everyone to know is whatever progress, and developments Myanmars has , have nothing to do with Hilary (US) or Mrs Aris the English man’s wife.

But one AFP news even said, “ US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sought the blessing Friday of democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi for a US push to reconcile with Myanmar, after Washington offered the regime a fresh start in relations.”

Blessings of Mrs Aris? When was it Mrs Aris running US government ? She can’t even bless herself and her party. 55 million Myanmar will never for get what she has done to them. How she made them suffer , to carry extra burdens. How she black the government by holding them.

This, “ US Secretary of States’ is nothing more than “Foreign Minister” in other countries. But for the Americans, they have to be special . Their own way of doing things, own ay of life , calling names Tomato is Tomeyto, Neither is Neether etc.
They don’t care for, other people way of life. The Americans never stop talking about , Freedom , Equality, Fair, Justice. I am not sure they know the meanings of these words. They always ‘patronising’ everybody as if they all are the school children.

American politicians and for some Americans they think they are above all human beings on earth. They think they are super human beings. They had destroyed Sioux Nations, not to forget, Korea, Vietnam. Cambodia. And Laos .

Diplomacy is always their cover , they are the trigger happy sons of the guns in real terms. They always solve the problem with guns. They can do nothing without guns. They only afraid of others who have guns, as trigger happy as they are to justify what they say, or their actions. In another word, 'the guns always rules'

This visit of Hilary to Myanmar is called historical visit by some. Top to bottom US Government Officials have had made many historical visits. JF Kennedy to West Berlin , Richard Nixon to China. After those historical visits, JF Kennedy was shot dead, Nixon had to leave the office, on Watergate Affairs .

Not to forget our own leader Ko Aung San’of Myanmar and Mohida Ghandi historical visit to London. We all know what happened to them. The other day, in one of my articles , I repeated what Hilary said. When she heard Col Gadaffi of Libya was killed . She was happy and glad, she could not even hide, her pleasure know he was killed.

Now, Hilary has been to Myanmar for a visit to have conversations with top man and top woman in Myanmar. Nobody else. Some news said, What are we going to hear next? True or false. ,

There will be other news follow up to this visit. How much of them will be wishful thinking. There will be those who approves , and there will be those who objects. Pros and Cons will always be there.

Some people are start asking question, when will the ‘Coronation Day’ be in Myanmar. Who are going to be crowned ? How much is Myanmar bought by the West to create it into ‘ Principalities’ .

The Government of Rep of Union of Myanmar head by Thein Sein must aware the real concerns of the Peace loving Myanmars , law abiding Myanmars. Peoples’ Government must not let majority suffer because of the minority, The interests of the majority, and the interest of the minority must be protected by the peoples’ government.

Union of Myanmar has suffered more than enough because of these so called armed groups, who called themselves ‘ethnic minority’, to attract the world attention. They don’t even represent their own major national races or own ethnic national groups.