Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 28-Nov-2011  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends,

Nosey Hilary Clinton’s visit to Myanmar is many things to do with US Myanmar relations. Call it ‘a nosing trip’ or in other word ‘ fact finding mission’. Some said , Hilary is going to Myanmar to poke her nose in Myanmar’s internal affairs. Her real visit is to meet Mrs Aris. The intention is clear Mrs Aris is the only human in Myanmar for US , if not for Hilary, woman to woman.

Believe me, there will be no change after her visit. I don't see any changes. Myanmar won’t lose anything, more than now. Myanmar cannot allow anyone to dominate them, over rule them as over lords. If US , or Hilary or Mrs Aris expect to be the over Lords of Myanmars . That will be their expectation. US wants more than economy, more than normal relations with Myanmar.

DO you know, all the properties of British, all that be;longed to British, now belong to US , becoming US properties. EU is of no exception.

According to news, her visit is approved by the Chinese as well, Mr Obama may have said he is not afraid of China. Afraid or not is not the question. China is one of the five permanent UN Security Council members. Members should let other member know . That is a part of civilized society, courtesy. A right thing to do for Obama. But where is this thing ‘not afraid of China’ came from? Does he thinks China is afraid of him ? Obama is a young man yet.

Economic sanctions on Myanmar . Should it be lift up of not, or does it matter or not matter in any way ? Why Mrs Aris does not utter a ward to lift it up. There are many ways to look at it. She denied she called for it but did not deny that she supported it. All economic assistance , humanitarian assistances must go through NLD, it must have NLD’s approval.

Hilary’s visit and meeting Mrs Aris, does that mean Hilary is asking permission from Mrs Aris to allow US to lift up sanctions? Or to discuss , what can US give to Mrs Aris, and what can Mrs Aris give to US, on give and take basis. Mrs Aris must know she may be a Myanmar citizen by birth, Myanmar is her country, but Union of Myanmar is not her private property or her fathers. Or her grand father’s MRS ARISto dispose of as she likes.

Once upon a time in Myanmar , not long ago when Myanmar was under the British rule, it’s economy was in the hands of foreigner, British, Indians and Chinese. Not long ago Myanma economy was in the hands of the Myanmars under socialism.
These Myanmars most of them are Indians and Chinese who takes the Myanmar citizenship who become Myanmar citizens. Where are the real Myanmars,, indigenous natives, who called themselves Bamars , Mons , Shans, Chins, Kachin, Kayins, Kayah, Yakhin, etc., and what were they doing ?

To be fair, majority of them are peasants, farmers, they are not merchants or traders. They may have Zee thee , and Zee byar shops. Mont hinga and OhnNo Khautswe shops , fish monger or Nga Zain The ) the best. Remember ‘Tha phote tha , and Bali ka’ who were said to bring eight hairs of Gautama Buddha were not Myanmars , They were said to be roaming Mizzima Region as traders, and merchants .

Who are the so called insurgents, terrorists, destructionist who are armed and fighting against all the governments of Union of Myanmar , and some of them are racists, and some are religious fanatic. Are we Myanmars only good for these ? No, I don‘t think so. Because there are those who are protecting and defending the public as whole from these insurgents of racist and religious fanatics?

These insurgents are the main causes of Myanmar and its majority of the people not being progress, or developed, being least developed nation. Accept it or not. That is the truth. As far as foreigners are concern, they will follow with the flow. They will support the winners, possible winners. That is natural.

Regarding economic sanctions, we can look at it simply, from at least two sides. Nobody will, foreign or domestic invest in any country which is politically, economically , and socially unstable, Myanmar or not. If they cannot control run their own business on their own, they will not invest, even if it is joint venture. They don’t want to work with those who do not know what economy is what business is. They don’t want to teach them either.

Myanmars are funny people, they don’t like to see people rich, wealthy. Because Myanmars believe, for them being poor is because these people are rich and wealthy. They totally forgot , Gautama teaching of ‘Karma Thagar’. everyone has his own destiny. Poor and rich are not only for Myanmar and Myanmars only.

Anybody in our land of Myanmar , who thinks and believes, they can do it on their own, alone, and better than others will be ‘day dreaming’. If it can be done, it could have been done long ago. Believe me. That ‘day dreamer ’, to materialised his dreams, may be trying to wipe others out, annihilate others on the ground of race, and religion.
Like it or not , love it or loath it , they are not alone in Myanmar . They cannot live on their own. They have to live together with everybody , they have to learn to love each other , they have to work together with everybody , and die with everybody if and when necessary.

Foreign nations may be looking for safe markets, safe country to invest safely which means politically, economically, and socially stable nations. Union of Myanmar is not the one at the moment because of the above reasons. Whatever these foreign investors may be trying to do is for themselves, to help themselves. In olden day, they colonise other people lands, countries. That was well known . They don’t invest in others countries because they love them more than themselves. They will let you work for them , but they won’t let you own them, or their business. Myanmar saying to this mis, “ Nga Zar Pay - Kun Jket Mapya Ne”. which means give them fish, but don’t show them the fishing ground, where you get the fish.

There are many questions such as “ are we strong enough, are we ready.” I am not sure we are strong enough or ready, what I am sure is some people don’t even know
what the questions are to give the answers . Many so called Myanmars still cannot answer most of the questions concerning them and their nation for the present and for the future. As a matter of fact there are some unanswered questions. They will never be answered.

There you are, ‘economic sanctions’. should it be lifted, or not. Those who imposed economic sanctions, on Myanmar, may want more than three stabilities. They may want to protect their investments in many way. We Myanmars have been through this before, at the end of the day Myanmar became part of India under foreign rule. Being Myanmars was without meaning.

We ( all Myanmars) fought for all, on behalf of everybody in the nation . We had to fight for it for 125 years, we made sacrifices, to get our country and our pride back. Sad to say there are some Myanmars who were helping the British to oppress us, to robe us, to rape us to kill us. These are the ones who are accusing our leaders, and us of oppressing them and their religion , robbing them , raping them or killing them. Especially “ the polygamists” are accusing others. They think others are doing the same as they are.

The question of are we strong enough, are we ready, who are these ‘ we ’ thing? It is 63 years now, Myanmar is said to be Free, Independent, Sovereign nation. Haven’t we seen enough, to know we are strong or ready? If we are strong and ready its all OK.. Other things will pick up gradually.

If we are not, we have to do some thing , somebody has to do something, ‘drastic actions’ to make ‘radical changes. There will be cost. Can we afford it, who will pay the costs? These costs are in many different forms, we all must know, and accept if we really want to change .

The people and the People’s Government must come together , act together to make these necessary changes. Cleansing the house, from rats, snakes pesticides, and weeds.
That is what we need, that is what we must do. Preparing our house , our land , to be cleaned, neat and tidy. Living in a dirty house, with rats, and snakes, and dirt is not healthy , it won’t make us strong or we will not be ready for anything. We have to make ourselves strong and ready to take any challenges and tasks. Some might think it easier to say than done. Why not, if somebody can do it, we can do it. We can do it better than somebody.

Some times ago in the South East Asia, there was an Empire called Myanmar Empire . Even parts of India, belonged to Myanmar. Don’t forget that, if you do not know, I am telling you now. Everyone should know. You don’t have to believe me. You may find it in the records, in the archives.

We are not little people. We are not small people. We will be little, and will be small, if we let them ( anyone ) do it. We can be strong as one unite, we will be ready for anything and anyone as one unit. We know that, every one of us know that.

Do you think you are strong enough on your own? Are you asking somebody to help you ? If that is so, you must know you are weak. Those who helps you will take you as weak and take over you as their expense for helping you. Over head , under head, cost of production, waste and damages , visible and invisible expenses are there . They all have to be recovered. Nothing is free, not even for Ma Aye , the girl.

For Myanmar economy, normal questions should be , what can we sell, and what should we buy. In other words what can we give, and what can we take. Supply and demand. What can we supply how will we meet the customer’s demand.

If you are weak, if you are not strong, somebody will always take over, they are in the queue. They are waiting to take everything from you, including your mother, and your sister. How many of your mothers and sisters with them now. I said mothers, because I don’t know how many wives your father had.

Well, this is, about economy and economic sanctions. The simple answer is, if you can’t do it, that is your own fault. If you don’t let others do it, it will also be your faults. You can rent your house but it has to be and cleaned, tidy. Otherwise nobody like to hire it. If you are selling the house. Whatever on the roof, in the house, or in the ground is theirs.

How can you dream of selling your country which is your own house. When them buyer ask you to get out, where will you go. There are many laws, can do many things, evicting you from your own house.