Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 26-Nov-2011  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends,

This is 21 st century , the year is 2011 , in a few weeks time it will be 2012. Some believe the year of destruction of the world . Many things are happening in the world. Many things, in some cases, nations and people are destructed . Not to forget. Destructive elements are themselves, facing and confronting
‘destructions’ .

If you don’t know, let me tell you that there is a difference between Federal and Union. In our Myanmar Naing Gan Daw, or Bamar Naing Gan Daw , which ever you want to call it to suit your taste , Feudalism is gone since 1752, when a group led by U Aung Zaya, recaptured Innwa from the Mons and established Myanmar Naing Gan Daw as one nation for all people as one people without losing their own identity.

It is said, that the last of the Konbon ( Aung Zaya) Dynasty, Kings, and Queens, Princes, and Princesses had Shan blood in them . Never the less they were the rulers, of Myanmar Naing Gan Daw at the time.

When British took over Myanmar and ruled for 125 years, every part of Myanmar Naing Gan Daw belonged to Myanmar all people in Myanmars were Myanmar as well. We blamed the rulers, as rulers not as Shan or Bamar or any other Myanmar nationality.

Some people still talk about Pinglon Conference, and Pinglon agreement which created Union of Myanmar. It was possible because it was the Union Spirit that created Union of Myanmar. There were no more small Kingdoms in Myanmar . British did not recognised or accepted any small Kingdoms, or any Kingdom within Myanmar. It showed that all Myanmars were united as one.

When the British gave the land of Myanmars back to the people of Myanmar, it was Union of Myanmar, not the Federal Myanmar. Our leaders made sure it was Union of Myanmar. They knew what Union is, and they have the Union Spirit.

A little bit of details may need to work out, to solidify that Union, not to disintegrate what already achieved. All our leaders, from all races and nationalities who created Union of Myanmar as one nation for all people as one were assassinated on the same day, in the same place. Is it fair to say by none Unionists by Federalists or Feudalists ?

American civil war in 1861 - 65 was between Unionists (23 Northern states) and 11 Confederates Southern States, which seceded from the Federal Government of the United States of America. My point here is. Union, Federal. United, Confederates do not matter, as we can see them today, war mongers will be looking for wars, nothing will stop them to create wars . They are looking for anything , to launch war , to declare war . We have to be ready, prepared to defend ourselves, from domestic or foreign enemies, because they consider us as their enemies. Our Mitta Sutta will not be effective on them.

U Saw may have had his own reasons, intension, ambitions , and taken the blame and punishments for the crime, but we know , he was not against Union, he did not oppose the Union . Those who were against and opposing the Union are other people , then and now.

This needed last touches or details were done up by the late General Ne Win during his watch as the care taker government between 1958 - 60 , in the interest of the people, in the interest of the nation of Union of Myanmar.

As far as ‘Union of Myanmar’ is concern, all Myanmars, majority of the population have good ideas, positive views , agreed and supportive again and again in every referendum since 1948 for Republic of Union of Myanmar.

The fact of the matter is how best you do, how best you build your house, there will be something missing, forgot to do, at the time you don’t need it yet . But your house needs to be well looked after, regular maintenance, and repairs will be needed as times go by. That is part of progress, that is part of developments. That is for your own good , your family.

A Nation consists of many families yours and others. It is like your long hut , common house, common use. To look after it, maintenance, and reparations are the responsible of all. Without family spirit you cannot look after your long hut, common house. Regarding Union of Myanmar , without ‘Union Spirit’ you can’t look after the Union . Let alone to maintain or repair it.

Some people are taking care of it , talking responsibility to , maintain, and to repair where necessary. Some people are deliberately making damages , destroying , or destructing, the nation and the spirit of the people. What shall we do about them?

We have educated them, put sense into their head, but their mind and brain are so polluted , contaminated, nothing can grow in them, even poison plant will not be healthy , what a lost, what a shame. What a waste of time.

The rest of the population must take care of these unworthy, not by taking the laws into their own hands, but by giving task to the Peoples Government to deal with them once and for all, accordingly. These people are pretending to be sleeping. They are not ignorant, they are just trying to be too clever, trying to corn the people, some of who may still be more ignorant then them. People must not allow them. Because these people do not go forward, but back words. They are going back to the starting point. Their navigation is not good, very poor, should I say.