Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 25-Nov-2011  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends,

I want to talk about ‘ reform’ but I don’t know where to start.
because there are too many reforms are needed in Myanmar. Myanmars as people need to be reform minded, and have will and ways to reform. But I know in a nation where there are nearly 55 million people. All or majority must be reformists, have will to reform in their respective fields.

Let me give you one example, regarding transportation system in
Myanmar. When I am in Myanmar, I travel a lot on public transport
system. Sea, Inland water, Air, Land ( buses and coaches,) rails, sometimes bullock carts, horse drawn carriages as well. . I have a lot of own experiences travelling on them , I have seen a lot of things, with my eyes.

I am not sure how many times the Union Minister for Transport U Nyan Tun Aung have travelled the way I do. using public transports as an ordinary, first class, or even Special class passenger. What is his experience, and what did he see as a passenger or as a Minister of Transport. What did he see to reform, what are there needing reformation? Or has he ever been on public transport. If he has not been, IO would like to suggest to travel at least once or each route, day or night as ordinary passenger to gather his own self experience. Don’t travel as a privileged, elite, government official. He will learn nothing about the public difficulties, what his staff are doing , about his own ministry. He will learn nothing , he will know nothing . Forget about ‘reforms’.

It is no good and no use, if one sitting on the chair, under the
ceiling fan or travelling with the government vehicle , while the
whole public using public transport , facing difficulties to travel from one place to another for their business.
Myanmar needs reforms. To reform Myanmar we only needed reform minded reformists, we also need resources, and recipients or place , somewhere , where reform is needed. Either in political , economical, and social circle to reform?

Let me draw something from Buddhism, as Myanmars say, ‘Dana Myaut’ our teachers told us “to be a successful and complete Dana, you need three main things, ‘ Dana minded donor, donations, and the recipient ( the needy)’.

Is reform is a total change, or repair, reorganise or rehabilitate? Is it changing from already existing old system to new system or new system to old system? What is this ‘ reform’ really?

At present how many political systems, economic systems, are there in the world? Capitalism , Communism, Socialism, Social democrats. Which one is to be called, new, which one is to be called the ‘reform’? As a matter of fact, we have been on one system and we come back again to the same old system . In 1948, Myanmar was a democratic country with multi party system , and socialism in economy. Then we change toone party socialism , socialist economy. What are we become of ? Are we ‘socialist democrats?. Now we are back to multi party democracy and so called ‘market economy’. What does that mean? The main question is , where are the reforms may I ask.

Is there any other new system in the world which is totally different from the old ones? What about one Hindu God , the one with elephant head called Ghanish ? Is that a reform or a deformed? When the head is changed, but the body not changed , it looks odd, it looks funny. But don’t laugh, do not disrespect. Ghanish is one of the Gods.

What is social system , anyway? In the west, in summer time men and women alike have very little clothes on. In a way they are almost naked, some are even half naked . Is that the kind of reform or change Myanmars are looking for?

We may have reform minded people ( Donors) , they may not have
resources .( money materials etc.) The recipients are many. Every department and ministry need to be reforms.

Governments, opposition, in surgents, terrorist, foreign powers all those who are one way or the other involve in politic, economy,and social affairs they all need to be reformed. Because generally speaking things cannot go on like this forever. Its counter