Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 23-Nov-2011  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots and Friends,

This is what everybody thinks nowadays. The cost . Because there is always cost involves. In the Free world , nothing is Free, if you cannot afford the cost , you can not have it. But you can have it on easy terms if you still want it , with easy payments. It will cost you more with interests, with compound interests nobody. At the end of the day, your are choke with debts, up to your neck. You can hardly breath . When will we be able to pay in full or settle these debts. Nobody know, will we ever to pay back these debts at all.

Do you get the picture ? after the First Anglo Myanmar war, Brits took Yakhine and Tanitharyi coastal area. All the expenses of the war declared by the Brits had to be paid by the Myanmar. They took Yangoon as a pawn , until that . Expenses were paid. But after the second anglo Myanmaf war Brits took lower Myanmar including Yangon and up to ‘Thayet Myo’ as border town between Myanmar and British Burma. Literally speaking all the debts built up by three Anglo Myanmar wars , and 125 years of British rule. Myanmars are still paying the cost and expenses up to this day, in many ways, and many forms. How many Myanmars knows that?

If we Myanmars are not politically, economically, socially free. We can not say we are free People. That will be a lie , a big lie. Forget about Sovereignty.

Today’s the talk of the town is US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton’s visit to our land of Myanmar. There are many foreigners visiting Myanmar everyday, for one reason or the other, officials visits , for business and economy etc., etc. They seemed to be less important or unimportant at all. There are many women in Myanmar in political, economical, or social circles, they are neither important.

But Mrs Aris, in Myanmar and Hilary Clinton are taking the front page. For Mrs Clinton this may be the first and last visit to Myanmar, before she goes , when her five year term is up.

Looking at Hilary’s official visit to Union of Myanmar ‘ positively first’. As Myanmar saying goes, “ Ain Thar Low Aie Lar ” . which means “Union of Myanmar is pleasant, that’s why people visiting ”. Don’t mix up with ‘pleasant house ” which mans Ain Thar ( toilet). The smell I was talking about the other says was ‘ Ngapi, Nganpyayyey, and Nga Chaut. ’ not the toilet smell or biochemical smell from the toilet.

‘Negatively’, union of Myanmars has one woman namely Mrs Aris. For some she is an angle but for many, she is a devil woman. Union of Myanmar suffered economic sanctions, upsurge of ethnic insurgencies and creation of modern terrorists. Because of her. That’s the fact. It could be said. Myanmar to day is worse than, before 1948 in a way. Does Mrs Aris realised that she was thoroughly used ? While Mrs Aris and SPDC have problems on behalf or the people, bith said they are working for the people. Some other people are taking the advantaging on their quarrel .

Mrs Clinton visit will pleased or even encouraged Mrs Aris, as well as some other Americanophile or the dependents of American Baptists Missions and its members in Myanmar . For Mrs Aris it may be a blood transfusion. In one of the Myanmar stories, Byat Wi , and Bya Ta were left alone to look after the Monastery by their teacher Monk who made a journey. When the teacher came back he found his monastery upside down. Here are two women, how will they look after Union of Myanmar , I have no idea.

Before she started her journey to Myanmar, Hilary talked about our problems, mainly on ethnic conflict. She said , “ "We'd like to see an end to the conflicts, particularly the terrible conflicts with ethnic minorities," Who would not like to see an end to any conflict ? I would like to say ‘ We would like to see the war in Iraq, and Afghanistan ended ’. What will she say to that ? In fact there are millions all over the world who would like to see US war against any country ended .The whole list of wars US launched, US dragged in other countries on its side as conspiracies, including United nations, and EU. It has to stopped.

As a matter of fact ‘The War’ is nothing new, no stranger to man kind. Not to US, not to Myanmars. To say nobody wants the war may not be totally right. Because in the human history, there were Warmonger who started the wars. For every little reasons war mongers will make war, right or wrong are irrelevant . To have land , and glory, in another word it could be said as ‘to build nations, if not the empires‘ to have all people of the world united . Under who was the question. We have learned about these wars, our own and of others of the past through records, as well as we are experiencing ourselves today. Some of us are involve in these wars, not by choice, but by necessity.

Lots of reasons and excuses for a war, but today , among many of them , some of them are, ‘to protect and defend oneself , and one’s interests ’. It is difficult to say exactly what ‘ own interests ’ means. Another one is to ‘impose one’s wills on others by force’. There are different words which carries the same meaning, which comes to the same meaning.

These wars are in the end , interpret as to be Free or to protect that Freedom and one’s way of life. It can happen only in the Free world, in the name of the Freedom. Is there anybody who cares for others Freedom and others way of life ? The answer may be , yes, of course, that is why we are helping you to be Free in the Free world. Is that so? Only when your mind and brain are free , vacant with empty rooms, then I can fill them with my will, impose my will , by force if necessary .

First I will make you weak, weaker, and weaker everyday. Politically, economically, socially, not to forger militarily I will make sure you have nothing to defend yourself with , then if you are still unshaken by spirit, I will attack you from every corners. I will destroy you, everything to do with you, until you give up or unconditional and total surrender.

If you ask anybody, they will say, they don’t want war. They want something else war is the last thing they have in mind. If there is war, everybody like to see an end to any conflict in any part ofthe world, between any race , and religion. Based on different political , economical, social ideas . It is easy to say, ‘ end the conflict’ , but how to make it end , is difficult, when outside powers are involve , in one way or the other.

That can also be interpret as defensive and offences war. To protect so called own interests. When is it to defend, what is it to offend, when it says, ‘ you better do it to them before they do it to you ’. Peace or War ?

United States of America is no stranger to any war , it has with the Indians, with the British, with the French, and not to forget their own civil war. The war with Germany, and Japan. They condemned U.S.S.R in Afghanistan, let the people led by Taliban kicked USSR out to make room vacant Afghanistan for US to take over. Iraq is no difference. The fact of the matter is that US has all the experience of the wars starting them but never finished them, because war is a big business. Their business is making wars, creating wars, supplying war materials and weapon to both side who are in the conflicts, openly from the front door or secretly from the back door. Where there is a war, you will see US involve in one way or the other.

The question of, when was it, and how did US ended any war which it involved. Which it made itself involved ? US is not stupid. If it ends the conflicts , it will finished its business. What is happened today in US, and in EU may be linked to arms business. U armed embargos, economic sanctions , protectionism, etc., etc. on many countries. It ganged up with EU, all has back fire on US, and EU. So they are preparing to create another war against Iran. Whether it is weapons of mass destruction or not US has scores to settle with Iran since Shah was disposed against No.

If there was mean and way to end the ethnic conflict Mrs Clinton should give to President Thein Sein of Union of Myanmar. She should give him a few tips on how her ancestors ended the conflicts with the ethnic people in the US.

Besides, it will be a great help to Mrs Clinton , if she should find out from her reliable sources, how these ethnic minorities terrorists, in Myanmar obtaining modern weapons through Thailand, who are the armed suppliers. Recently one Russian man accused of arms dealing was arrested and extradited to US. Who as he dealing with, is he alone or are there some other people. It is a close and shut case, at the moment.

What I would like to know is , while armed embargo is imposed on the Government of Rep, of Union of Myanmar , who are supplying arms to these so called ethnic armed groups in Myanmar? To end these conflicts doesn’t depend on the Government of the Union of Myanmar alone. It would be much better, that Mrs Clinton has study the modern history of Union of Myanmar , including British connection, US connections Thailand connections and also China Connections.

If Mrs Clinton wants to be fair, then she should play a fair game. Nobdy asked her to be the broker. Because as a human, as a free person she knows exactly what Fair is. Because these are human problems created by human and the human have to solve these problem in human ways. What are the human ways. Who are the creators of these problems, or to prolong these problem? If she is a free person as a human she knows what fair is.

Myanmars have their own problems, if US or UK, or EU has nothing to do with these problems leave the Myanmars alone let them solve their own problems. Or do they have everything do with it?

Myanmars are not attacking anybody, but if there is something to defend, they will be defend it. That is what Myanmars are doing. So called ethnic insurgents were attacking democratically elected government of Myanmar , and Myanmar as a democracy nation. Since 1948. All the governments of Union of Myanmar since then were defending and protecting the people and the nation. Defending all people regardless of race, nationalities or religion. Further more Bamar race and Buddhists are under attacks by the American Baptists Christians.

Some said , “ Suu Kyi has not traditionally had a close relationship with rebel groups in her struggle for democracy”. How do you know? DAB supports Mrs Aris. Shan NLD), Chin(NLD), Kachin(NLD), Kayin (NLD), Kayah(NLD), Chin (NLD) who are they ? Their identity are clear enough . What is their relation with main NLD led by Mrs Aris for them to call themselves s NLD? . Besides , Mrs Aris, said little or nothing about these ethnic armed groups means nothing. It may be ‘Silence is Golden’ for her. She better say nothing than say something wrong. about her party relation with them.

Nearly 55 million people of Myanmar desire Peace, not only Mrs Aris who desires peace. People of Myanmars are not mongers in anyway. Only a handful few, dacoits, bandits, robbers, terrorists, rapists, and murderers and their sympathisers don’t want peace. Majority of all major ethnic groups. races or the nationalities are living in Peace and harmony. Why should we given in the demands of these handful Myanmar Talibans. The never ant peace because Peace means no business for them, only war is good business for them. .

If needs be , let us go for referendum again to see who want Peace and who don’t want Peace to know the numbers. After all this is democracy. The New Constitution, has given us guidelines, to create Peaceful and Prosperous nation. Those who oppose this New Constitution are those who are against Peace including Mrs Aris, if I may say.

News in Bangkok Post mentioned, ‘called earlier this year for an end to the conflict.’ Who was she calling to, how will she propose to end these conflicts ? As usual, she will not say before her time. Before she gets the power.