Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 20-Nov-2011  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots and Friends,

It could be said that our nation of Myanmars is a Peaceful nation. Insurgents and terrorists are the basic ingredients of any nation in the 21 st century modern world. Rep, of Union of Myanmar is of no exception, Destructive forces or e destructive
elements under the name of CIA, MI5 and Mossad are everywhere . Not many people who do not study the world events, currents may realised that. We cannot see them,
because they bare no horns on their forehead, like the Hellboy, yet they are Hellboys , they are among us, they are our own people. Who are the CIA, MI5 and Mossad agents in Myanmar? Some called them axe handles, or pan handles, maggots from own flesh?

But in Myanmar everything is under control. It is the joint efforts of the Government and the law abiding citizens. The government and the people maintain it, because in a country where there is no relative stabilities, and peace, there will be no progress, no developments. If you are ticklish that is your weak point, somebody will always tickle you.

Rep of Union of Myanmar is calm and cool for quite sometimes. Its citizens are doing their own business, and running about their errands, struggling their daily life, like any other citizen in other parts of the world. May be because the masters of these destructive forces are busy somewhere else. They also know Myanmar won’t go away to anywhere it will be where it is. They can come back at anytime.

There was news about Chinese sponsored Myitson dam ( Hydro Electric Project), in Myanmar . The Kachins (KIA) in the Kachin State of Myanmar with the help of the Greens from outside , makes this progress and developments as an issue. Which sparked off many rumours on the relation between Myanmar and China. United States does not want any country to be friendly with Myanmars, to be friends of Myanmar, China, or India , because US wants to put Myanmar under its control. Well we all know that and why , don’t we.

In Myanmar the defunct NLD and its leaders decided to register as political party and compete or take part in future elections, starting from by elections. Suddenly, Mr Obama is sending his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to Myanmar. Hilary Clinton is said to be going to Myanmar.

I never thought of Clintons very much since I saw a film called ‘OK Carol’ when I was young. The lessons I learned from that film was not so good. Again Bill Clinton as US President. How he abused his power , or how corrupt he was. Need not say no more about the system in US. .

Hilary should be forewarned that in Myanmar, Ngapi , and Nga Chaut , sun dried salted fish or shrimp or wet paste , and Nganpyayey ( fish sauce) areproduced and widely eaten. They do smell for some who does not like them, like a Durian fruit. But they are like perfume and angel fruit for some . Mrs Hilary Clinton should not be complaining about the smell . She should not be telling Myanmars not to eat them. If she does not like it she neither taste it nor touch it. As simple as that. If she touches it , the smell won’t go away. She may look like a monkey who touched Ngapi. If she thinks that she could not stand, the smell of Ngapi , Nga Chaut and Nganpyayey she should cancelled her trip to Myanmar.

Her task which I do believe is to promote the relation between Rep of Union of Myanmafr and United States of America. Good relation, warm relation, friendly relation , you name it , it not for bed relation, cool relation or unfriendly relations. It is not the issues of Ngapi, Nga Chaut and Nganpyayey. But when it comes to ethnic people, you cannot avoid or ignore these issues, Not to forget that the whole of South
East Asia Region smells of these items, like perfume of Paris.

For Myanmar it considers every nation is its friend. Whether anyone will accept Myanmar as its friends or not is up to individual nation, within their rights as well.

Whatever Mrs Clinton think of her country , her people, as a patriots, she must accept that Myanmars are the same . They know their people they know their country because
There are 55 million of them, in their own country. They are the original , indigenous native people of that nation of Myanmars, n matter what their differences may be. They all are patriots , they have their love for the people and the nation. Mrs Clinton must not forget that there are 55 million human beings in Myanmar . The same as she is a human being, nothing more, and nothing less.

The leaders of Myanmar are Myanmars , they are doing whatever is needed for their people and their nation, with whatever way they can do, they are doing for the best, and their ability and with whatever available, under all circumstances, and all situation.

Mrs Clinton also know, because she is educated enough, she is intelligent enough.
If there is something the leaders of Myanmar cannot do, there are good reasons, without excuses. When Mrs Clinton goes, she must have open mind, not with preset mind , and without preconceives theories. Look at and see the realities, and accept it.

Mrs Clinton as a US, Secretary of State has her responsibility to her people and her nation. She also has responsibility to create good relations between US and other Nations. It is most important, that Hilary Clinton respect all these facts. Because this respect will take both countries a long, long away. It is simple, ‘ make it or break ’ is not the options. ‘Mutual respects’ is desirable. Not to forget, Rep of Union of Myanmar is a Free Independent, Sovereign nation . It is nobody’s colony, neither British, nor Russia, nor China, nor a part of India.

Myanmar human beings and the nation of Myanmar have their own rights . Who is hindering who is stopping the progress and developments of Myanmar and the people Let us be honest and sincere about it for once, at least. Nobody knows better than a person such as Mrs Clinton. What agenda she has, what task has she been given to by US government ?

This is a very rare visit, it must be meaningful, it must be fruitful. To have meaningful talk with the Government of Union of Myanmar or this visit is designed for Hilary to meet Mrs Aris, to talk with her. Make it or break it should not be option, as I have said.

To speak my mind , Mrs Clinton is just a Secretary of State, U Thein Sein is the President of Rep of Union of Myanmar, equal to President Barak, H Obama of US. Who is higher than who. and who is lower than who? How low must Then Sein come down to meet Hilary. To treat her as his level may even be too much , that is my view. But talking is always nice, its nice to talking talk sense, talk serious.

If US or Mrs Clinton does not consider U Thein Sein is level to President Obama . Why should Thein Sein bother to meet her . He should send his vice President or Foreigner Wunna Maung Lwin to meet her . If the attitude of Mrs Clinton is, there is nothing to talk, nothing serious, it is just to give some instructions or its just a tourist visit, then she should not come at all in the first place or visit Shwedagon. Bagan , Mandalay, Innlay and go home, as a tourist.

Again what about Mrs Aris ? Mrs Aris is a Nobel Laureate, opposition leader in Myanmar higher or lower than Hilary I don’t know. Is Mrs Aris a museum piece for Mrs Clinton as a tourist to see ? Mrs Aris higher than Gautama Buddha or Thein Sein? Should every Myanmars be worshipping her above Gautama Buddha?
It is showing , and it will show. Is it the sign of Communism coming back to Myanmar?

Then again , when and if they met , what will they be talking about ? Will Mrs Aris be asking Hilary for the arms and funds, and supports for the multi coloured terrorists in Myanmar, or to support her if necessary, to gain power, to take power from Thein Sein and give it to her? Or Mrs Aris will be asking US for funds, and arms to make push her decisive actions , to support her ‘Radical Change’?

Many Myanmar insurgents and rebels, including so called demo-campers occasionally come to Britain and discuss with the British Government officials. They are open secrets. Not many people pays attention. Present British Foreign minister William Hague is too busy with the affairs of Libya and Syria. The west will support any opposition which has possibility to win . They will not support any losers,

The Christians Churches, the desk of Churches of Burma(Myanmar) funds the churches in Myanmar. Some of them buying arms with that funds and accuse and blame the government of Union of Myanmar for neglecting the Christian Churches, in Myanmar , creating racial and religious hatred and conflicts.