Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 18-Nov-2011  

U.S. to send Clinton to Myanmar
By the CNN Wire Staff
November 18, 2011 -- Updated 0723 GMT (1523 HKT)

(CNN) -- U.S. President Barack Obama announced Friday that he will send Hillary Clinton to Myanmar next month, the first visit by a U.S. secretary of state in more than 50 years.

Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends,

Do you notice that, how deceiving that CNN news is. When Bill Clinton was the US President his nSec,. Of State Madeleine Albright was sent to Myanmar . CNN totally ignored that. That is CNN. How many other fabricated news CNN been manufacturing ,nobody will know.

Because ,‘The Death’ always claims its rights.

Many US senators and foreign Secretary of States have been to Rep, of Union of Myanmar except , Colin Power and Condoleezza Rice. Sorry to say they both happened to be black Americans. When we say, black or white that is the fact, nothing to do with race. As a matter of fact I don‘t know which original major ethnic race or nationality or indigenous tribe they belonged to .

I disappointed that the high rank American blacks y have not been to Myanmar at all They have had no time for Myanmar but others white senators had. What more can I say, what can I do. Today in United States is the President is also a black American. The news said he is sending Sec., of State Hilary Clinton, who is a white to Myanmar .

The colour of the skin, race or nationality may or may not be relevant , but everybody
Has his own attitude, behaviour , means and ways of doing thing .

I remember, when the news came out that, Colonel Mohammer Gadaffi was dead. Hilary Clinton with a big smile said. “ we came, we conquer, and he is dead.”. Was it Hilary Clinton or was she speaking as an American. When she comes to Myanmar , she may conquer at least one, or some Myanmars‘ minds . But who will have to die during her visit or after her visit ? For Hilary to say what she said when Gadaffi was killed?

The fact is where the US goes, the death accompanies with it, and makes claims.

I don’t need to remind the leaders of Myanmar.‘ let alone to patronise them. I have said enough, may be more than what I should. My concerns, my worries among many things including our land not to become another battle ground . Myanmar had been battle ground for others or for ourselves.

My advice to all Myanmar leaders is ‘don’t gamble with the devil , please’, Mainthing is our leaders must be decisive, not un decisive. Our leaders must know that the tongue has no bones. Remember between French and British Myanmar was torn into pieces.

In politic, there are twist and turns. Everybody twist and turn. In politic there are always traps. You must know these tricks, though , you don’t like it or you don’t do it. Don’t let yourself caught in the traps. Even you like it, you do it, remember there is always somebody better than you.

Will Hilary Clinton speaking to the Hluttaws, or through it to the people of Myanmar or to pay a private visit to Mrs Aris ?

As what Hilary will be coming to Myanmar ? As a broker, between the government and Mrs Aris ? Or to give. dictations., or to threaten an intimidate Myanmar in their usual way, taking advantages on those who believe that ‘war is evil ’ . Evil or not everybody is free and have rights to defend and protect itself.

Nobody says life is easy, everybody has to learn in hard way.