Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 17-Nov-2011  

Obama says US will speak clearly about support for human rights in Myanmar
By Associated Press, Thursday, November 17, 12:09 AM
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends,

How can Obama differentiate human species among human . Whop are the human, and who are not? How much Obama does know about human rights. Who are the human being in United States, who are the human beings in Australia, or in New Zealand, and who are the human beings in Myanmar?

It is nice to know Obama has taken some interests in Myanmar and human rights, and also acknowledged the positive steps the Government of Myanmar is taking . Obama did not say anything about his country and the problems its is going through or how they over came the problems in the past, Obama also neglecting or even ignoring the human rights of the America people, the Native American Indians of all ethnic races of once Sioux Nation and Native Aborigines of Australia.

Does Obamas ever seen or met the people of Sioux Nation or Aborigines of Australia, as asked them how they are being treated?

I only hope he was not saying what the Myanmar exiles, most of them are Kayins in Australia want to hear. Democracy and Human right are talk of the town. It will be great, those who talks about them knows the meaning of Democracy and the mean of Human , to talk about human rights.

Obama must know that there is not only one human in Myanmar but there are 55 million Myanmars, majority belongs to Bamars race, and they are the Buddhists. When he talks about human rights, he must recognised these 55 million of all nationalities, and all religion are human beings, as he has in United States of America, they are not monkeys. They are not the descendents of the Negro slaves, who were said to be liberated by Abe Lincoln. Or by Martin Luther King Jr?

What the previous Governments and Presidents of US , and the West doing were, not recognising the human rights of this 55 million human people of Myanmar, by imposing all sorts of sanctions, embargos and restrictions

If the government of Myanmar have clean the prisons and empty them of not only so called political prisoners, and other common criminals, US and the west will think of something else. To place their little sister on the throne. Its all familiar things. U S and the West must be very careful. Their tricks are well known to all people all over the world, even beyond the Universe . They will have to pay back one day.

The AP news from Canberra forgets to mention why Mr Obama was in Australia. According to the informed sources, among other things he is singing the agreement with Australian accepting US permanent military base in Australia with the strength of 2500 strong. That’s the only beginning. What comes next will be interesting.

It is funny, to hear that while Britain is cutting military spending including reducing the strength, troops numbers. No doubt Brit., has most sophisticated modern weapons , including weapons of mass destructions. Do we have to understand that the security of, Australia or safety of it cannot be guaranteed by the Brits., any more? Yet it has US military bases all over Britain. Australia does not want the British, but accepts US with a smile is a bit odd. Why not, Britain owes everything to US. Britain and Australia can never say ‘no’ to US.