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 President U Thein Sein speaks at Chatham House, London (interpretation into English) Article by KyawMyaing19-Jul-2013
 President U Thein Sein speaks at Chatham House, London (July 2013) Article by KyawMyaing18-Jul-2013
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 President U Thein Sein meets US President Obama in Washington Article by KyawMyaing5-Jun-2013
 Interview with Madeline Albright - VOA Article by KyawMyaing5-Jun-2013
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 UN : Burma still has serious rights challenges Article by KyawMyaing5-Aug-2012
 Article supporting the Rohingyas by Bina D'Costa Article by KyawMyaing2 comments2-Aug-2012
 Paving paths of gold and silver - normalizing relations between USA and Myanmar Article by KyawMyaing19-May-2012
 Normalizing US-Myanmar relations Article by KyawMyaing19-May-2012
 Press briefing by State Department spokesman Article by KyawMyaing1 comment5-May-2012
 US President Obama praises reforms of UThein Sein's government Article by KyawMyaing25-Jan-2012
 US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton makes historic visit to Myanmar Article by KyawMyaing3-Dec-2011
 Daw Aung San Suu Kyi welcomes US Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton at her home Article by KyawMyaing3-Dec-2011
 On relations with China - Daw Aung San Suu Kyi Article by KyawMyaing1 comment23-Sep-2011
 US Envoy visits Myanmar - Mr. Derek Mitchell Article by KyawMyaing20-Sep-2011
 Indonesian Foregin Minister says he would listen to Daw Aung Sann Su Kyi and civil society organizations Article by KyawMyaing20-Sep-2011
 There are clear winds of change blowing through Burma. Article by KyawMyaing19-Sep-2011
 US appoints envoy to Myanmar Article by KyawMyaing18-Aug-2011
 US Senators Want Burma Policy Assessed Article by KyawMyaing3 comments20-Apr-2010
 Bill Clinton in NKorea seeking reporters' release Article by web crawler4-Aug-2009
 Clinton to sign peace treaty with ASEAN next week (16 July 2009 - Xinhua) Article by web crawler18-Jul-2009
 UN Secretary-General's speech at the luncheon honoring U Thant Article by web crawler8-Jun-2009
 Good Strategy Needed To Help Myanmar: Nobel Prize Laureate Article by web crawler4-Jun-2009
 Myanmar Deputy Foreign Minister gives speech at 17th ASEAN-EU Ministerial Meeting (Phnom Penh, Cambodia) - 1 June 2009 Article by web crawler2-Jun-2009
 Myanmar Foreign Ministry issues press release in response to UNSC press release Article by web crawler28-May-2009
 Two powerful US lawmakers call upon reform minded generals - by Lalit Jha (16 May 2009) Article by web crawler16-May-2009
 Obama extends sanctions on Burma - by Lalit Jha (16 May 2009) Article by web crawler16-May-2009
 Burma needs Obama's help - Boston Globe (30 April 2009) Article by web crawler2-May-2009
 How is Foreign Policy formulated Article by bigrain22-Mar-2009