Agenda for the Nation
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 Agenda for the Nation - 2016 Article by KyawMyaing5-Dec-2015
 Congratulations to the NLD for winnind a landslide victory in the 2015 General Elections Article by KyawMyaing1 comment15-Nov-2015
 Democracy in Burma (at Yale University) Part 1. Article by KyawMyaing22-Aug-2013
 Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's speech at 8888 Silver Jubilee anniversary celebrations Article by KyawMyaing1 comment9-Aug-2013
 iNFBC statement for the 8888 Silver Jubilee Celebrations Article by KyawMyaing8-Aug-2013
 Aung San Suu Kyi at the ILO "Reconciliation not retribution" Article by KyawMyaing1 comment3-Aug-2013
 You are not in the "Bei htaing bu Pyaw group" Article by KyawMyaing31-Jul-2013
 Reconciliation happens when --- (by Kyaw Myaing) a reposting Article by KyawMyaing18-Jul-2013
 President U Thein Sein meets with Myanmar media at Myanmar Mission to UN (28 September 2012) Article by KyawMyaing18-Jul-2013
 Thura U Shwe Mann meets SF Bay Area residents - Part 2 Article by KyawMyaing12-Jul-2013
 Interesting video about Time Magazine "The face of Buddhist terror" Article by KyawMyaing4-Jul-2013
 Govt Union Level Peace Negotiators meet with KIA leaders (Myitkyina) Article by KyawMyaing24-Jun-2013
 Thura U Shwe Mann meets SF Bay Area Myanmar Community Article by KyawMyaing24-Jun-2013
 Begin from the heart - 2 ( by Kyaw Myaing ) National Reconciliation Forum Article by KyawMyaing21-Jun-2013
 "federalism" and "federal" should no longer be dirty words Article by KyawMyaing21-Jun-2013
 Can the constitution be amended - World Economic Nay Pyi Taw, June 2013) Article by KyawMyaing1 comment7-Jun-2013
 Peace talks between KIA and Government Union level peace talks team Article by KyawMyaing6-Jun-2013
 The true essence of democracy Article by KyawMyaing11-May-2013
 Good advice from Martin Luther King Jr. Article by KyawMyaing11-Apr-2013
 Whatever happened to Thunderbolts Article by KyawMyaing3 comments30-Jan-2013
 Daw Aung San Suu Kyi meets Myanmar staff at UN - 21 September 2012 Article by KyawMyaing2 comments22-Sep-2012
 Video presentation about what is happening in Rakhine Article by KyawMyaing6-Aug-2012
 Raising the level of political discussion (from mudslinging and name calling to serious talk) Article by KyawMyaing24-Jul-2012
 President U Thein Sein meets with Group of Friends of Democracy Parties Article by KyawMyaing3 comments19-Jul-2012
 Is loving kindness meditation good for all occasions? Article by KyawMyaing3 comments12-Jul-2012
 Transition towards democracy in a smooth and peaceful way Article by KyawMyaing1 comment3-Jul-2012
 Please use this website wisely and with civility and courtesy Article by KyawMyaing27-Jun-2012
 Actions taken by the Myanmar Government in Rakhine State to create stability and peace Article by KyawMyaing1 comment15-Jun-2012
 Reforms and reconciliation Article by KyawMyaing3 comments31-May-2012
 A rose by any name is still a rose Article by KyawMyaing1 comment26-May-2012
 Reconciliation, Peace and Development (I'm so happy this is happening now) Article by KyawMyaing13-May-2012
 Hopes in Myanmar but Fear for Military Persists - by Kinue imai Weinstein Article by KyawMyaing12-May-2012
 An old posting from "Agenda for the Nation" (done in 2002) Article by KyawMyaing2-May-2012
 NLD decides to take oath ofvoffice Article by KyawMyaing1 comment30-Apr-2012
 NLD decides to take oath and enter Parliament Article by KyawMyaing30-Apr-2012
 An old post on Article by KyawMyaing30-Apr-2012
 Using "Pyinsa Bala" for national development Article by KyawMyaing2 comments11-Feb-2012
 Brahma vihara will save our country and make it develop with a better pace Article by KyawMyaing10-Feb-2012
 Myanmar poised to take off Article by KyawMyaing7-Feb-2012
 President U Thein Sein gives interview to "Washington Post" Article by KyawMyaing21-Jan-2012
 Myanmar is now in the New York Times list of 45 places to go in 2012 Article by KyawMyaing21-Jan-2012
 Burma Democratic Concern - on lifting sanctions (about time) Article by KyawMyaing1 comment19-Jan-2012
 A day to remember and a day to celebrate Article by KyawMyaing13-Jan-2012
 Myanmar Democracy Foundation Article by KyawMyaing2 comments2-Dec-2011
 What Myanmar should do Article by KyawMyaing1 comment1-Nov-2011
 Calling all Myanmars - internal and external Article by KyawMyaing1 comment16-Oct-2011
 What is special this time? Article by KyawMyaing14-Oct-2011
 Political comedian and political activist Zarganar released together with other prisoners of conscience Article by KyawMyaing12-Oct-2011
 Irrawaddy chief editor's article published in local journal Article by KyawMyaing10-Oct-2011
 Looking to the future but learning from the past Article by KyawMyaing1 comment8-Oct-2011
 Political parties bill goes to parliament Article by KyawMyaing1 comment7-Oct-2011
 Patriotic song - YMBA Saya Tin Article by KyawMyaing24-Sep-2011
 Aung San Suu Kyi speaks at Clinton Global Initiative (Part 3) Article by KyawMyaing22-Sep-2011
 Aung San Suu Kyi speaks at Clinton Global Initiative (Part 2) Article by KyawMyaing22-Sep-2011
 Aung San Suu Kyi speaks at the Clinton Global Initiative (Part 1) Article by KyawMyaing22-Sep-2011
 Daw Aung San Suu Kyi - VOA interview (by Daw Khin Soe Win) Article by KyawMyaing22-Sep-2011
 I would like to urge all to work hard together based on the common ground - President U Thein Sein Article by KyawMyaing19-Sep-2011
 The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind (Kyaw Myaing) Article by KyawMyaing14-Sep-2011
 Images of Reconciliation - Daw Aung San Suu Kyi meets President U Thein Sein Article by KyawMyaing11-Sep-2011
 Offering water to the Buddha image (Yangon, Myanmar) Article by KyawMyaing11-Sep-2011
 The answer my friend is blowling in the wind Article by KyawMyaing11-Sep-2011
 Junta Turns to Khin Nyunt for Ethnic Advice - Irrawaddy Article by KyawMyaing1 comment3-Dec-2010
 Daw Aung San Suu Kyi - views on revolution and regime change (meeting her son at the airport) Article by KyawMyaing1 comment26-Nov-2010
 Aung San Suu Kyi will face many challenges leading a second Panglong - Irrawaddy Article by KyawMyaing1 comment22-Nov-2010
 Agenda for the Nation Article by bigrain20-Apr-2009