Article submitted by: James on 23-Sep-2010  

Dear readers, free and fair,

The title of this article "Elections cancelled!" should be the
headline of a front page article in the NLM one of these days. The
elections have to be cancelled in all of Burma because they are not
free and fair. The junta already cancelled them in parts of Burma
where they might lose under the pretext of not being 'free and fair'.
The junta fails to cancel them all over Burma for the same reason, so
hereby I'll do it instead. The junta did not provide sound arguments
for cancelling the elections in specific areas (but we clearly sense
their fear of losing), but I will justify my decision with the
arguments below.

1. The elections and its related processes are (partially) based on
the undemocratic, unilaterally drafted 2008 Constitution, that was
adopted after a severely rigged Referendum. The opposition was
underrepresented in the National Convention, the NLD was completely
shut out, and its content, describing the structure of a "to be
chosen" government is unilaterally favouring the military (at least a
fixed 25% military representation).

2. The election laws, effectuated by Than Shwe and comrades, are very
undemocratic and unilaterally favouring the junta, as is evident from
the following arguments:

2a. Than Shwe just decided to force the NLD to choose: either
renouncing Aung San Suu Kyi as its leader or being forced to refrain
from competition and being dissolved. Everything has been set up to
get rid of Aung San Suu Kyi and possibly the NLD as well;

2b. The USDP has been accepted as a participating political party,
while it obviously violates articles 4d and 7c of the election law.
This also affects the credibility and impartiality of the UEC
(elections commission) and the election law itself. Well, Than Shwe is
above his self-made laws and infringes on them quite often;

2c. Anyone believing that the wolves in sheep's clothing really are
civilians is retarded, they still are military of course, only
camouflaged as soldiers use to do; they even wear similar uniforms and
hats, just differently coloured ones (not green) and without
distinctive emblems (see e.g. the photos on pages 8 and 9 of the NLM
of 15jun2010). Besides, both Shwe Mann and Tin Aung Myint Oo still are
mentioned in the NLM of 14 September 2010 as members of the SPDC, the
military government although their military titles are not used
anymore. Shwe Mann recently even had talks with Chinese General Chen
Bingde about military issues. This really is something confusing if
not discrepant and manipulative. Whatever it is called, the USDP
actually is a military party (next to the fixed 25% military), because
it consists of people being military in heart and soul;

2d. Participating for candidates is expensive for the poorer parties
as it takes about $500 per cancidate to pay to Than Shwe;

2e. Campaigning is very much limited, just one week in advance,
holding speeches in public must be requested, radio and TV broadcasts
restricted to only 15 minutes per party, pamphlets, brochures have to
be censored. How less people will be fully informed about the goals of
all parties, how many people won't be fully informed or at all or
won''t understand anything of it?

2f. While the junta is rigging the elections and its outcomes to a
large extent and grants itself the right to promote itself and its
proxy party USDP for a long time already and while the election
campaign of the other parties is only restricted to the first week of
November, it obviously is 'not allowed' to try to influence other
people not to vote at all because that would be interpreted as
"disrupting the voting process" and may be punishable according to
articles 57 and 58 of the Hluttaw Election Law. The junta itself
should actually be tried and convicted according to these articles for
manipulation and rigging of the voting procedures;

2g. The election laws exclude monks and jailed political activists
from being allowed to cast their votes or to participate as candidates
in the elections.

3. The amount of existing political prisoners (far over 2000), many of
them with very long sentences. Some of these are the (potential)
political leaders of opposition parties, the ones you need when
building a free, democratic and independent country. The junta,
however, wants to keep them excluded from participating and even from
voting. Burma is not a free country, there is no freedom of speech.
Under the conditions of the junta Burma will never become democratic.

4. The lack of press freedom; censorship currently is severe and will
remain so after 7 November. It is not possible to fully report about
the elections and their irregularities, even if there would be
sufficient and well-trained reporters.

5. Even while the NLD, under Aung San Suu Kyi, wants to dispute its
liquidation in a lawsuit, the junta has threatened to even punish the
NLD and Aung San Suu Kyi for criticising the junta's decision. This
may cause to prolong Aung San Suu Kyi's detention much longer, Than
Shwe's next trick. (see my article "Ignore the cheating oppressors" of
17 September 2010).
Being treated unjustly in Burma and attempting to dispute that ends in
being treated even more unjustly. If you are aggrieved unjustly you
are prohibited from disputing it; that would only make it worse.
Appealing to a verdict is discouraged; it would mean that you don't
see the seriousness of your crime and that you have to be punished
even harder to make you see that.
Than Shwe has made laws for everything he does not like, in this case
he dislikes opposition against his decisions and abuses the law with
the ridiculous name " Law Protecting the Peaceful and Systematic
Transfer of State Responsibility and the Successful Performance of the
Functions of the National Convention against Disturbances and
Oppositions" (SLORC Law 5/96). It is forbidden and an offence to blame
the junta for anything unrighteous.

6. While the Burmese media (NLM) claim that every eligible citizen may
vote freely and anonymously what ever (s)he prefers, there are
numerous acknowledged reports already about voting in advance and
forced voting for junta supporting parties.

7. A party's goal may not be conflicting with many measures of the
junta, laid down in the fake Constitution, ad hoc demanded by Than
Shwe and specified in the so-called election laws. For example a party
may not wish the country to become split up into several independent
parts, a party may not wish the political structure to become even
more democratic by wanting the military to disappear, a party may not
want to oppose the goals and objectives that the military junta (Than
Shwe) has specified. A party must navigate within the tight
restrictions that the junta has enforced; e.g. it is impossible to
desire the repressors to be arrested and tried for crimes against
humanity or to make a political 180 degrees turn..

8. The junta of 1990 did not recognise the latest free and fair
election results because these unfortunately and unexpectedly were
unfavourable for them. The remained in power by superior force and
violence. Would they accept the outcomes of the (so-called) 2010
elections if these would turn out unfavourably for them as well? The
answer is NO and the junta has taken its precautions to avoid that for
sure as may become clear from the other arguments. This is called a
put-up job.

9. The refusal of the junta to allow international observers during
the voting process. They don't want nosy priers while arranging the
voting process in their own way. They have to hide something.

10. Another rigging factor is the fact that the elections will not
beheld on a population basic, but on a township basic instead,
damaging the chances for candidates of smaller parties to be elected
at all.

11. By the anticipated rigging procedures and trying to see how far
they can go in the eyes of the opposition and other countries
(including China) the junta actually and deliberately is forcing an
uncivilised civil war in Burma (so they know they can go that far).
They are also seeing how far they can go before they will be
substantially disapproved by foreign nations like the US, the UK, but
even China and, hence, the UN. Than Shwe think he still has a lot of
credit in doing as he likes. He may continue playing god for quite a
while yet.

12. The only reason that the junta wants elections, like it wanted it
in 1990 as well, is to legalise and strengthen its own rule. Than Shwe
and comrades want the formal support of the people instead of messing
around on their own.

13. The purpose of the Tatmadaw is not to defend the Burmese people
against any possible foreign invasion, but to serve as a police force
to oppress and exploit the people of Burma. The Tatmadaw in fact is
the hostile occupation army in Burma. Myat Phone Lu, in his article
"Let's harmoniously shape future of the new nation" in the NLM of 19
September 2010 admits that the task of the Tatmadaw, "the national
political force [is to] safeguard the national politics not to be
derailed and the national interest not to be harmed".

14. Than Shwe's behaviour, though he may not intend to do so, is
provoking a very much undesired civil war in Burma if it isn't already
regarded to be going on (e.g. between the Tatmadaw and so-called
insurgent groups, ethnic armies.

15. Than Shwe will never keep his promises. This has become apparent
during many occasions during the past 18 years of his rule. He
apparently neither needs to abide by his own laws, those only apply to
his opponents.

16. Than Shwe is forcing every party to march within the limits posed
by him, to respect his plans ("building discipline-flourishing multi-
party democratic nation") for the future with Burma. Deviant opinions
and policies are not allowed.

17. The heavilily censored Burmese media reported differently about
Than Shwe's recent visit to China with regard to the alleged support
of China for the junta's internal policies and measures. They
suggested full support of China, while the Chinese media just
suggested to prefer tranquillity in the border areas for their own
(economic) interest.

18. Than Shwe's personal interests weigh heavier for him than the
wellbeing of the Burmese people. He pushed the 2008 Referendum
through, despite the disaster, cyclone Nargis, that hit the people of
Burma in May 2008. He even very much restricted national and
international humanitarian aid to the cyclone victims, which caused
tens of thousands additional and unnecessary (dead) victims.

19. The ongoing humanitarian crimes of the junta, the repression by
the Tatmadaw (its only purpose): the robbing (of land and money),
chasing, killing, forcing of labour, ethnic cleansing and genocide,
imprisoning, intimidation, deception and lying, corruption and
bribing; even worse than described in the novel "1984" by George
Orwell. The junta is destroying the Burmese economy, it only arranges
contracts with foreign nationals about the use of Burmese national
resources for their own benefit, not for the people's benefit. The
rabble is kept quiet by just some superficial, material improvements
of the infrastructure or education, bread and circuses, something the
Burmese media are keen to report extensively about.

20. Remember the growing support for the Burma War Crimes Commission
(see by more and
more countries. That support isn't growing for nothing.

Than Shwe, the paranoid and megalomaniacal dictator, is a sick man. He
is not satisfied with "winning" the elections with 90%, he wants 100%.
He is obsessed, addicted to power, adoration, esteem and richness. He
gets up every morning, thinking: "Now, what undemocratic law will I
invent and announce effective today to again harming my opponents even
more?", "What cheats can I carry out today to damage the self-
confidence of my critics?", "What trick shall I apply today to put a
particular opponent in jail?", "What violence do I need today to
maintain my Peace, my Stability, my Patriottic Spirit, my Wealth, my
Richness, my Power, my Benefit?", "How do I intimidate my servants
today to force them to obey and respect my Laws, my Roadmap, my
Interests?", "What unilateral steps do I take today to steer to my
election Victory?", "How can I challenge and cheat the world today?",
"How far can I get today without upsetting the diplomatic world too
much?", "How can I sell more of Burma today for my own benefit?", "How
can I thwart my greatest opponent, Aung San Suu Kyi, to disable her
completely?", "How can I become the historically greatest emperor of
the Myanmar empire?". Than Shwe has a severe (psychological)
personality disorder and should never be ruling the country. He must
be arrested, tried for crimes against humanity, convicted and put in
jail or mental hospital.

Disclaimer: these arguments and facts are despicable on itself in the
absolute moral and ethical sense, often even illegal in the political
and judicial sense, yet independently judged of any other crimes and
atrocities elsewhere in the whatever nation or dictator in
the past or present for whatever reason. For example, my stances on
Burma, explicated above, are independent of my stances on e.g. the USA
about which I do not wish to expatiate in SCB or any other Burma
related forum in any direction. See also my general disclaimer below.

Now aren't these arguments convincing enough? As long as the elections
obviously will NOT be FREE and FAIR, as long as not all potential
parties may participate unconditionally, as long as junta supportive
parties are being favoured, as long as the military already will take
up a minimum of 25%, as long as the military may also participate with
their junta backed party USDP, as long as the Constitution of 2008 is
declared valid, as long as the election results of 1990 have not been
recognised and as long as there are political prisoners it is my
advise and desire (but by far not just mine): do regard the unfree and
unfair elections CANCELLED and ignore them, don't vote, but BOYCOTT
them! The junta already cancelled the elections in specific regions in
Burma, we cancel them all over Burma in accordance with article 8f of
the Election Law. Yet the junta supportive parties (in particular the
USDP) will "win" anyway, just let them "win" with the least percentage
of voters, not with your vote. Force the junta to expose their
cheating of the election and its results. That is the best signal to
each other, the junta and the world. The junta clearly is afraid of a
large scale boycott, it would really harm their credibility in the


James Russell Brownwood
Justice Reforms Burma (@NLM archives, PGP public key)

Disclaimer: these views are entirely my own and unrelated to my
nationality, my home country and its political stances and they are
independent of and not contrary to my views on other similar events
and human rights violations elsewhere in the world.

>>> T h e w o r l d u p s i d e >>> <<< u m o p <<<
Q u o d l i c e t I o v i n o n l i c e t b o v i :
Than Shwe, above the law, escapes conviction for genocide, crimes
against humanity, while Aung San Suu Kyi has been convicted for
offering hospitality to a stranger; all that because of the junta's
excessive, rigid, invalid, unfair and undue laws and orders.

Than Shwe, above the self-made election law, measures with double
standards by allowing civil servants, former military, to form a
political party (UDSP), even funded by government sources (USDA), a
double infringement upon the election law (PPRL, articles 4d and 7c),
while rigidly applying that law to the NLD, excluding Aung San Suu Kyi
from participation in any future government.

Once the junta, i.e. its proxy party, the military UDSP, will have
"won" the fake elections, will the junta recognise such a "victory"?
Or will the junta declare the voting results void, ignore the "will of
the majority" and remain in power like always since 1990? Why or why

Once the history of South Africa will repeat itself in Burma, the
ANC/NLD will become the largest party (again) and Nelson Mandela/Aung
San Suu Kyi will become the democratically elected and legitimate
President, which she might already have been 20 years earlier if beast
Than Shwe and his predecessor would have been honest, fair, reliable
and credible.

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