Article submitted by: KyawMyaing on 5-Dec-2015  
Agenda for the Nation - 2016
This is the Agenda for the Nation under the leadership of the new
Democratic Government led by the NLD - National League for Democracy.

Note: The views expressed here are my own. Nothing to do with the NLD.

1. Internal Peace
2. Formulation of a New Foreign Policy of Peace and Development.
3. Get the government budget right and find ways and means to pay off the public debt.
4. Make just settlements for those who have suffered from illegal
land confiscations. ( farmers and other people ).
5. Reform the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
6. Redesign the whole government to make it lean, effective and clean.

These are my thoughts for the moment. Other more learned souls may wish to add their contributions.

This is actually a Net Parliament where all the people of Myanmar can voice their
opinions on matters that matter most.

Kyaw Myaing