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POWER TO THE PEOPLE (November 11th, 2015)

Dear winners and loosers,

While Burma is still awaiting the (intentionally?) delayed, official election results of 8 November 2015 the overall impression of the will of the people is quite clear. Now is the time to speculate about the near future of Burma. What are your comments on this milestone? How do you think of the people finally getting power after half a century of struggling for their rights? How do you think will the new government look like and what initial actions will it take? What will (in time) happen to the 2008 constitution and the unilateral laws? Will Burma eventually become a genuine democratic country? Are the conflicts with and between the various ethnic groups going to become past time or will they increase? Will the Rohingyas formally be recognised and accepted as a legal group of Burmese people with just another religion? Are the human rights of every inhabitant and national of Burma going to be respected? Will the genocide stop? Can the Burmese refugees abroad return to their home country once if they choose to?

What consequences will this peaceful revolution have on the legal and judicial system and the police force? Are the remaining political prisoners going to be released soon? Will there finally be complete freedom of speech, press and demonstration? How will the army react? Will it obstruct democratic reforms? Is a substantial change of the manipulated and rigged constitution at all feasible to ban the military from a true democratic government? Can the army be reduced to a defense organisation and will it stop its hostilities towards its own civilians? Will there be reconciliation between the population and the former junta and its recent so-called civil successors? Or will some of the former junta members be arrested and put to trial for their committed crimes against humanity or their violations of their own fabricated laws despite their so-called lawful immunity and impunity? What about Than Shwe? Where does he live if still alive? Will the stolen private properties and capital (an estimated several billions of dollars) sometime be taken from him and other junta members for the benefit of the whole country?

I'm not Burmese, so I'm neither a winner nor a looser, just a catalyst facilitating democratic reforms. The winners clearly are the common people of Burma and those are the ones whom I have attempted to support during the past years under the junta regime. I know my efforts are no more than a drop in the ocean. I can only hope that from now on there will be more peace and mutual understanding, trust and recognition within Burma among the various ethnic groups. Yet I fear that no lessons have been learnt and that internal discord may increase, like in many countries liberated from dictatorship during the past decades. I know that a lot still has to be accomplished by the new government while the military still hold a significant part of the power. I know it won't get paradise and it may turn out to be difficult to introduce substantial improvements. I wish the new government, the NLD and ASSK lots of success with their heavy tasks and responsibilities and I want to congratulate the people of Burma with their glorious victory, two steps forward.


James Russell Brownwood
human rights activist
Justice Reforms Burma (@NLM archives, PGP public key)

Disclaimer: these views are entirely my own and unrelated to my nationality, my home country and its political stances.
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