Comment submitted by: KyawMyaing on 16-Apr-2015  
Project focus
This project focuses on the "Women in Development" concept. It has been observed that right after "Cyclone Nargis" which devastated the delta region of Myanmar in May 2008, quite a number of well-meaning individuals, groups of ordinary Myanmar citizens and local and international NGO's came forward to do what they can to alleviate the sufferings of these unfortunate people.

However, the basic problem was "how to get funding" and "how to write project documents". Without a well-written project document, funding agencies (whether local or foreign) would find it difficult to fund any type of project.

Comment submitted by: KyawMyaing on 18-Apr-2015  
Possible funding sources
I am listing here possible funding sources:

3. Foreign Governments (especially US and UK)
4. Myanmar companies wishing to do CSR
5. European Union
6. Local NGO's
7. International NGO's