Article submitted by: KyawMyaing on 16-Apr-2015  
Project Document
This project will be implementeed under the "Ayezay Foundation".

This foundation will be under the policy direction of a board of Trustees called the "Ayezay Foundation Board of Trustees".

The project itself will be monitored by a project management committee to be formed and appointed by the Managing Director of AAEE - Ayezay Aungzay Economic Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Initially retired development workers will be invited to serve on this project management committee on a voluntary basis. The main channel of communications will be the internet and smart phones using 3G or 4G and Viber.

The main focus of this project is to give help and assistance to poor women and young girls to enable them to "get up on their own feet" by providing small low-interest loans, information about life-skills and providing them the necessary tools for networking with other women and young girls to share and exchange information.

The site of this project will be at AAEE - Ayezay Aungzay Economic Enterprise Co., Ltd at 35 Zalun Street, Sanchaung Township.


A transition to democracy from a military dictatorship is never easy. In Myanmar where the reforms are done in tandem (political reform and economic reform at the same time), this makes it even more difficult for the poor working class. When you add to this the effects of a huge devastating cyclone like "Nargis" the tool
on families in the affected areas can be horrible. Myanmar is unique in the sense that it not only had to suffer natural disasters,
mismanagement of the economy and the effects of the sanctions imposed by the US and her allies.

The result is untold sufferings at the lowest levels of society where the challenge is not only to find the next meal but to escape the horrors of years of civil strife.

The focus of this project will be to help the most vulnerable segments of Myanmar society, women and young girls reeling under harsh conditions brought about by inflation, lack of proper job opportunities and lack of proper social safety nets during this transition period.