Comment submitted by: KyawMyaing on 7-Jun-2014  
I am not getting younger every day!
This year I celebrated my 69th year. Many of my friends far and near who are connected to me by FB (Facebook) wished me good luck on my birthday and I thank them all from the bottom of my heart.

Let me respond now to some of the points you have mentioned in your blog.

First of all, I am not trying to evade the responsibility of this present life. I started my career as an English tutor at the IOE - Institute of Education and then I joined the Burma Foreign Service in the year 1968. In that year the PSC - the Public Service Commission selected four candidates out of a nearly 400 candidates who applied for the post of Third Secretary at the Foreign Office (this was the unofficial name for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

I worked in MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) for 20 years and was given unilateral pension (I say this because I never asked for my pension, it was given to me unilaterally, if you know what I mean) in 1988 for my participation in a movement that called for a new government that would be more representative than the one party socialist government that was formed by the BSPP (Burma Socialist Programme Party).

I served the MOFA with loyalty to the best of my ability and with every ounce of my physical strength and with discipline and determination. Now this was a long time ago and many things have changed.

Now we have a new democratic government led by President U Thein Sein and they have carried out much needed reforms in the most important areas such as the political, economic and social arenas.

Just because I am discussing about the next life I do not want you
to think that I am trying to evade the responsibility of this life. Far from that.

Although I am now 69 years of age, I still have many things that I want to do while I still have good health. I can still walk without a stick and my memory is still good enough although for the life of me I cannot find my spectacles. This means my present memory is not that great. Let's put it that way.

You will be interested to know that I have decided to relocate to Myanmar (Burma) and live here till I am ready to leave this world forever.

Therefore I have a two-pronged strategy (if I may use some high flown words).

I will try to live a healthy life, write as many blogs as possible (this way I can leave something behind for the new generation) and also do some business and humanitarian activities.

I have decided to form a company which will do business in the following areas:
1. Education
2. Trading (Import/Export)
3. Consulting
4. HRD - Human Resources Development

In the area of Education, I have decided to establish a learning centre to be called MLC - Mingalar Learning Centre on Zalun Street at Sanchaung, Yangon, Myanmar.

As for Lawka Nibban, well this is just a term that has been used by some authors. It was used by communists and socialists I think to describe their communist of socialist Utopia. Whether this is actually possible, I leave that to you to judge.

In my own opinion, human society will still have many human failings such as anger, greed and ignorance. It will not be possible to make every body rich.

However, with good governance, at least it would be possible, I think to make Myanmar a better place to live in. The new word in town is how to change the "mind set". Well, this is the most difficult thing of all.

For those who have done Satipahtana Meditation (or Awareness Meditation) it will be very easy to understand. The human mind is the most difficult thing to tame. Our mind is wandering every where, every second.

Human beings are creatures of habit. That is to say we like to continue doing the things that we have done, in the same way.
For example if you like to smoke, it is very difficult to give up smoking. (to be continued)

Comment submitted by: Thunderbolts on 13-Jun-2014  

If you are not getting younger , then you have to make most of it UKMyaing. Nothing will surprise me. I know human life as much as you do.
When I was young, my elders told me that there are three stages in life. First to search for education, second to search for properties, and to search for Dhamma. But, there are so many things in the world for you to learn you won’t have enough time. Generally speaking we all are ignorant in may ways. So please learn whatever you can, and do the best you can for yourself and for others with the guidance of the Dhamma.
The following is my edited version of what Abe Lincoln said,
“ Nobody can escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today. Everybody have to do their very best they know how - the very best they can, and to keep on doing so, until the end. Burma will never be destroyed from the outside. If Burmese falter and lose their freedoms, it will be because they destroyed themselves.”
In every religion, there is a belief of Heaven and Hell. Who created them? According to Christians, The Eternal God created only Heaven, but that God did not create The Hell.
Lawka for me means present living life, with realities. You can see, touch, smell, taste and feel them. It is not a dream world.
Whatever you are trying to tell me, my understanding is that we human are gifted with three things to help ourselves, and to help others. Let me translate them into စိတ္ၿဖင္ ့ေဆာင္မၿခင္း ၊ ႏွဳတ္ ၏ ေဆာင္မၿခင္း ၊ ကိုယ္ ၏ေဆာင္မၿခင္း ၊ :Let us make good use of these. In whichever you can help yourself , you can help others. Some people may misuse priceless three arrows. Some people also believe to construct is to destruct, to prevent war is to make war, to defend is to offend. I do not know who created those ideas.
From time to time, general situation demands tyranny. In the old testament of the Bible, Eternal God had to destroy the human race, that he himself had created. Because it was needed, he had no choice. Let’s put it that way. I will never understand what God was doing.
Communists of socialists you mentioned used the existing words already, the words already crated, they didn’t create anything. In their eyes, adjust there is no fairness, and no justice. They want to adjust. Naturally Good and bad, positive and negative are everywhere. Especially BSPP, when it used the words from the Buddhist scriptures. Translated into simple , some Burmese people didn’t like them, simply because they did not understand them. I meant Buddhist scriptures.
Some people put the black paint on Communists or socialists, to make them look ugly.
Isn’t that what we all are looking for, fairness and justice? Or are they just words or terms to use? They seem like that aren’t they?

Human life is to suffer, Even Settaketu the Deva, who would be Buddha, when he came down to human realm he realised the suffering of the human beings. He did, not forget he himself had to suffer. So he searched and found a path to Nirvana, where there is no circle of life, where there is no suffering. That is how I understand and many of us believe as so called Buddhists.
I agree with you, on ‘ human society will still have many human failings such as anger, greed and ignorance.’ I would like to add, ‘ till the end of the world’. Some people believe the American Gods, and the British Gods will solve the world’s human problems, the problems of the Burmese.
A good governance depends, how good people are. Because in the Government there are people (human beings), those human in the government are elected by the people. In my view, socialist or not ‘man matters most’.
I may have very different views from you on President Thein Sein. Let me just say that he is just another human being, another Tatmadaw man, over the skin or under the skin. In all his life he was a Tatmadaw man. In some of my blogs I said what I think of him. My views don’t change, I have not said everything yet. He has come to his last stage of life I can feel it, So I think I understand what he is trying to do. He has not built a Pagoda yet, or he started already, not at least one ‘The Pon Zeydi”. He is going, I don’t say he is trying to escape from his responsibilities regarding the nation and the people. To put it in military term, this is his watch. He has to do his best.
A Burmese saying says, the King of the Deva transformed himself into a buffalo, presented himself to the poor farmer, only to be told the horns are too wide. Which means there is nobody who can satisfy desire of men. I think it’s more than Greed, Anger and Ignorance. These may be interpreted into ambitions, overambitious etc. Human, in our case the Burmess), do not know the difference between ‘ want and need’. You need to try and educate them on that.
With due respect , let us leave your ‘Satipahtana Meditation’ for a while, and concentrate on daily 5 precepts. There aren’t much, but how many of these precepts have men have broken, everyday?I mean human beings. Don’t tell me there aren’t no such precepts in other religion, but only in Buddhism. For some, they are like encouragements to commit or to break them. Would you like to call that as a part of human habits?
Though Gautama Buddha meant his words for all beings, all beings do not want to be called Buddhist, because of their pride, or they want to be different, or because they believe that nobody should dictate them Gautama Buddha or not.
Let’s say Buddhism is the Truth, absolute Truth, there is nothing but the Truth. Anyone can test it. It is more, much more than bed time stories for the children, should I say?.
Yes UKMyaing, even in Buddha’s time, not many human beings were enlightened or find the truth, accept the truth.

Comment submitted by: Thunderbolts on 15-Jun-2014  
Do your best, you know how (2)
Do your best, you know how.(2)
You may be sensitive, you may be touchy, that’s nothing wrong. It may be the cause, the benefit of meditation, I think. You notice every little thing, every little move. I like that.
I don’t want to tell anybody bout myself, unless it is really necessary But I have told you once that I worked under Home Ministry. It may be of no interest to you, to the people of the nation of Bamars. I know who I am and what I am. That is important that is enough. I taking part in discussions not because I want to be something, or someone but in the interest of the people and the nation of Bamars. I like to share my experience with my people . I don’t expect them to accept everything I say. Change or not change, accept it or not is up to them. I don’t want to be the person or I don’t want to be responsible for all the confusions. Because I know my people are already confused. So many people taken advantage on them, making them confused. I don’t want to be a part of it.
As you may already know there aren’t enough people who can discuss anything, to express their views what their belief is. Most of them are ‘water follow fish follow’ or ‘going with the flow’ What is their belief, what do they believe ?
I assure you that I am a Buddhist, born Buddhist, and will die as a Buddhists. To announce whether I am a practicing Buddhist or not I don’t know. As I have explained to you that I never went to Buddhist classes to learn Buddhism, except as a novice in the monastery in summer time. What I heard from the Abbot , what I read in some Buddhist scriptures, My favouritesare Four Noble Truths, Eightfold Noble Path, and 38 Highest Blessing ( Mingalas) are all that I need to know about Buddhism, all I need to know to be a Good Buddhist. I am stuck with them.
Now this part you may not like. Buddhism is 2600 years old. The time of Buddha and today is different. What is happening to the so called Buddhists. In my view, and it is my understanding or belief that Buddhism may be a way of life, but as you know today Buddhism is a kind of commodity, a kind of goods to sell , to do business with. Need I say more ?
Just because somebody doesn’t believe in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jewish, Islamism Christianity, not a practicing one, he/she may not be an atheists, non- believer but not a Communist, or Socialist the way some people described. We the Buddhists do not believe in ‘God’. That doesn’t make us atheists, neither Communists nor Socialists.
Anyway what is Communism, or Socialism, Capitalism? In my view they are all the same calling each other names and propagating against each other. These propagandas are all over loaded, and over floated.
The teachings of Gautama Buddha is also for Atta & Para. To service oneself and to serve others. Would you call the Buddhists who are following the teachings of Buddha are Communists, or Socialists or Capitalists? What if they are, if not what are they ?
We have our people and our nation to look after it is our responsible, our duty to look after. As citizens, we have the citizen duties. Do we know our responsibilities, our duties, do we ? We are the ones who will make or break our nation. We are the one who should what is right and what is wrong. It’s all in the Buddhism.
Just like propaganda against BSPP headed by U Ne Win. Mind over matters? Ne Win did what he needed to do. As head of caretaker Government during 1958-62, as head of BSPP one party rule. We most of us Bamars are living in the material world or caught up in this world we need too many material things making us material boys and girls. We are distancing ourselves from spiritual world. Because the spiritual leaders are weak, the material leaders are strong, too strong, they possess nukes. If we they want something they take it .They don’t care who says what.
We started from the same staring point, as our neighbours. Sometimes I wonder if we know where came from. I think most of forget from where we came. Worst of all we are trying to be what we are not . Imitating or faking to be something, or someone.
The Communist China, The Peoples Republic of China and Socialist transformation under Mao Zedong from 1949–1976: carried on until now. What’s wrong with China? The leaders who could lead their people. and the people who could follow their leaders. They are made for each other. Where is China today, can you tell me? It is fair to put the question, ‘where is USA today’. The making of China and the making of USA are totally different. What about Russia? You may have your own views on that.
The Bamars who cannot follow Buddha teachings, let alone to follow U Nu or U Ne Win, or U Than Shwe. Do you sincerely believe they will follow Aung San Su Kyi? Do you honestly believe that the leaders, not the people who are no good? What I believe is, the leaders are from the people, who are no good, Period.
If Bamars need to change to change Burma, then they should look into every corners to see if there is anything to change. Nobody should change any-thing to favors themselves, or for their convenient.
Buddhism is for present life ( Lawki) as well as for the future( Lawkottra) unknown life. Most Bamar people don’t think too much about present life, but busy preparing for the future unknown life. They strongly believe the past life has very much to do with the present life, they present life is the result of the past which they can do nothing to change, to alter. So Bamars do nothing to change the present life, they even forget to serve for themselves but they are living, and serving others they say they are preparing to make the next life better. The Bamars are not ambitious enough to make present life better. Yet they moan and groan for their present life being unlucky. They don’t even know what ‘luck’ or Karma is . Theyn don’t know what action means. Who’s been guiding them ?
If you talk to today’s generation on moral instructions of Buddhism or ask them what the duties of human beings are, how many young people do you think will give you the straight answer. If you tell them (teach them) do you think they be glad to hear them?
As you already know when we talk about the duties of human beings. We are talking about the duties of children and parents, , pupils and teachers, husband and wife, friends and associates, masters and servants, monks and lay people, etc., etc., each of them has to fulfil their duties towards one another.
You go and tell them all these , they will think you are out of date, living in the past, you are still in the stone age. What we need is, to teach basic Buddhism in school in a very simple Bamars. You may say that is the whole reason why there should be more Buddhist centres.
In every country where there are Muslims, they have their own school for their children where they teach Koran, needless to say Christians have Sunday schools and Bible classes, what do we have as Buddhists. Monastries may be but they are not the same as Muslims’ or Christians’.
Many times in my many blogs, as Buddhism is the way of life we function accordingly. Buddhism in Politic, in Economic and Buddhism in everywhere. How can we separate Buddhism from our daily life?
Life is changing, nothing is eternal,( impermanent ) Even to talks about changing the style of Buddhism is not changing the essence of it. Nobody will accept it. In my simple Burmese I would like to say, no Buddhist has to pass 4 stages of Buddhist exams, just let them understand in very simple way. Gautama Buddha said Dhamma is deep and wide , difficult to understand. If there are schoolers and learned people why can’t they translate to make everybody understand easy? Is it because, if it is easy, people won’t think too much of it. If it is not easy to understand nobody want to know about it. What about now , do they think too much of it ?
Burma is known as a Buddhist country and many Buddhist Monasteries as well as centers are there. Do you honestly believe Buddhist are following the moral instruction of Buddhism? Is that why there are more and more centers popping up every day or are their purpose to run them as business centers, to make monies as well.
If I go into meditation center prepared to pay a fee, the cost of my daily life will be much cheaper, if not the cheapest. What an insult, don’t you think? What is Buddhist and the Bamars coming to? Where are their morals ? Who are the real Buddhists or who are following moral instruction of Buddhism. Majority of the people in Burma are Buddhists, but my question is how much Buddhist are they Buddhist or how good Buddhists are they Good Buddhists? How much are they following and practicing the principles of the Buddhist teaching? Ask them what a Good Life means. You can put them into tests. I am sorry to say a very good percentage of them have no idea. If I had said they are Fakes, I would not be too wrong.
For them, a good life is with a house, a car, the income of 800 Kyats per month . that’s what U Nu said. A good life is with enough food, clothes, and shelter, said U Ne Win. Totally different from what the Buddhist, which says, ‘ one should carry out one duties to others as well as to oneself and also to practice the principles ogf Buddha’s teachings.
This is their time, time to change, in the name of Freedom who the hell are we to tell them about morals. It is said, that this is the time, a big cow is sucking the milk from the young calf, that’s according to the dream of King Kausala. Again I will say it is the time of materials and we have become materialists. Not only we laymen, but also our spiritual leaders are becoming materialists, as you can see , and hear them.
Many Phongyi Kyaung Tharrs as well as from school of modern education, turned out to be, materialists what can we say. From where did they learn, who taught them? We are responsible for their up bringing.
Moral means, ability to understand rights and what is wrongs. To do good to avoid evil. We don’t have to be Buddhas to know rights and wrongs. As human being, through our parents, through our teachers we should know what is right or wrong. Are we obedient to our parents, our teachers? What can we teach our children, will they listen to us?
Freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom of this and that, what are we talking about, whose freedom are we talking about? Are we sure those who are teaching us are qualified teachers? It is said that Good and Bad depend only on oneself.
Today we are facing the problem of today which we ourselves have created. We must be able to solve these problems by ourselves. If I am not wrong, these are call Lawki Ayey, the affairs of the present life, the affairs of us, the affairs of our nation, our people, which in other word, Politic, Economic, and Social affairs etc., etc.
The Truth and Peace, found and lost. 2600 years ago Gautama searched for Truth and Peace, he found them, he gave it to us and we misplace them, if not lost them. That Truth and Peace
are nothing to do with the Truth and Peace of today.

Nice talking to you UKMyaing. I hope now you have more time to write something or you will still be busy with your work load. I am more interested in Lawki affairs, Lawkottra can wait.//