Comment submitted by: KyawMyaing on 10-May-2014  
We need a good life in this world and escape from the 31 planes thereafter
Dear Thunderbolts,

Good to read your blogs on this website. I enjoy reading them. I wish others will join us.

I am now in Yangon, Myanmar and will relocate to Myanmar in 2015 permanently. I have a full-time job now doing Executive Search. The name of our company is called Wynn Ward Howell, Yangon, Myanmar.

Let me now discuss what is meant by "Loka Nibban" and the "Ultimate Nibban".

These two things are totally in opposition.

Yes we can create a "Loka Nibban" but however hard we try it will still be imperfect as the ultimate truth is that human beings are
imperfect by their very nature.

We all live in the "karma bhumi", which means the "sensuous plane".
We are all here because we all cling to our ability to enjoy sensual pleasures. Because of this we have to take this human body as our abode on this planet. This human body is always seeking sensual pleasure - anything and everything that can give pleasurable feelings to our six senses.

"Lokuttara Nibban" by its very name means "escape from all the lokas", this means the 31 planes of existence.

Nibban is a corruption in sound of the original Pali which is written "nivarna". Ni means "not" or "nothing" or "nihil" (in another language". In latin this is called "nul".

So a being cannot enter the state of "Lokauttara Nibban" unless he or she is ready to give up his attachment to the six senses.

(to be continued)

Comment submitted by: KyawMyaing on 23-May-2014  
We need a good life in this world
For Myanmar people there is no need to find a guiding philosophy . As Myanmar is
a country where the majority of the people are Buddhists we have the teachings of the Buddha who has given details teachings for success in worldly life as well as how to be reborn in the higher abodes.

Comment submitted by: Thunderbolts on 29-May-2014  
What is a good life ?
A good life is not a bad life. A good life for us depends on how good we are , how right we are, according to first sermons by Gautama Buddha.

Yes sir, that is how I studied Buddhism no more no less, the real meaning. That is why I never go beyond Four Noble Truths, Eightfold Noble Path, and 38 Highest Blessings, or 38 Mingalas, These moral instructions are more than enough for me. To fulfil my duties, which are to carry out my duties to others as well as to myself, according to the teachings of Gautama.

A Good Life is, to live according to the moral instructions of Buddhism , happily performing, and fulfilling the duties . I will be doing no evil, no ill will against others. That is how I understand The Good Life, from my elders, and learned people.

But as you had rightly mentioned. I am a human being , I am not perfect. But that can't be an excuse.