Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 21-Mar-2014  
Dear Patriots, Compatriots, Expatriates and Friends,

Where there is a dark cloud, there is a silver lining which is a ray of hope.
A few days ago and up to this moment we are witnessing an event, which is most frightful, namely Ukraine, Crimea or West Vs Russia Fed. We may be going back to cold war age. The cold war existed from 1945 till 1990. It is a known fact that U.S.S.R. was supposed to be wiped out since 1945 if Winston Churchill got his own way. Also China was to be wiped out if only General MacArthur got his own way. This idea is still in the head of US.
The wise man said , “ War is evil. When it must be prosecuted, it should be done vigorously. The prime necessity for success in war is the Army entirely clear as to why it is fighting, and thoroughly convince of the justice of its cause.”
I strongly believe all the leaders in Myanmar including Federalists are watching the events without blinking their eyes , actions and reactions etc., and taking lessons, how to behave as Federalist, having new ideas, or new plans in building New Myanmar to become Federal Republic.
What has happened in Ukraine, and Crimea, could happen in Myanmar tomorrow, or the day after, or the next day. We have seen similar things happened in many other countries in the world as well.
In the past it happened twice in Myanmar. Once when the red army of Mao Zedong drove the white army of Chengkaishek troops out from China , the white used Myanmar’s soil as base with the help of USA. Then again US tried to bribe Khun Sa to station missile base against China in so called his territory. All praises and thanks went to Khun Za for being a true Patriot, for he knew what he has to do. If Khun Za was Ma Su Kyi, what would he do, a US allow military base, missile site in so called his territory against China?
The question now is, what’s going to happen next or what are we going to do next, rather? The best is to know our own place between the West and China. Make ourselves comfortable . We cannot be sure, what will happen next. Myanmar is sinking in an abyss of debts. How will we get out? If we cannot get out we will become slaves , or in modern terms 'working people' working for others, nothing else.
Big or small War is not the way out for us , we have been there. But we would like to believe all leaders our own and the world’s will restraint because the wise man also said, “When anger rises, think of the consequences”.
The wise man advised us, “ To put the world right, in order, we must first put the nation in order; to put the nation in order, we must first put the family in order; to put the family in order, we must first cultivate our personal life; we must first set our hearts right.”
‘‘The superior man acts before he speaks, and afterwards speaks according to his action.’’
That’s what I am afraid of the action of the superior man, before he speaks. Luckily all men are still speaking, before they put their actions, which they will regret later. Later may be too late this time in the 21st century.
Our concern is Myanmar, for us Myanmars, to put our nation in order first. That’s what our leaders are trying to do. We must help them lend them a hand. After all it is our duty as citizens/ How much will we achieve we don’t know. During the last 67 years, Our leaders have been putting our nation in order, but nothing seemed to be right.
A few days ago in Kachine State our President U Then Sein said, National Unity and Peace is urgently needed. He did not say what could or would happen if the National Unity and Peace are not achieved urgently.
What happened in Myanmar for the last 67 years was not a cold war, That much I know. I am not ashamed to admit that I am afraid.
Myanmar happened to be a nonaligned, neutral nation. Some people hate China so much, they want to use Myanmars and their soil to attack China. They want to break up a good friendly relationship between Myanmar and China. That is obvious. They are cowards and wicked they want Myanmar or others to do their dirty works. If Myanmar leaders fall for it, then we had it.
What about you , are you afraid or not afraid, tell us the truth? There is nobody in the world who are not afraid of something or the other. Fear is everywhere . You will never be free from fear. What about the one who wrote a book on Freedom from Fear.
As there are many authors on the same subject I will mention one name . That is none other than Ma Su Kyi of Myanmar. She was born on 19 June 1945. When WW II finished in 15 August 1945. She was just a three months old baby . She does not know what war means, she has not tasted war. So she does not know what Fear really means either.
There is no such thing as “Freedom from Fear”. You will never be free of fear. When the earth was on fire, the mother laid down her baby and stood on the body just to live for just another fraction of the moment, because she was afraid, as simple as that. It is also said ain Myanmar saying, ‘Blind one does not afraid of the Ghost’.
In Myanmar or in Pali saying, it is Hiri – Outtapa, which means ‘shame and fear’. You have to be ashamed of, and fear of to say, or to do the wrong things. Who has not said or done the wrong thing in life? It may be a secret, try to hide it. Its guilty conscience. Are you living with shame and fear. Do you realized what you have done to be ashamed of or fear of. If you do not realize you do not know what rights or wrong are. If you do not know what you have done is right or wrong how can you say what others have done is right or wrong. You do not know what an ignorant you are.
If somebody said, he is not afraid of anything”, then that somebody must be telling lies, or at least not telling the truth, he/she is pretending. He/she does not want others to know about his guilt. He/she is afraid, or living in fear. Besides, he/she wants to bring others along, telling others to cut their tails because he/she is like a fox with short tail.
What about superior woman? Who is the superior man here, Barak O’bama or Vladimir Putin ? Will they act first before they speak, if so, when will be the good time to speak, will they live long enough to speak?
What kind of actions are we talking about ? We had cold war. The cold war revisited, or something else?
Regarding Myanmar, we are hearing, supposed to be good news about our nation saying the guns will go silent in August 2014. Our leaders are hoping that there will be cease fire at least. I have said it many times, this kind of news are familiar, so often. Ceasefire came and gone, Peace came and gone. They make no difference in Myanmar in the past.
On March 16, 2014, President Thein Sein during his visit to Kachin State again said, National Unity and Peace are urgently needed. Mind you, he was talking to the clergy people from the Kachin Christian community.
We do not know how many of these Christian clergy people are involved in arms insurrection, or how much influence do they have on armed insurgents(KIA). We learned about Crusade or the war between Christians and Muslims of the past. Even Pope the head of all Christians encouraged the war (Crusade)wanted the war against the Muslims in the past.
If these clergy people have any influence, or the Kachin insurgents had respects and listened to them the fighting between the Government troops and the KIA would not take place would not be so long .
What about ordinary simple Kachin villagers, who are being used by the KIA insurgents as human shield at the barrel of their gun?
Well now we know, we are up dated by all the events. We know where we stand, what we must do. All we have to do is, to do the right thing. Beware of hypocrites.///