Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 14-Mar-2014  
There is a difference between Genuine, and Fakes.
Dear Nayting and Patriots,

While waiting for your reply let me say something on the hot items. Your Reconciliation Peace and development site stopped on Monday September, 2012, and Reconciliation message board since 11/11/09. They may be out of date. But the show must go on.
The earth is still turning on it axel, with Myanmar on it. Everything is happening. We still need to talk , we still looking for new ideas to solve our old problems. When will it ends I wonder. So I must carry on till I drop dead, that much is my dedication. Because Myanmar is my favourite country, Myanmars are my favourite people. Period.
If the opposition leader Ma Su Kyi has no respect for the Parliaments, if Ma Su Kyi has no respect for the Parliamentarians, then she deserves no respect from them, she can expect no respect from anybody.
But first, to be modern, developed, industrialised the nation depends on political stability, economic stability and social stability, which means law and order and Peace in the country. That is what the Government of the Republic of Union Of Myanmar is doing at the moment.
To achieve the goal or not, very much depends on the Common Sense of every citizens of Myanmar, if not most of them and their understanding and co operation.
It all comes back to National Reconciliation, and National Unity. That NR & NU are not only between the opposition NLD and the SLORC, I said more than once in the past. It should be wider, it must be wider. The NR & NU are nothing new, since 1948 all governments in the past tried many times to have NR & NU but failed, and failed again and again. You can blame anybody, everybody is responsible for the failure.
The nation cannot afford Peace at any cost, for various reasons. If the sincerity and honesty, and the trust are missing, you can forget everything about ceasefire or Peace. These are the main ingredients. We cannot say, and I am sure these ingredients plus confident are with us now. We don’t have as much as we need, what we have is not enough. But Republic of Union of Myanmar is still divided and stands.
Myanmar’s leaders were assassinated in 1947 and Myanmar was also ‘‘economically assassinated ’’. Need I say more ? The politicians and business people can create instabilities .They speculate politic as they speculate their business, to accumulate them . To understand these and to know their tricks you don’t need nuclear science or modern education or business studies , even the schooler from the Buddhist Monastery knows that.
I am all for Myanmar as one nation, Myanmars as one people and Myanma Tatmadaw as one Tatmadaw. If that is impossible, then Peace is still far away.
No matter who desires and supports ceasefire, and Peace, the conflict will always be there for one reason or the other. If there is no conflict, the Politicians will create one, the business community will make one. Because if there is peace, the business will be no good.
Politician will be out of work, unemployed, and starved. Business community cannot roll their money, they can’t speculate to accumulate their wealth. The conflict will be created by them, have no doubt about it. Some people say, without conflict there can be no progress. Believe it or not, its up to you.
Especially like Myanmar which was once colonised, there will be outside interference, involvement, intervention, and if I am not wrong it still is under the influence of the outsiders. Myanmar cannot resist. National Reconciliation, National Unity is near, come nearer, still at a distance. As we all know. Aung San Atlee, Nu Atlee and Penglong conference, and treaty etc., were under the influence of the colonial master, the British. Before we build our nation as a Union, some people were already talking about and were fighting with arms to break up the Union. How much influence do these colonial master have on Myanmar now. Your guess is as good as mine, may be better.
Khin Maung Swe, chairman of the Federal Democratic Alliance or (FDA) and a leading member of the National Democratic Force, said “These peace talks are now bearing fruit.” I want to believe that.
I have seen many talks, negotiation , agreements regarding ceasefire, regarding Peace, in many forms during the reign of respective Governments throughout 67 years of Myanmar independence. I am seeing again negotiation for the ceasefire which may lead to Peace . I am seeing some people being treating Peace as a commodity on sale for a bargain, black- mailing and taken the Peace itself as hostage. The question is, is there any sincerity, is there any honesty at all ?
Not everyone believe in Democracy. in Myanmar it is taken by some people as Fake Democracy, the Government as a Fake Government , progress , developments as fakes, nothing seem genuine. When some people said to have genuine and discipline democracy those some people laugh at it.
What about Fake ceasefire, Fake Peace ? We had them in the past, didn't we? Whether it is going to be genuine or fake this time, it is important not to let the conflict grow, it has to be under control or status quo .
The meeting of four was proposed by Ma Su Kyi . If you think about it in negative way, its something like she is demanding or given orders to the others that they should come to her table. As simple as that. Of course nobody knows what’s under her sleeves.
Frankly speaking it is another political stunt by Ma Su Kyi. It is a challenge by Ma Su Kyi, but it seemed that U Thein Sein and Min Aung Hlaing don’t know how to respond , whether to breath in or kiss her fart . They may also have something under their sleeves. Shwe Mann took the challenge openly, though.
Nobody has said anything why U Thein Sein and Ma Su Kyi met at his country house on the 9 of March. Again here 9 happened to be an auspicious number, for whom ? Both side did not announced anything after the meeting. Some people assumed that it could be the relating to the proposal that Ma Su Kyi made. The President, Patron of the Parliaments, Defence Chief, and Ma Su Kyi to have a special meeting. The magazine which supports the opposition said it was about that special meeting. That is nothing but preconceived theories.
The possibilities are so much, the whole list of them. Maybe media try to dig out , may be NLD trying to put words in others mouth, selfishly . These are familiar thing in politic as information leaks. It may be a test, if not challenge to the people in the government.
Patron of the Parliaments U Shwe Mann said that the matter is well known . He is seeing Ma Su Kyi in the parliament. As for the meeting of four, he is ready at anytime. He has nothing to say, he is ready and he is ever ready. Not only on this, but also his basic policy is to meet to discuss and to co operate in everything.
Ma Su kyi has every right to speak in the Parliament. She should know that Parliament is the place to talk , to speak. She has the opportunity every day. Why does not she take it, why does she want to have a meeting of four. She has no respect for all other representatives ( Parliamentariana) or what? Or does she believe she is not equal to anyone but only to the President? Is she behaving like a vice president?
It is true, President or the Defence chief will not be in the parliament every. Is she not free to speak? What does she want to talk about? What more she wants to talk about ? Why can’t she be transparent in the parliament about the nation and people. why does she want? Does she want to give special lectures, private lessons? Or is she making another political stunt ?
Defence chief Min Aung Hlaing said nothing yet, he does not have to say anything. U Thein Sein met Ma Su Kyi for 50 minutes, but he said nothing about what they talked about . Anyone can make a guess, If these four ever met it must be at the most secured venue.
Details of the meeting were not officially released. But could be said it must have something important between U Thein Sein and Ma Su Kyi. Matters related to the Nation, if it is not officially announced, and if it is a confidential, it should not be leaked out, not even one word. If the opposition leaked out anything confidential, to the press, how can we trust the opposition with the country, with the National matters, especially National security matters? Making a political point for propaganda purpose may be, but opposition must be loyal to the Nation and the People. Confidential is confidential. It is not to be leaked out.
If the opposition is behaving like this, or Ma Su Kyi's approach is unusual with no respect to the Parliaments, or the parliamentarians. She deserves no respect from anybody, she can expect no respect from anybody.
To come back to ceasefire which leading to Peace, I wish National Reconciliation, National Unity, are no fakes. No fake Ceasefire, no fake Peace . Because I am not comfortable with all these Fakes.//