Article submitted by: minkyaw thuyein on 21-Oct-2013  
Dear Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots and Friends,

When somebody ask me, sincerely and honestly, “ are Myanmar beggars ?”. It is very hard for me to answer or to make them understand, what the beggar means in Myanmar. But the questionnaire knows there are beggars of all kinds in all countries in the world since the world history was recorded. It is not created yesterday, it is not todays problem. Depends how one looks at it, regarding Politic & economy. How can I convince him or anybody that begging/ beggar mean different meaning to different people.

Let me try. Our land of Myanmar is known as a Buddhist country, where Buddhist Monks go out from the monastery in the morning, with their begging bowls, to beg for food. It is a tradition, it is a custom, it is the discipline. But nowadays, monks don’t go out any more in town and cities because they have too much of take a ways . They have more than enough they do have to go out anymore to beg for food. So what I am trying to say is. So begging is nothing new, in Buddhist society like Myanmars, But this begging of the monks is said to help the devotees ,for the benefit of the devotees, it says.

If ordinary person goes round and beg for food or money , he becomes beggar as well but of different category ( သူေတာင္းစား ဖုန္းေတာင္း ယာစကာ), totally different from Monks.

Still the begging of ordinary beggar may seems helping himself and his family, it is also helping the sincere donors. Donors will be blessed by the သမာေဒ၀ and others , building bridge or a ladders a step closer to The Nirvana. Believe it or not.

Begging may be prohibited by law in some countries, but there is always a way round or by pass the law . Sometimes the law itself permits to beg. If you know what I mean.

The question is do we have to beg, to be called and known as beggars ? I will leave all these to you to think about, you may have you own views and ideas.

Myanmars leaders pay foreign visits, beg for investments. Why, why must we BEG them? What if they beg something from you will you give them? Everyone knows, the richness, abundance natural resources of Myanmar. If they want, they can come. Do business like business. In business, nobody can ask nobody to be sincere and honest. Whether they come to a certain agreement or not, it has to be negotiated. Nobody had to beg nobody for anything.

Opposition leader Ma Su Kyi has set out European tour for the third time since she is released from the detention, or say since she becomes member of parliament. It is said that opposition she is to visit to Sandhurst Military Academy and give a speech.

May be to learn a thing or two about military to show or to say not only the daughter but also she has military knowledge at least. To rebuilt a new Myanma Tatmadaw may be , to dismantle or to scrap the old Tatmadaw her father had built. I hope she is not to become an axe handle which SPDC was talking about.

I try to understand her foreign trips, but I will never understand why she is to make a speech at Sandhurst. Unless it is a pure provocation or an insult by the British to the Myanmar Military.

I don’t think British has ever forgotten that her father Aung San and his comrades were Japanese Military trained. Some Myanmar military personals have attended Sandhurst Military Academy in the past, I am told .

The news also said she is to meet EU Parliamentarians and to visit Northern Ireland Peace process, to receive Sakharov Human Rights awards. Italy, Belgian and Luxenburg are included in her trips.

I have no doubt, Ma Su kyi will make requests to her hosts to invest in Myanmar. Whether they make it or not is another matter, because she is not in the position to guarantee them anything at present. Simply because she has no Power. What if she has ? She and her hosts may have to wait at least another 2 years. The amendments, or redrafting of the 2008 constitution will not go ahead without those who oppose, or the approval of presently sitting Parliaments.

In the main time, is it fair to say that Myanmar has becomes a beggar gradually in its own way, in its own right. It could be said, it has become or the leaders have become “ ေခတ္သစ္ မာတဂၤ ” modern beggar in this nuclear age. When ever they go to whichever country they beg something or the other. What can we say , how degrading?

Who should we thank, who should we put the blame on ? Those who imposed economic sanctions on Myanmar, SPDC, Ma Su Kyi or the citizens of Myanmar themselves, the so called Wai Lai Laiys? Everyone has his/her favorite, don’t they ? Blame games will never ends, because nobody is innocent, nobody is a Saint. Most of all co-operation among each other is missing.

By the way, who pays for these trips, are these trips for her political campaign or a trip for begging again. What’s behind all these trips? When some popular monks, I mean Myanmar Dalai Lama ) makes such trips around the world he came back with millions of dollars as donation by devotees.

I hope, very much hope that during this this trip, she would not forget to have a look at the back yards and the back streets, and under the Bridges, where down and outs, jobless people are, those who have no hopes at all, to compare to our people who are not even listed. I hope she will have a look those who are smoking hashes freely in the public squares, or in the cocaine dens.

I say this because, she always see Myanmar has, no progress, no developments. No foreign invests from the west). Comparing Myanmar to other developing parts of other countries. This somebody already said as “ မ်က္ႏွာမွာ သနပ္ခါး - ေပါင္မွာေသး စီး ေခ်ာင္း ” To say it in English, its something like, “ make ups on the face, but never wash the bum/bottom.”

It looks like Myanmar had to give up every rights to make place for foreign investments from the west. If you can wait you may have them. The heavy industry may take at least two to three years to build from now, to start the production is another one to
two years.

Ma Su Kyi herself said it will take time. And she recently said, nothing is coming because foreign investments law isn’t ready. Or something like that . My question is, are the Myanmars ready. In 1948. Myanmar started from debris and ashes. Ma Su Kyi was so young, she did not know, she has no time to learn about Myanmar when she grew up, only hear say. She was never in Myanmar to learn about Myanmar, and its people. She may never consider herself as one of the Myanmars.

If Myanmar is not as developed, or progressed as England where she used to live, Myanmar is not progressing, not developing. That's her preconceived theories. She should know that Myanmar is not and never was a colonial power. She would like to blame everything on the late Gen. Ne Win because she is afraid Ne Win was over taking her father Aung San, if she had not stop him in time (1988) . She takes the advantage of the weakness of Myanmars, because Myanmars are idol worshippers.

To a certain extent that may be true, yet Myanmars as Buddhist, worship Gautama Buddha, but they don’t listen to Aung San . It is fair to say Aung San was born in 1915 but only in 1933, became known as a student leader, anti -British. His existence lasted till 1947. But as we all know Manmars are idol worshippers. All the relics of all Buddhas are Holy to the Myanmars, and not mentioned the relic of Aung San , which is Ma Su Kyi herself.

British knows very well about this weakness of Myanmars and they used it very well, very cleverly on Myanmars. Who will protect these weak Myanmars, any one?

Mind you, during all those years, and before, since 1886 there were thousands of Myanmars from all races, who were in arms , and anti- British fought against British. I meant to say Aung San was not alone who struggled for Myanmar Independence. There were many before him who were executed, hanged, for being anti-British. Not to forget there were Myanmars, hill tribe peoples, who were fighting for the British against all other Myanmars. I am just stating the facts.

Wuntho Sawbwas and Saya San were a few famous names, among others. Who were anti- British. Wuntho Sawbwa was said to have disappeared, when his troops surrendered. Nobody knew what happened to him, nobody talked about him, We know what happened to “Che Guevara” , Saya San was captured and hanged, thanks to the Kayins, who were slaving for the British for their own purpose.

Well I don’t want to repeat the events of the past. But they are unforgettable. They are still fresh. Especially when it is said, bomb explosion is by KNU. Ma Su Kyi is visiting Sandhurst Military Academy to give a speech. I can’t stop thinking what she is going to tell them.

Will she say , how wrong her father was to joined Japanese Imperial Army, not the British Army? How wrong her father was when he did not demolish, disarmed BIA, BDA? How wrong was her father not to let BDA under the British? how wrong was her father not to join British commonwealth? How wrong her father was to believe in Socialism. Will she blame Ne Win and rest for following the ‘will, the ideas' of her father, not the will of the people ?

Will she say that she is here to right those wrongs? I just wonder.
I still want to say something to her, if she could hear me, that is,
ေက်းဇူးေတြ ဆပ္မကုန္နို္င္ေအာင္ေတာ့ မလုပ္လို္က္ပါနဲ့ မစုႀကည္ ၊ ႏွစ္ရွည္ ေက်းဇူးေႀကြး ေတြ ဆပ္ရမဲ့သူက ၿပည္သူလူထုသာၿဖစ္တယ္ ဆိုတာသိထား
စမ္းပါ ။ ေၿကြးေက်တဲ့ အထိလဲ မစုႀကည္ ရွိေနမယ္ မထင္ဘူး။ ကိုေအာင္ဆန္း
တေယာက္ ေတာင္ သူမရွိ ေတာ့တဲ့ ေနာက္ ၿမန္မာၿပည္နဲ့ၿမန္မာေတြ ဘာၿဖစ္
္ႀကတယ္ ဆိုတာကိုမသိရွာ ပါဘူး။

ေတာ္ေသးၿပီ ။