Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 19-Oct-2013  
Dear Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots and Friends,

Who will supply arms to Myanma Tatmadaw in future , now whilst Peace efforts are uncertain?

I think somebody is overdoing something. that somebody is nobody else but Ma Su Kyi . She enjoys every little things, as if there is no tomorrow. She does not care what will come next. She thinks nobody can touch her. She think she is well protected is misusing herself and the opportunities. Let's see.

Opposition leader Ma Su Kyi has set out European tour for the third time since she is released from the detention, or say since she becomes member of parliament.

I understand her foreign trips, but I will never understand why she is to make a speech at Sandhurst Military Academy in England. It is so much unusual, should I say? Unless it is a pure provocation or an insult by the British to the Myanmar Military. Because Myanma Tatmadaw Chief of Staff visits China , and its Tatmadaw recently. Is her visit to balance Myanmar CoS visit to China ?

I donít think British has ever forgotten that her father Aung San and his comrades were Japanese Military trained. I don't think British has ever forgotten that Aung San refused to dismantle or disband Myanmar Tatmadaw. Some Myanmar military personals have attended Sandhurst Military Academy in the past, that I know.

Politic or not what games is she playing. How can she allowed the British to use her as a porn in their game of chess openly? Unless she is a conspiracy to the scheme. Who is fooling who is the question .

Who pays for these trips, are these trips for her political campaign or a trip for begging again. Whatís behind all these trips? When some popular monks ( I donít mean Dalai Lama but Myanmar Dalai Lama makes such trips around the world they came back with millions of dollars as donation by devotees.

This time, it is said she is to make a visit to Sandhurst military academy and make a speech. Or to learn a thing or two about military to show or to say she has military knowledge at least. The news also said she is to meet EU Parliamentarians and to visit Northern Ireland Peace process, to receive Sakharov Human Rights awards. Italy, Belgian and Luxemburg are included in her trips.

I hope, I very much hope that during this this trip, she would not forget to have a look at the back yards, and the back streets, and under the Bridges, where down and outs, jobless people are, living in card board boxes, those who have no hopes at all, to compare to our people who are not even listed. I hope she will have a look those who are smoking hashes freely in the public squares, or in the cocaine dens.

Another way of looking at her trip and is it fair to say that Myanmar has gradually becomes a bagger in its own way, in its own right. Who should we thank, those who imposed economic sanctions on Myanmar, or should we thank Ma Su Kyi who endorsed those economic sanctions in the past, not to forget she was telling donors , and to international institutions not to give aid or give anything to SPDC, without her knowledge or approval ?

I will leave here, while waiting for further developments.