Article submitted by: minkyaw thuyein on 8-Jul-2013  
Where is N.Reconciliation, & N.Unity Gone to?
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends.

Try not to be worried, everything’s going to be alright. Is that so, is it really. Is that NR,& NU what we really need in Myanmar, is that what we really want in Myanmar? “WE” who are “WE” ?

National Reconciliation, National Unity, even if we, I mean we all need it and want it, I know it’s not a day job, can’t not be achieved on a day trip. I have a feeling there are people, sizable number who do not want to reconcile, to unite, because they have many to lose than to gain. Let us be very honest about it. I said it time and time again that N R or N U are for those who really wants to Reconcile, or those who really wants to Unite.

But why not we are singing the same old song, so all our leaders are also singing a very old favourite song, which is ‘ National Reconciliation, National Unity.’ Words, words and just words. This is our dream, which is just a dream. It has not materialised yet. We have been singing that song for 65 years or more. Because words are a safer than actions. Words can be no mistake. Work ( action) can make mistakes.

I never thought that National Reconciliation, National Unity was an easy job . Is there any hope of achieving National Reconciliation. National Unity? I won’t live that long to see, Myanmars reconciled, and United and have Peace in their land. At the moment Myanmars has too many nationalities, too many religious extremists. all Nationals in Myanmar to be called Myanmars is having difficulty, as well as Burma or Myanmar for some. I am not surprise, because some of those who said they are Myanmars, dressed like Myanmar are having difficulties pronouncing Myanmar words properly. They are speaking Myanmar with foreign accents. Just like the dog trying to sing a song. May be they are afraid somebody will find out they are Myanmars.

There are evidences, and signs of dishonesty, insincerity among all groups. My suspicions grew stronger and stronger where, I did say that National Reconciliation, National Unity does not mean just between SPDC and NLD only. Some of us went as far as one people, one nation, one Tatmadaw. Because knowingly nothing is impossible, believing there are thing we have not tried. But my suspicions are still there. Armed groups who refused to lay down their arms, or to become border guards and to become parts of Myanma Tatmadaw, is still impossible. it seem like they are waiting for somebody to doze off, like that monkey who dozed off on the lap of the Wicked Ponna, to hit him on his had with the intension to kill.

‘State Government to be Independent from the central Government’ is in my view the same as Independent State or Independent country, including not accepting national Tatmadaw, they will have their own State Tatmadaw, not to be a part of national Tatmadaw, to protect or defend them whole nation. Am I going too far, or am I missing something here?

What we are hearing today is instead of National Reconciliation, and National Unity, the break up of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar is in the name of Federalism. How real, what are the possibilities. That means Myanmar is to be divided into at least Eight Federal States based on major race and religion. Is that what it means by Reconciliation, is that what it means by Unity?
It seems that some people are saying, if we can’t have our state as Federal States, forget about National Reconciliation, forget about National Unity. We will fight for our rights. We can never reconcile or unite with anybody. What guarantees can they give, there will be National Reconciliation, National Unity. What nationals are going to be Reconciled and to be united with who?
Myanmar is not United States of America, Myanmar is not Republic of China. Myanmar is not India. There are only America citizens, and there are only Chinese, and there are only Indians whoever belongs to whatever origin. Why can’t we all be Myanmar whatever our origin may be?

In the midst of Egyption uprising again, plus existing the same old problems in Myanmar some Myanmars worry about military coupe in Myanmar, if things don’t work out. What’s the use of worrying? What if there was a military coupe? ‘The “ cause and effect, ”remember?
When you go to drama academy dancing classes, in Myanmar, they will start with ‘Gabyar Lutt’ which is dancing to the beat of the drums . There is no music or tune for it. In many other dances, There is a dance called ‘Khun na htwe Aka’ or the dance of seven varieties, If you don’t know , if you cannot perform those seven well, you cannot be called a dancer, let alone a good one. In this, ‘ Khun na htwe ‘ , one should know, what to dance when one hears the specific music. The dance of a Lady in waiting ( Ah pyo daw) , a minister (Wungyi), a tiger, a deer, a monkey , a Be luu ( Orgre), or a Zaw Gyi.

A Tatmadaw is like that dancer. It must be able to dance as soon as it hears the music. That is to entertain the people. Say it, in the interest of the people in the interest of the nation, if you will. To protect, and defend the people and the nation from falling apart or falling into the abyss. Believe it or not, is up to you.

Myanmar saying is, ‘ Ta Khar Thay Buu – Pyin Boh Nar Le’ , if somebody dies in your family, then only you will know the cost of a wooden coffin. They also cannot afford ‘ Funeral pile’ because the fuel cost may also be sky high. Myanmars could not afford wooden coffins, let alone modern fancy ones, so they used to roll the dead body with the pillow, blanket, bed mat, and bury it in the ground. Coffins and funeral piles are for those who can afford.
Myanma Tatmadaw and Politic.

A strong Tatmadaw is needed in every nation, to defend, and protect its citizens and all religions. It may not be needed to run day to day politic. The vision of the people must be clear. There are armed insurgents, terrorists, extremists to shape the politic of Myanmar. They are in the jungle, as well as in the parliament. As long as the pocket armies of political parties exist, Myanmar National Tatmadaw should be in the leading of the Myanma Politic, or in the Parliaments. As simple as that.

When there are no more armed insurgents, terrorists, and extremists, there is no reasons for national Tatmadaw to sit in the Parliament, but as observers. If the politician cannot come to any agreement to have National Reconciliation, and National Unity, Myanma National Tatmadaw will be there to safeguard
What I am trying to say is. It depends on what tune will the people ( politicians) play, Tatmadaw will dance to that tune. But this time Tatmadaw will be more perfect, because, it has more experience. The so called opposition leader, who now is in the parliament, and has travels around, and faces the realities. She found out that the sweet dreams she had were not sweet dreams at all, they were just nightmares, while she was sleep walking.
Without Myanma Tatmadaw, the National Reconciliation, National Unity are so near and yet so far. Myanma Tatmadaw can be ‘none aligned, neutral’, in the Myanmar politic. If all the politicians have their own senses, if they have the ability, efficiency to govern the people and the nation without Tatmadaw. It can be a separate body, an organization, nothing to do with political parties, it is not a puppet of any political party. It is not a military wing of any political party. It’s loyalty is only for the people , and the nation, for national security, for emergencies only.

Today in Myanmar USDP is known as party of the military. It is still separate from other political parties. It is not the puppet of any political party. Myanma Tatmadaw must have, should have a place in the leading roll, together with those who are leading. They can’t be set aside, pushed aside, they cannot be sidekicks. They must be respected. They will respect those who respect them. The problems of the nation is the problems of all people of the nation, it is the problem for the Tatmadaw. It must be solved by all people of the nation, because all people are suffering.
From Nation Convention, New constitution to this New National Government of all parties are meant for National Reconciliation, and for National Unity. This NR and NU are the responsibility of all nationals in Myanmar. Do they really mean it, really want it or not? Whose idea is this National Reconciliation and National Unity . Where was this idea hiding in 1948 If they say they have been trying, since then, what is going wrong or what was not right?

Myanmar saying is “ Ya Dar Malo- Lodar Maya “ what you need and what you get may not match. So you are not satisfied, you are not happy. That’s obvious.

Then, they better NOT start repeating the impossibilities of the past. They should start from what is possible today, and built on it for the future. If the people do not want to Reconcile, do not want to Unite ,they have to decide.

Myanmar looks like Humpty Dumpty, which had a great fall. How many time this Myanmar Humpty Dumpty had great falls, and how many it will have infuture? Who saved it from going into pieces? Let’s say it may have been saved, but nothing can be done about ‘the cracks.’ Fragile Myanmar, it has cracks, it’s easy to break, and it’s volatile.