Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 3-Jul-2013  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots and Friends.

In Myanmar there are people especially from ethnic races, who are carrying, holding guns and doing as they please. The law abiding Myanmars citizens are experiencing everyday they are being under attacks from every corner. If the government cannot protect them, they need to protect themselves, their family, their religion and their country. Whatever the government may be doing , seems not enough to protect its citizens, from these armed gangs. Citizens of Myanmar are not allowed to hold guns like those in United States of America( Land of the Free) . It is a right, a human right, in US that its citizens are allowed to hold guns, to carry guns. It is a , ‘a constitutional right’. As part of Freedom?

Buddhism and riots in Myanmar.

Gautama Buddha said that he was not the one and only. There were many before Him as much as the sand in the River Ganges bed, said he. Gautama Buddha’s teachings are for all beings. He showed us “a path of balance rather than extremism” . That is why he encouraged everyone to follow his path.

The teachings of Gautama Buddha are 2600 old, and they are still valid. Because for 2600 years mankind may have changed in many other ways, but still they cannot control their greed, anger and lust , so much so they are ready and prepared to go to war, to destroy other as well as themselves getting nothing. That may be because all people may have not heard what Gautama teachings are.

Greed, anger and, lust are up to individual. If they are in balance , it’s OK. Gautama teached us to control our anger. greed and lust. This “ us ” does not mean,. Myanmars only , its means everybody in the world or in the Universe. But while some of us are trying to control Greed, anger and lust, others are ready and prepared to go to war for their greed anger and lust.

So all that Myanmars can do is to be ready and prepared to take the challenges, to face the real world , at least to defend themselves and to protect theirfamily from these makers of wars, from these extremists. That is just and that is fair, nothing sinister .

Malicious attacks on Buddhism, committed by ignorant, they are hiding something under their sleeves. Everyone in the whole wide world who pays attention to the Buddhism should know these attacks are meaningless, and it may be used as a cause by some to retaliate. I Myanmar was taken by the British once. Since then Myanmar Buddhists are surrounded by the Christians and Muslims, supported by the Christians and the Muslims from outside, that is the fact.

Our concern to day is, “the smooth transition to a peaceful, democratic, developed and prosperous state”. Then what ? It is the responsibility of everyone in Myanmar, regardless of being Buddhist, Hindu, Christian Muslims or others.

All the existing religions in Myanmar are brought from outside including Buddhism, Who brought these religions to Myannmar? Nobody is the original owner of any religion in Myanmar.So what is the fuss. Whoever brought them, we had to accepted them as they are. willingly or unwillingly. Because they are there before us.

Yakhine State, Mon State , they were once separate Kingdoms of their own. In 1057, Mon Kingdom was taken by Pagan King Anawrahta. Then again in 1539 under Toungoo , and 1757 under Aloung Paya again. In 1784 Yakhine fell to Aloung Paya of Kongbon, became part of Myanmar. After 1824, first Anglo-Myanmar war British took it from Myanmar.

Deliberately flooded with the Muslim from East Bengal State of India. There was the loss of Buddhist as religion, and the loss of ethnic Yakhine as a race in some parts. In modern language, it could be said “genocide”. A saying was created by saying, “ if you see a Yakhine and the viper at the same time , kill the Yakhine first and then the viper ”. Who created it was not clear. Somebody was scared that Yakine and Myanmars will get together.

Even we the Myanmars Buddhist all over Myanmars were nearly over run by other incoming religions, mainly Christians and Muslims. But after seeing what happened to Yakhine, we Myanmars did not allow the same thing (genocide in the name of religion), happened to us, either committed, by Christian, or Muslim or Buddhist against each other. We preserved Buddhism, as our religion and ourselves, our leaders were wise.

During the British time there were race riots in Yangon, not less than twice started by the Muslims. I have told you before, and you can check, have a good look in the books of knowledge.
Having said that, it is necessary to say that we the Myanmars Buddhist have to defend our race, our religion. That should be the will of all the people. If that is what we all want, that is what we all get.

Unfortunately we Myanmars are not alone, we are not one people in one nation yet. As a matter of fact we are gradually pushed back to Feudal States, step by step. The campaign is going on from amending the constitution to, to establishing Federal State.

Unfortunately we are experiencing that one single bed bug in our bed is one too many to make us uncomfortable, we could not even had healthy sleep. There may be more bed bugs, let alone snakes, scorpions, centerpiece and other poisonous insects, in our bed room, who knows ? To clean these undesirable elements is not an easy job. They may come and go. But we have to do it, we have make our house clean, and in order. We all have join hands and do it, it is necessary, before the snakes swallow us whole and alive.

General Amnesty granted by U Thein Sein was with all the good reasons and intention. But it does not help very much because of some extremists. Start from the beginning of breaking the ground to build a new nation. The ground must be freed of snakes, scorpions, centerpiece and other poisonous insects, including weed and bushes, and other undesirable plants which means free from corruption. Anti-corruption laws in Myanmar were not helpful. New laws may also be in the books, sleeping. No matter what.

All because it says, “ Prevention is better than cure” . One anti-dote is needed for all. We need somebody with guts, firm and fair to apply this antidote. We need somebody like Thagyar Min ( King of the Devas) to come down from his realm and be Marga Lulin again to clean Myanmar?

In a country where there are more than 130 different nationalities,
it may be not easy. In this 21 st century, everybody has finished their basic education. You don’t need to give them anymore basic education. They all can read and write. You cannot be compassionate, you cannot be merciful at all the time. They may be considered as your weakness. This is the time to get rid of snakes. You can’t put them in the zoo as museum piece, or you can’t protect them as endangered species. You are in trouble, you will be when you confront with too many snakes.

“Mway mathay dote makyo ” system does not work in Myanmar in the pasty. We know that because we have been trying for and our experience for 65 years tells us that. Not to mention about outside interferences. As long as the snake is alive you are in danger. Even a dead snake, it’s fangs of, carry poison, it can still kill you.

‘‘An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth ’’, may not be desirable , but if that is what some people like, if that is their will, that can be arranged.

There are many things in life we have to do, every religion guides us. To help ourselves we have to help others, regardless of religion, or race, one human to another human. Help thy neighbors it is said. The religion make us realized that we are not alone, we cannot live alone, we cannot be completed, without each other. We need helps from each other, we must help each other.

I am glad in a way, that Myanmars ( Buddhists), and other Buddhists have awaken. While we are blaming the TIME Magazine, we must acknowledge everything started before that TIME. But from positive point of views, thanks to the magazine with reservations of course. The Times has opened the eyes and ears of every Buddhists in the world. TIME has to pay. By the way, these magazine from the west always cause all the problems. The way they express their views on other religion is far beyond, Freedom of speech or Freedom of expression, or Press Freedom we called it today.

Our political leaders, spiritual leaders would know what to do, when we let them know our needs and our will. We have to support them. We have to let them know our needs and will.
If they cannot do it, then the Hluttaw should passed to allow all citizens to hold guns, as a constitutional right.