Article submitted by: minkyaw thuyein on 31-May-2013  
How to produce or train good citizens ?
Mr. Kyaw Myaing,

I have to say what needs to be said, Myanmar is not a hopeless nation. Myanmars are not hopeless people. I want you to know that. Because they rely too much on other people. they like being dependents. They are confused, they don't know what's the difference between dependent and independence. It had been said many times in my articles , about ‘FREEDOM.’ I don’t think too much of this FREEDOM. because I don’t see how you all see. All I want to say is FREEDOM does not mean Free riding, Free loading. Need I say more? Freedom means, we are nobody’s puppets, that's mhow I understand.
We are Buddhists, we know what to do, or what not to do in our precious life.

What we cannot deny is the land of Myanmar has no Peace. We need Peace.

Whatever Peace we have, no matter how small or large, our nation which is the land of the Myanmars is in progress, it is being developed. There are many more to do. Developing a nation is a never ending job. The people have to do it. The question is what kind of people they should be. Government may come and go, whether it is a good governance or not I don’t know.

The progress, and developments we have are the hard work of all Governments within these 65 years. The governments did what they had to do as the government, whatever necessary.

You ask me to build a house, giving me no tools, what do you expect, what do think I am, Wizard of Oz ? Government of Myanmars are no Oz, but they did it, that is called achievements, they are what we call heroes.

What do we want, how much do we want, depends on what can we do, how much can we do by ourselves? Myanmar comes through many short cuts, with many costs. Whatever progress we have, whatever developments we have, we did not achieved over night, it took us at least 25 years, if not 65 years. Have no doubt, no matter how much we tried, we will not beat the existing powerful nations. We will have progress, and developments which will assist us our comfortable life, not to beat anybody. We are Buddhists, we don’t exploit people, We don’t walk on other peoples eyebrows .

That is if, only if there are no disturbances, distractions. Further progress and developments all depend on availabilities, human resources, and material resources. Myanmar are encouraged to see, other people living standard and living style. Myanmars must be ambitious, but not over ambitious. Though we are Buddhists, many Buddhist forget, “ Attahi Ahtanaw Nar Htaw ” . But Myanmars do not know how those people achieve their progress. Myanmars love to go shopping, they want everything on the shelves. When they have no money they rob, they steal , they enjoy their loots. They blame the rich for being rich. They believe that because of this rich people they are poor. I am lost sometimes, how and what Gautama told them about rich and poor.

Anyway there are many reasons the whole list of them. good and bad of course, how these rich countries, become rich, powerful. How many years it took them to be like this. Don’t forget they will defend their interest anyway they can, rigorously. You can understand them. If they have to help you, they will claim the costs, because for what they have, they paid the cost in full.

Today I can see the people of Myanmar moving the forest by means of transplanting everything. The trees, the bushes which are grown by others. I have read in one of Shakespeare’s stories of Macbeth, when the forest moved, it was the end of Macbeth. So some Myanmars move to where the forest is. They know what's going to happen when the forest come to them.

Some people are moving the mountain towards Mohammed, via dual carriage way.

For the future, everyone know Myanmars need modern education, further education, starting from schools, kindergarten , high schools, colleges and universities must be designed to teach, the world history, and Myanmar history, politic, economy, science and engineering. Myanmar should have at least the following schools in every states and regions. School of Political Science, School of Economy, School of American Studies, School of Europe and Scandinavia Studies, School of African and Oriental Studies, and School of Middle East Studies. There should be public library in every town and cities all books of knowledge should be available.

These schools, colleges and universities should be under the guidance of Ministry of Information, and Ministry of Education together with history department of the University and Myanmar Translation Society, should be up dated. Foreign Language Institute, if it’s still there, is not enough, ‘Anglo-vernacular’ schools from kindergarten to the University, General science, physic and chemistry, world history, should all be in English and other subjects in Myanmar, as common language.

I tell you what, one said, “if you give a man a fish, it will be eaten in a day, but if you give him a fishing net, he can eat fish everyday”. Another one said, “ give a man the fish, but don’t tell him where you get it from”. It is also said, that Jesus Christ made fishermen, to be fishers of man.

These are a few things to start with Mr Kyaw Myaing, take what you need and leave the rest.

May all beings be happy.