Article submitted by: minkyaw thuyein on 23-May-2013  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots and Friends,

Today I would like to discuss a little on ၿပည္သူ.စြမ္းအားၿဖင့္ နို္င္ငံေတာ္
ကို တည္ေဆာက္အံ့ and the result of President Thein Sein visit to US. I cannot discuss on ‘Trade and Investment Framework Agreement-(TIFA). Because I don’t know anything in details. I don’t think it will ever be published in the national newspaper. It may even be confidential, national security for both US and Myanmar. Chinese or Russia or any other interesting parties should not know, must not know. No competition, no bidding, no tender invitations.

Once I’ve told all of you from this web site that Myanmar is not an empty nation. Yet why Myanmar is not developed, why is it registered as a ‘least development nation’, what is stopping Myanmars? Why is Myanmars classed as poor people. Nobody explained what poverty is in Myanmar, especially who are responsible for this ugly poverty, the leaders, or the people, or the outsiders?

Many different people have many different views and opinions or even ideas. But there are not many things they can do. Again why ? Not many researches or studies are needed , everybody is responsible for Myanmar to become least developed nation. The leaders, the people from inside, and the people from outside.

Myanmar could not develop as much as it wants to be. I have told you or referred to the history. Since 1824 Myanmar was economically blockaded by the British as Cuba is of today by the America(US). After they have taken Burma(Myanmar) British knew that one day they have to go back to England. So they developed some parts of Myanmar, just enough for the business to run smoothly, while they were in Myanmar. Myanmars signed many trade agreements, and treaties with the British, but they were all in British favour.

All whatever they developed were destroyed, demolished within three years during 1942 – 1945 WW II. In 1948 , when British freed Myanmar, Myanmar got their country back which was flattened, with debris, and heaps of ashes. I will not go into details, but it won’t make any difference. Just before Myanmar’s so called Independence,
in his supposed to be last speech to the nation. Aung San could not expect anything from the people, so he advised and urged the people what the people must do. He simply urged them ‘to work hard’.

Why was he urging the people, why not the leaders? Because he knew the people must build the nation. Without the people, the leaders can do nothing. He knew exactly what his people are like. He was not wrong. But to work hard ? Were there enough jobs for the Myanmars to work, let alone to work hard, some said. Its been 65 years since Independence, Myanmars never been fully employed. What could Myanmar do, growing rice, vegetables, Myanmar is know as agricultural country, over 80 percent of the people are peasants and farmers. Main crop is rice which every country grown in the region, and eaten. Nothing special about growing rice in Myanmar. When Myanmar exported rice to other countries, only the exporters and brokers made money, not the grower.

That is ‘ cause and effect’. Or ‘ Nga Win Poo Sar Manay Thar Lo Kite Ya De’, for Myanmar becoming least developed nation. May be Myanmar were over enjoying celebrating the ‘Independence’, they had no time to build their country, may be they were fighting among themselves, they have had no time to build their country. All the monies they had to be spent on weapons. Myanmars become professional fighters. They will fight, willing to fight, waiting for the call of the promoters, who will arrange a fight for them.

Another cause which will have effect is , when you built a house, let’s say a new house, starting from ground breaking, you have to clean the ground, pick the best materials, and the best builders. There are lots and lots of things to do. No matter how best the materials may be, you have to measure and made to size, that’s means cutting off, sawing of extra bits. Everything must be made to measure. Wear and tear and waste, are to be expected.

In repairing, renovation, the old house you need to take the rotten wood, damp materials, full of woodworms, and termites must be taken out and replace with the new ones. The cost must be considered, will it be cost effective or costly, to build a new one, or to repair the old one. Either to build a new house or to repair, to renovate the old one, you need to cleaned the ground, at least grass, weed & bushes and other debris.

I am not sure, what the leaders and the people were doing during the last 65 years. Nobody can say all is good, or all is bad.
A few days ago somebody said,’’ A government as good as its people ". A Government for me means ‘ the leaders’. The famous words by A.Lincoln, ‘Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.’ It still attracts everybody. But what kind of people, will produce what kind of Government Lincol did not say.

The Government is not a separate body. Everything is the people, from the beginning to the end. Everybody is talking about the people, people are everywhere. Yet the people take no responsibility, only the leaders are to take responsible. They people will enjoy only rights, and blame the leaders if anything goes wrong.

Myanmars are special people. they are not responsible for anything, they take no responsibility .They don’t want to know when somebody say, “the responsible people will make their nation great’.

Here again, “ၿပည္သူ.စြမ္းအားၿဖင့္ နို္င္ငံေတာ္ကို တည္ေဆာက္အံ့ ’’။ Once

the slogan was “ ၿပည္သူ.အားကို အမ်ားႀကီးလိုသည္-ၿပည္သူ.အစိုးရ အခ်ိဳးက် ကူညီ - နည္းေပးလမ္းၿပမည္ - နဲနဲေတာ့ အေပ်ာ္အပါး ေလွ်ာ့ေစၿခင္
သညf-ၿမန္မာ ၿပည္ေထာင္စုကို ၿပန္လည္ ထူေထာင္မွုဴန ဲ့ၿပဳၿပင္မည္ ”။

What’s the difference between these two slogans, is there any difference between the word, စြမ္းအား and ‘ အား’ ? Whatever they may be how will we get them from the people?

Have you been back to Myanmar and see what the people are doing, what are they preparing for the future? What needs to be done?
The news say, ‘Trade and Investment Framework Agreement-(TIFA)’ was signed between US and Myanmar during President Thein Sein vist to US. We still don’t know the details to make a fair comment in this time of Transparency, accountability. ပြင့္လင္းၿမင္သာ the Perestroika and the Glasnost which led to the break-up of the USSR. When will Myanmar break up?

Is Myanmar led by Thein Sein following the steps of Mikhail Gorbachev? Goby lasted one year in his position as the first President of USSR, shamelessly accepted Noble Peace Price awarded to him by the West. Who will come after Thein Sein ? Too early to put that question, its only three years yet , Thein Sein as President he has not done anything significant, he is just going here and there and making friends. How much of ၿပည္သူ.စြမ္းအား ၊ ၿပည္သူ.အား၊ he possess?

The elections in 2010 was seen as orchestrated, or a fake one which followed by other by elections. Among many critics, or comments, this Government of Thein Sein is seen by some as the interim government or the provisional Government with the task for ground breaking only. This is the only way to save faces. There are no rooms for Transparency and accountability. There are many things we don’t know. If we can wait another 100 years at least we might know.

You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.(Abraham Lincoln).

Abraham Lincoln once said, “ America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” He did not say anything about MyanmarHe did not mean Myanmars. But today there are many Myanmars living in US. So what he said is relevant to Myanmars., We cannot ignore what he said.

Are the Myanmars losing their freedom? If the Myanmars do not kn ow what Freedom’ means how would they know whether they are losing it or not. I know Myanmars lost their Freedom, whether they got it back together with their country or not I am not sure.

Economic sanctions, embargoes, other restrictions on Myanmar. Myanmar cannot chose her own friends, US will chose for her. Is that what Freedom means? Myanmar has been stripped off, politically, economically, socially, militarily. What more do they want, needless to ask, to take all the Freedom away from Myanmars, they don’t even know what Freedom really means, how many of them are there.

Nice talking to you,